Leaves Arts and Crafts

traced leaf 2

Tracing Leaves

As a kid I remember doing this craft with my mom and always being so fascinated. I thought I’d try it this year for the first time with my two-year-old toddler. This is one of the easiest ways to incorporate leaves into a toddler craft. All you have to do is find a leaf outside, dry it flat (I typically do this under a book for approximately a day), then place the dry leaf under a piece of printer paper, and color paper with crayon until leaf appears.

However, my toddler wasn’t too keen on this idea and ended up coloring more than completing this project. She didn’t seam to enjoy that the leaf was “gone” under the paper. Oh well, will try again next year!

rainbow leaf 2

Rainbow Transfer Leaf

My toddler loves rainbows so when I saw someone do this, I thought it would be neat arts and crafts project. I attempted to complete without any instructions, maybe not the best idea because it was actually a little challenging. The marker kept drying before I had the chance to transfer the colors to paper once I colored the whole leaf. I modified what I was doing by outlining the leaf on the paper. Then, I colored one section of the leaf at a time and then transferred each individual color to the paper. That worked and looked pretty neat!

Once again, my toddler was not impressed with helping with the transfer process. I encouraged her to align the markers in a rainbow sequence and she did help trade markers with me as I completed each color. In the end, she loved the rainbow leaf project and thought that she helped make it. I’ll take that as a win! 

There are an abundance of leaves arts and crafts projects out there. As well as toddler arts and craft projects. Please comment below with your favorite leaves projects so the justcraftingaround.com community can get inspired!