• TeddyBear Face
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    20 Adorable Crafts with Teddybear Faces

    Bears are wonderful, iconic animals that we’ve all come to know and love. If you’re looking for crafts and projects where you can make all kinds of cute teddybear faces, then check out this list of 20 adorable crafts. Top 20 Crafts with Teddybear Faces Tagalong Teddy – With a friendly face and a cuddly body, this sweet little teddy is sure to win the heart of your little one. Wool + Liberty Teddy – This adorable teddy bear adds a classy twist to the well-loved classic teddy bear design. Charity Bear – Easy enough to make by the hundreds and easy enough for kids themselves to make as a…

  • Baby Horse Craft Ideas For You
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    Baby Horse Crafts: My Top Selection

    The baby horse is a crowd favorite in the world of arts and crafts; the well-loved and well-known face, outline, and silhouette make it easy to use in different horse crafts projects, even by kids! The following are just some of the baby horse craft projects you can do on your own or with your child. Baby Horse Craft Ideas DIY Rocking Horse – As your child grows and learns to take its first step, it’s time to upgrade the rocking crib to a rocking horse. Not the simplest project around, but definitely worth the effort. Dala Horse Party Craft – What’s interesting about this craft is that it’s best…