16 Easy and Quick Crafts to Do When Bored

Having too much time on your hand is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you have enough time to finish your daily tasks. On the other hand, boredom catches up with you like a train in a race with time.

You may read a book, clean around, or scroll the social media, but only a few hours later, and you’ll face the same problem again. Doing the same thing over again is more tedious than the feeling of boredom itself.

Luckily for you, I compiled the best crafts on the internet to do when you’re bored. Doing one of these crafts every day will eliminate the feeling of boredom, and you’ll find your house beautifully decorated with new items!

1. Galaxy Rocks

galaxy rocks 5
My toddler and I attempted this craft. It was fun, quick, and easy craft to do. We did mix the paint when wet, as the directions suggest. But, I think we could have waited a little longer so the colors didn’t combine so much. Also, I was doing this with my toddlers paint brushes and it was really hard to get the paint to splatter. We had paint everywhere trying to do so!

Painting is one of the best ways to get rid of boredom, and it’s pretty relaxing. However, not all people can paint a whole canvas. That’s why painting these galaxy rocks is one of the easiest crafts to do when bored.

All you’ll need for this craft is some rocks, paint in different colors, mod podge, and paintbrushes. You can customize the rocks in any way you want. For instance, you can add any white text on top. After you’re done, you can use the rocks for decorative purposes. They’re like little universes at your disposal!

Our family loves to hike. When we hike we like to leave out painted rocks out for others to enjoy and hopefully rehide for all to enjoy. It’s fun to do and it definitely makes the kids enjoy the hiking more!

2. T-Shirt Pillow

decorative pillows on couch in livvingroom
Colorful pillows made from old clothing items

We all have that old t-shirt that no one wears somewhere in the wardrobe. Why not put it to good use instead of letting dust mites eat at it? This t-shirt pillow craft is easy and quick to make; you can finish it in less than an hour.

You’ll need an old t-shirt, a pillow that’ll fit it, a pair of scissors, matching thread, and a sewing machine. If you don’t own a sewing machine or don’t know how to use it, you can do hand sewing instead.

You can make all your old t-shirts into pillows and add a fun flair to your living room!

3. Nail Polish Marble Mugs

DIY | Water Marble Mugs with Only 2 Ingredients!! (Easy Gift idea!)

Someone wise once said, give me marble crafts, and I’ll conquer the world. Don’t you love how you can easily make marble effects on any item lying around? Grab a couple of the boring old mugs in your cabinet, some old nail polish bottles, and make this awe-worthy transformation.

My favorite thing about this craft is it’s easy and quick, but the final result gives the impression that it’s been done professionally. As it turns out, you can do a lot of tricks using nail polish.

You can give the mugs away as gifts or keep them in your kitchen. Either way, they’re a nice craft to do instead of losing time to boredom.

4. Pom Pom Rug

Once you see how this pom rug looks like, you’ll feel the fluffiness under your feet already. It’s super squishy, colorful, and easy to make.

You can add it to any room in your house for a colorful accent. Even better, you can customize it from the start to match one of your rooms. You can also make it thicker if you want it to be fluffier. The customization options are endless.

The rug will take around 3–4 hours to make, but it’s worth every minute spent! You’ll need some wool, scissors, clothespins, a clothesline, and a non-slip rug. Make sure to get plenty of wool if you want your rug to be as fluffy as the one in the pictures.

5. Hanging Light Bulb

DIY a Hanging Flower Vase from a Light bulb

If you have old light bulbs that no longer work, you can use them to make small hanging vases instead of throwing them out. The craft is pretty easy and fun, but you’ll be working with glass, so you’ll want to take care not to cut your hand.

All you’ll need for this craft is light bulbs, a pair of pliers, and gardening wire. You can also grab some glitter if you want to decorate the bulbs further. You have plenty of customization options.

After you’re done, you can use each small vase to display a single rose. Hanging them in any room will look adorable, and you can use them outdoors if you’re hosting a party or dinner. If you like this idea there are multiple takes on it that you may want to explore.

6. Button Keyrings

DIY Button Key Chains

I love button crafts! They’re the easiest to make, but they look trendy and fun. You won’t believe how many crafts you can make using buttons, these keyrings included.

You’ll only need some old buttons in matching colors, jump rings, a pair of pliers, a keyring, and a chain. If you have an old keychain, you can use it instead of buying a new ring. As for the jump rings, 7mm is the preferable size for this craft.

You can make some keychains for the whole family and match!

7. Wine Cork Keyrings

Turn a Wine Cork Into a Key Chain
This video has the same set up as the listed link, with the addition of easily adding a charm for a nice personal touch.

Wine cork keyrings serve as awesome gifts or party giveaways. They’re a fun way to keep your friends reminded that you love them, and they’re very simple; you can even have your kids help you.

If you don’t have a bunch of old wine corks, you can always get them online or at any supply store. You’ll also need some keychain rings, screw eyes, and some labels if you want to deliver any message through the corks.

8. Stress Relief Bottles

These stress-relief bottles are supposedly for kids, but I doubt any adult would pass by without giving them a shake. They’re visually pleasing, fun to play with, and they leave no place for boredom. The best thing about them is the endless customization options. You can make them in any colors you want, and you may add any glittery substance to create a glamorous effect.

You’ll need less than an hour to make them, and you can make your kids join as well.

You’ll need some plastic bottles, dish soap, water, food coloring, glitter, glue, and pebbles. Of course, you can change any of the secondary components according to your preference.

9. Button Heart

button heart with wood background
Vintage buttons in the shape of a heart on a wooden background.

This button heart is another entertaining craft you can make using buttons. It goes with any interior style so that you can hang it up in any room. It requires some effort, but it’s a perfect boredom repeller.

If you have a bunch of old buttons, you can use them to make the heart shape. Alternatively, you can buy some new ones, especially if you want to get matching colors. Make sure to get them in varying sizes to give the heart some complexity.

You’ll need a frame, a textured card stock, scrap paper, buttons, a staple gun, and a glue gun for this craft.

10. Water Bottle Vase

If you have some extra time on your hands and don’t want to get bored, you may make some sleek vases for your flowers. Except they’re not real vases, and they’re much more affordable!

Turning water bottles into vases is a perfect way to recycle them. The environment will be happy with you, and you’ll have some beautiful vases to house your flowers. Not to mention, you’ll save some money in the recycling process instead of buying new vases.

For this craft, you’ll need plastic bottles, a primer, a pair of scissors, paint spray, and tape. You can choose the spray in any color you prefer, according to your home decor.

11. Glowing Jars

Back in the day, we only heard about fairy lights in stories before sleeping, and they were a mere imagination. Now, you can make these fairy lights on your own using any mason jars you have lying around.

They’re fascinating for both adults and kids, and they’re pretty easy to make. If you have a porch, you can use them to decorate it and add some sparkle to the nighttime.

Still, the best thing about this craft is its affordability. You can have some pretty decorative pieces in no time and at a low cost.

All you’ll need is some glitter, glow in the dark paint, paint brushes, glue, and mason jars. For the glowy effect, you may use glow sticks, glow-in-the-dark paint, or tea lights. The tutorial video shows every step in detail, so you won’t have to leave anything to chance.

12. Glass Sun Catchers


Who doesn’t love suncatchers? They’re beautiful, eye-catching, and they add life to any room you hang them in. However, they’re often overpriced or out of budget. Luckily for you, there’s an easy tutorial to make sun catchers using glass cabochons, fishing lines, glue, and plastic lids.

The whole project will cost you much less than a store-bought catcher, and you’ll have fun making them.

You can get the cabochons in any color you prefer to match your decor. Just keep in mind to get them transparent so that the sunlight can pass through them. It’s also worth noting that the catcher’s frame is made of glue, so it won’t hold up in outdoor settings. It’s best used near windows inside your house.

13. Seashell Mirror

women working with hot glue on seashell mirror

Seashell mirrors are available in wide varieties on the market. They’ve been a staple summer trend for years, but they’re a bit too costly for my liking. I found a perfect tutorial for seashell mirrors; it’s pretty easy to follow, and it’ll save you hundreds of dollars to get the real thing.

Bear in mind, though, that you’ll have to buy some supplies for the mirror. Unlike most crafts on this list, you can’t make a seashell mirror out of old items in your house. That’s unless you have an old mirror and an assortment of shells!

You can easily get the shells at Amazon in any color you want to match your interior decor. What’s more, you’ll need decorative sand, mod podge, glue gun, glue sticks, a small paintbrush, scissors, seal spray paint, and a mirror.

You can get the mirror in any color and paint it. As for the sand, it’s not necessary, but it adds a beachy flair to the project.

14. Geometric Bowls

2 DIY Geometric Paper Bowls | DIY Desk Organization Ideas
Follow along with the second design as it utilizes the same folding template as described in the link above.

If you have too much clutter lying around, then you need some storage bowls to keep everything organized. You won’t find a better idea than these geometric bowls. They’re easy to make too, and they’ll help you get rid of your boredom for a couple of hours.

If you have some old scrapbook paper, you can use it for the project instead of buying new ones. You’ll also need a pair of scissors, glue, and the folding template for guidance.

The bowls hold up pretty well without getting all flimsy. Plus, you can customize their outer surface with any paper you’d like. You can also paint the paper or draw on it to show off your skills.

15. Button Tray

I love buttons and can’t wait to make this button project! This one is different from the two former ones because it requires a lot more buttons. It’s also more functional; you can use it to serve drinks and show off your crafty skills.

To make the tray, you’ll need an assortment of buttons, an old tray, glue, a piece of glass, and cardstock. You may need paint if the tray needs some color, but it’s optional. Some people also ditch the piece of glass and use the tray for decorative purposes. However, it’s better being used.

16. Glitter Mug

How To Make A Glitter Mug Design

The only thing better than this glitter mug craft is the fact that it’s safe for dishwashers. That way, you can have some trendy mugs on your tables without being bothered to clean them yourself. All you’ll need is an old boring mug, some colorful glitter, rubbing alcohol, a paintbrush, and a dishwasher-safe mod podge.

In this tutorial, only the mug’s handle is decorated. If you want, you can decorate the mug’s lower area for a blingy look. As long as you have the right tools and you know how to do it, you’ll have some awesome final results.

Final Thoughts

Crafting is one of the best activities to fill your time. It’s also a perfect way to recycle any old items you don’t need, such as scrapbook paper or glass bottles.

The 16 crafts I just listed are pretty easy; they’re suitable for beginners, and some of them are fit for kids. Don’t forget to show us your craft after you’re done with it!