DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit and Guide

Mochi is a Japanese dessert that has become a big deal in western culture in recent years. There are two versions of mochi around. One is the more traditional version with the rice cake exterior and sweet bean paste inside. The other is the more westernized version with ice cream in the middle. Understandably, a lot of teenagers are big fans of the ice cream version and will get it as a treat where possible. You may have a teenager curious about making mochi themselves, or a desire to make it yourself to see what the fuss is about. Either way, it helps to have the best DIY mochi ice cream kit or recipe to get started.

DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kits vs. Homemade Mochi Ice Cream Recipes

There are two approaches that you can take here when making homemade mochi ice cream. The first is to get a kit with everything you need all in one box. This is perfect for those that want to be sure of creating the best dough with the right ingredients. You should be able to lay everything out in front of you, with the instructions, and then source additional elements that you might need. It is a convenient approach for newcomers and is much like getting a “bake your own” kit for cookies and cakes.

However, the market for DIY mochi ice cream kits is pretty niche. There aren’t many sets specifically for authentic Japanese food out there. In fact, you are more likely to find the “mochi” squishy silicone toys instead. As cute as they are, they aren’t a dessert item. So, unless you opt for a kit, you may have to source your ingredients separately, find suitable molds, and then add your ice cream as normal. I appreciate it if this is too daunting. But, I do encourage you to give it a try and see how things go. With some practice, you could end up with some great mochi and you also have the chance to adapt recipes with fun flavors.

How to Make DIY Mochi Ice Cream at Home

In this guide, I am going to look at both approaches and highlight some helpful products along the way. I will start with a brilliant mochi ice cream kit from a company called Global Grub. This set is great for those that want everything in one box – minus the ice cream of course. Then I will talk more about the key ingredients and where you can get a suitable mold, in case you decide to take the alternative homemade approach. Finally, I will discuss options for adding the ice cream. Here, I will also highlight some mochi-making machines that may be of interest and talk more about the authentic version of mochi without ice cream.

Global Grub DIY Mochi Ice Cream Kit

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Right now, the winner of the best DIY mochi ice cream kit is Global Grub by default. However, they would probably still be a top pick anyway because of their quality and dedication to global cuisine. This is a brand that I can see many fans of Asian food loving because they have so many different options in their range. Naturally, the mochi ice cream kit is a big hit because of current trends. However, there are also kits for making sushi and fortune cookies. The company also has a blog where they share ideas for flavors.

This kit has pretty much everything that you should need to create the best homemade mochi. First, you get all the necessary ingredients, with enough in the box to make four batches of eight pieces. There is a large bag of sweet rice flour, which creates the base, potato starch to hold it all together, and two bags of flavored powders. This includes matcha powder and cocoa powder. From there, you also get the mold to create the mochi shape, a dough cutter, and the instructions. There are eight spaces on the mold and the flexible silicone should be easy enough to use.

There are some mixed comments about the ease of use and the results achieved. However, this is often down to inexperience with the mixture. Some users say that it gets very sticky and hard to handle, but this is just a sign that they need more starch. You shouldn’t expect to make the perfect mochi the first time as it is an unusual process and recipe. This is why it can be better to take the alternative route of making mochi ice cream at home.

What Ingredients and Tools do you Need to Make Mochi Ice Cream at Home?

The alternative option here is to buy items individually so you can try and make your own mochi ice cream. The downside here is that you don’t have the convenience of all the right ingredients in one box – or the detailed instructions on creating the dish. But, with the right elements and recipe, it is possible to give it a go. This approach also means that you can play around with the flavorings of the mochi to try something new. As long as you can get enough sweet rice flour and potato starch for the base of the mixture, the additional powders are up to you.

The other downside to not getting a kit is that you don’t get the molds. However, there are lots of spherical silicone molds available that are sure to help you get the right shape. As long as there are enough holders at a good depth, and the silicone is flexible enough, you should be fine.

Adding Shop-bought Ice Cream to Mochi

An important element of mochi ice cream treats that isn’t included in a kit is, understandably, the ice cream. This means that you can either stick with a more authentic recipe for the mochi and add the bean paste or you can add ice cream of your choice. The easiest approach here is to get store-bought ice cream and spoon it into the mixture. This saves a lot of time and you can get some fun flavors. It is also a good way of getting a firmer scoop of ice cream, which is easier to work with. But, you may also be limited to flavors that don’t compliment the mochi as well.

4 Ingredient Homemade Mochi Ice Cream

This is a easy and simple tutorial I found when looking into making my own mochi with store bought ice cream. Joshua walks you through step by step how to make these simple yet, tasty Mochi with 4 ingredients. Once you’ve made these with store bought ice cream, next you may want to take the leap and make your own ice cream.

Making your Own Ice Cream for Mochi

I recommend taking the time to make your own ice cream to go with your DIY mochi ice cream kits and recipes. The first reason for this is that it gives you the opportunity to play around with mixtures and ingredients for a nicer result. You could attempt to make a mixture with Japanese flavors, such as a matcha ice cream to go with the matcha mochi mix. Homemade ice cream is also ideal if you need to substitute ingredients due to dietary restrictions. You can easily make dairy-free versions for those that are intolerant or vegan.

If you decide to go down this route with your kids, you need the best ice cream maker for teenagers that want to learn to make DIY mochi ice cream. There are two options here that I want to highlight. The first is an affordable electric ice cream maker. The Maxi-Matic EIM-520 has a 1-quart quick-freezing bowl, large mixing blade, and ingredient chute for a beginner-friendly process. The cute blue design is a bonus too. Or, there is this powerless option. All you do is put the Klee 3-Piece Instant Ice Cream Maker for kids in the freezer, take it out when chilled, pour on the ice cream mix, and wait for it to set. It also comes with some scraping tools. Of course, you don’t just have to use these machines for mochi. They could end up being a great investment for the summer.

Machines that Make Mochi at Home

Finally, I want to talk about some mochi machines for sale. This is a great option for anyone that gets hooked on mochi and wants to make their own mochi dough at home. The machine creates large quantities of mixtures that you can then shape and fill as needed. The Tiger Mochi making machine is popular with those that make a lot of mochi but it is an expensive investment. There is also the warning that the instructions and the labels for the buttons are in Japanese so you need to find a translation. But, at least you know it is a true Japanese mochi maker.

Making Mochi Ice Cream at Home isn’t Impossible

It is a shame that there aren’t more DIY mochi ice cream kits out there for this fun dessert. Perhaps other brands will see the potential in providing a little competition for Global Grub in the future. Until then, you can either stick with this great kit or bring together all the right tools and ingredients for an enjoyable experiment in the kitchen. It might take a little practice to get the right consistency and shape, but that is part of the fun. Play with the mixtures and ingredients and see how you can bring the perfect homemade mochi ice cream to your menu.