Casting Resin Kits Guide

Epoxy resin isn’t the first material that you think of when it comes to crafting or creating artwork. It sounds like something better suited to DIY tasks and adding a clear, shiny surface to things. However, with the right mixture and drying time, you can cast this clear material into various shapes – including some decorative objects. If this concept is new to you, but also intriguing you can learn more about using the best casting resin kits here. I also have an introduction to some of the best products below.

What can you make with cast resin?

Resin casting kits are brilliant kits for making fun jewelry and decorative items. You can mix up the resin, following the manufacturers’ instructions, into a gloopy clear solution. Then you can pour this into molds to create different shapes and pieces. Additives such as dyes and glitters are common to bring more visual appeal to these pieces. You can swirl in the colors or let them bleed into their own natural formations.

You can also use the molds to cast items in resin to preserve them. Kids that like to collect dead bugs and things from the beach can cast them into resin, as though they were preserved in amber. There really is no limit to what you can do when you have the right tools. A lot of creative people will find ways to source dyes and molds from around the home. But, it is better to have a more comprehensive set of items. A set of molds should allow for a better shape and clean finish, which might not happen with something you get yourself. The right dyes should also keep their color a little better.

Casting resin kits tend to come in two different styles.

There are options that are a little more industrial in their appearance, with large bottles, mixing cups, application tools, and maybe some gloves to protect your hands. You don’t get the molds, suggesting that this is more for adding resin to other projects. Some artists like to mix resin and apply it to paint for an interesting effect. Then some are a little more casual and beginner-friendly. You might not get as much resin mixture here, but you do tend to get lots of molds to test out. There may also be some dyes or glitters, but you often need to source these separately.

In this guide, you will find a selection of products that cover these different themes. While I think that the beginner options with the molds are more practical, and the more comprehensive ones with colors more fun, I have also showcased a couple of the others. Before that, let’s look at what you need to consider when choosing the best casting resin kit.

What should you consider when choosing the best casting resin kit?

1) Does it have a user-friendly process from start to finish?

It is important to remember that resin casting isn’t a quick and easy job. First, you need to mix two ingredients together to a specific ratio to get the right clarity and consistency. A 1:1 ratio is the easiest to work with. Then you need to pour it neatly into the molds before it gets too sticky and hard to work with. Then you need to leave it somewhere safe to dry for around 24 hours. After all this, you could still find errors and bubbles, or that designs didn’t take the way you expected. Bubble guns can help for a clearer finish, but that might be too advanced at first.

2) How much resin or resin ingredients do you get?

There is a big difference in kits. Some have a good amount of each ingredient to work with, such as the sets with two 250ml bottles. Others may offer smaller tester sizes but a wider array of pieces. Then some don’t have any resin in the box and expect you to get that separately. This isn’t too much of a hassle if you find a set with tools that you really want.

3) What sort of molds are in the pack?

If you are keen to get a set that has its own molds in the pack, try and get a could idea of what is available first. Some may be fairly simplistic with squares, ovals, circles, etc, while others are more varied. Also, look to see if there are any with gaps for split rings so they can go on a chain.

4) Are there other tools and features included?

As I mentioned before, the more comprehensive the set, the more that you have to play with. It is commonplace to see the mixing cups in the pack. But, you don’t always get any tools for adding and mixing other ingredients. Often, the “fun” sets with the colors and mold are the ones that don’t have the practical tools. So, you may decide to go for DIY tools from home to get the best molds and colors. When I tried this out, I ended up using matchsticks for a small point but a strong tool. Toothpicks might also work.

The best casting resin kits with tools.

1) FanAut 18.5 Ounce Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear

This first set is great for those that have lots of pieces planned and that want the right tools for a better result. You get 250ml of the resin and the hardener for mixtures with a 1:1 ratio. I like that you get a couple of droppers and sticks here for different effects. There is also a pair of gloves. A bonus here is the little pack of glitter, just to make the set a little more interesting. There are promises of clear, bubble-free results and most users are pleased with what they get.

2) Puduo Epoxy-Resin-Crystal-Clear-Kit

This set is very similar with a lot of the same elements, just minus the glitter. You do get a little less of each substance in the bottle, but not enough to be that noticeable. There are four mixing cups, three sticks, and a pair of gloves. The company boasts about the quicker drying time of just 40 minutes and the lack of odor of this mixture, both of which are sure to be very helpful when working with kids or if you are short on time.

The best casting resin kits with molds or colors.

1) Amazing Clear Cast Bundle

As I mentioned before, when you get to some of the bigger bundles, the quantity of resin decreases. Here, that isn’t the case and you also get many of the same tools. The addition of the silicone mat and tweezers are a nice touch too. You also get 30 colors in the form of mica powder, rather than liquid dyes. This might not be so messy and there is less risk of dye transfer. 30 is a lot, so you shouldn’t find it difficult to match the ideal color to your design.

2) Augshy 98 Pieces Silicone Casting Resin Jewelry Molds and Tools Set

This next set is a great example of what you can get if you only want to get the molds and decorations. This is great for those with lots of resin and dye already at home. The trays include fun shapes such as heart, star, and jigsaw puzzle pieces. There are also options with holes ready for use as pendants. The additional tools and the glitter make it easy to experiment with each option.

The best casting resin kits with lots of fun features.

1) Sntieecr 460 Pieces Epoxy Resin Silicone Casting Molds Full Kits

460 pieces may sound like too much for a starter kit. But, this could be perfect for those with a new interest in the craft that wants to try a bit of everything. There are lots of fun shapes to work with, with the mold trays possibly being the exact same ones as the kit above. There are also lots of sequins, glitters, and decorations to enhance the pieces. The crystal chips, dried clover, and shells are unusual options. The various tools should make it easy enough to get the elements into place. However, the downside here is the lack of pigment and resin.

2) Insnug Epoxy Resin Molds Jewelry Making Kit

Finally, we have what might be my favorite because of the sheer range of pieces available. There are plenty of helpful elements for enhancing your pieces, such as pigments, glitter, sequins, and even some colorful dried flower. Then you get the tools for creating them, with the different molds, mixing cups, spoons, and other aspects for a precise design. From there, you can take advantage of different fixtures for earing, keychains, and necklaces. There is so much to try here and you can do so straight away because the resin and hardener are in the box. It is another 1:1 ratio mixture too.

Choosing the best casting resin kit for your next project.

If you are completely new to this sort of craft, I would recommend going for a resin casting kit in the middle of the range that has lots of fun elements and user-friendly resin mix ingredients, but that isn’t too over-the-top. You can always get a set with clever application tools, weirder molds, and other jewelry-making features when you gain more confidence. Either way, there is plenty to play with and lots to learn. Enjoy the journey of discovery with epoxy resin casting.