15 Crochet Pet Patterns

If there’s one thing I love more than crochet, it’s my pets. If you’re like me you’re always thinking about crochet cat and dog fun, like a dog snood, a cat ball, a dog scarf, dog leg warmers… The list is literally endless!

On the other hand, maybe you’re looking to make a literal crochet cat! Amigurumi is the new big thing, and we’ve got some of that for you too.

I’ve pulled together 15 of my favorite pet crochet patterns for you to try out. If you make one, please add a comment below and let us know how it turned out. Have fun!

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1. Dog Sweater Pattern at Yarnspirations

We reviewed a huge number of dog sweater patterns and in the end… I mean can you guess why we picked this one? Maybe we have something of a soft spot for this beautiful face…

This is an intermediate knit pattern that gives you something a little challenging to achieve, plus you end up with this darling sweater. White the sweater is shown in white, you can of course make it a pretty pink or a macho grey if that would work better for your beloved.

As ever, Yarnspirations provides a pattern kit to go along with this free pattern, so you can give the crochet and dog lover in your life the gift of this wonderful dog sweater!

amigurumi 239Esperanza

2. Esperanza the Crochet Cat Amigurumi at amigurumipatterns.net

Amigurumi is super popular these days, and I this colorful cat amigurumi is one of my favourites. Esperanza is Spanish for hope, and this couragous little kitty is fun to build and lovely to hold.

The free PDF crochet cat pattern has all of the details you need including a full breakdown of all yarn, hooks, needles and such that you’ll need to bring this fun crochet project to life!

RHC0713 017086M

3. Red Heart Deer Dog Snood at Yarnspirations

We at Just Crafting Around love Yarnspirations because they have so many beautiful crochet pet patterns AND they make so many of them available for free! Plus the yarn packs make awesome gifts!

This heartwarming dog snood pattern for your best buddy will take him from being your “dear” to being your “deer”. The pattern itself includes four sizes for your little or big friends! Naturally you can go with whatever color combination best suits your doggie, or stick with the suggested colors for this classic and classy pattern.

Barry Scarf 2

4. Barry Dog Scarf by Too Much Love

Barry is a gorgeous Westie that lives with his West Coast Mom who runs this wonderful “creative west coast blog”. Her blog is a fantastic mixture of wonderful crochet, crafts, and both text posts and videos. Highly recommended.

This dog scarf pattern had her rethinking her attitude towards dressing up her male dogs, and you can see why. This pattern is super straight forward, and as a bonus she has it available as a super inexpensive PDF on either Etsy or Craftsy.

crocheted cats ball

5. “Cat’s Favorite Toy” Cat Ball by Toma Creations

This is the most inventive of all of these crochet pet patterns. If there’s one thing cats love more than balls, it’s yarn. However, this crochet cat ball is even more of a two-fer than it appears.

Tamara makes these balls even more irresistible to her cats by adding Valeriana root and a bell. This gives the cat the fun of a ball, the feel of yarn, the sound of a bell and the smell of it’s favorite herb… That’s maybe the luckiest pet to ever live?

This is a wonderful pattern with clear instructions for all the extras – check it out!

How to Crochet a Small Dog/Cat Beanie

6. Crochet Dog Hat by Twin Star Hooks

This is a fun project because the size actually works both for a dog hat and a cat hat! Markie also has a video tutorial on how to create this fun crochet dog hat. They’ve also helpfully included both US and non-US terminology, so it works for anyone, everywhere! Enjoy!


7. Crochet Dog Leg Warmers by Life Away From The Office Chair

This idea started off when Lisa’s sister sent her a photo of her dog wearing baby socks. Lisa replied with a picture of a dog in leg warmers – and then inspiration struck! Soon her sister’s Shiz Tzu was wearing the leg warmers from this pattern.

This crochet dog leg warmer pattern is fun and adaptable, and as a bonus you can ask Lisa to make you a pair by contacting her through her Etsy shop. So fun!

Hooded Dog Cape1

8. Dog Cape by Posh Pooch Designs

The thing I love about this dog cape pattern (besides that face!) is that Sara walks you through how to measure your dog’s head and neck to make sure the cape fits just right.

The other plus point here is that this is very much an easy project for anyone to crochet (and by the way, if you are a beginner, we have some cool articles on beginner crochet techniques like double crochet as well as pattern collections such as making a scarf). So fun and stylish!


9. Crochet Cat Sweater by Rabbit Abby

Abby’s cat is a 20lb and up long haired Haru, so this one is on the plus side – to say the least! That being said, this crochet pet pattern is of course adaptable to a less rotund kittie!

The reason I chose this crochet cat sweater pattern is it’s a wonderful pattern that’s rated easy and can be made in less than half a skein of yarn. Obviously however you want to color the crochet cat sweater is up to you, but this stylish banded color is super pretty.

IMG 20140817 165237 medium2

10. Crochet Dog Booties by The Knitting Scientist

This is a wonderful and fun two color crochet dog bootie pattern that The Knitting Scientist came up with at the request of a friend.

They explain it thus:

This is a free pattern for those friends that stick beside us no matter what, those friends that love you even when you feel fat, or grumpy or have a bad breath! Those friends who are always happy to see you and always have an empathetic eye!

They mean dogs!

Square Overhead

11. Tabby Chic Crocheted Cat Bed by Little Monkeys Crochet

Tabby Chic! I love it! Probably one of the best crochet puns I’ve ever heard.

What I love about this crochet cat bed pattern is that it’s so cute, and the instructions are so detailed, Rebecca has put so much care and effort into this – and of course she did, why let a good pun go to waste!

Pet Bed 12

12. Crochet Dog Bed at The Crochet Crowd

So this particular dog bed crochet pattern is hosted over at Yarnspirations, but The Crochet Crowd have added two videos to walk you through the process.

In addition they provide this handy table to show you what size bed for your breed:

  • Small – Tea Cups, Toy Dogs, Small to Medium Cats and Chihuahua.
  • Medium – Adult Cats, Pugs, Beagles, Collies and Cocker Spaniels.
  • Large – Boxers, Bull Dogs, Bull Terrier, Basset Hound and Corgis.
  • X-Large – Doberman, Grey Hound, German Shepherd and Large Collies.

Helpful as ever!


13. Crochet Bird by Lime Green Lady

These wonderful little crochet birds take a couple of hours each, but the results are fun and stunning. The only thing they’re missing is eyes – and you know a small pack of stick on googly eyes will provide you with hours of fun!

This pattern is super detailed, walking you individually through creating the head and body, right and left wing, the tail and finally the beak step by step. Super cute, super fun, one of my favorite crochet pet patterns.

myrtle in a bowser sweater

14. Crochet turtle Sweater by Squirrel Picnic

Turtles need sweaters too! For extra bonus points, this amazing crochet turtle sweater is made to look like Bowser from Mario. How fun is that?

This is for sure a little more on the advanced side, and will require you to know how to crochet hexagons, cones and I-cords, but the results are a ton of fun. For bonus points this one comes as a free full color PDF. Awesome!


15. Crochet Dog Collar by Danyel Pink Designs

This is a reasonably easy pattern that works equally well for cats or dogs – as long as they’re not the type to pull hard on a leash – let’s be real here!

Danyel’s instructions are super easy to follow, and you even get a nice picture to show you everything you need to complete this crochet dog collar, start to finish.


Hope you had fun with this list of crochet pet patterns, which one was your favorite? Next, there are also several crochet starter kit here for you to choose from that you may want to check out to finish out or even start your crochet stock.

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