20 Interesting Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

Need a place to store your firewood without making your living room look like a mess?

These indoor firewood storage ideas will help you pick the perfect rack for your firewood, keeping your home beautiful without leaving you broke for the holidays.

While a lot of DIY firewood storage plans are focused on firewood sheds or lean-tos, many of us also need somewhere indoors to store our firewood. You’re not going outside every time you want to throw a log on the fire!

There’s also the fact that you’ll want somewhere indoors to dry out your firewood, and these firewood storage ideas do the trick!

Several of these also have the added bonus of being on wheels, so if you’re having a party, or you want to keep things out of the way of kids – we’ve got you covered!

Best of all, we’re not throwing a hundred projects at you and hoping one or two are ok – they are all curated by me!

So check them out and start your next DIY project in time for winter!

Indoor Firewood Storage Ideas

DunnDIY–SeattleWA FirewoodHolder 35

DIY Indoor Firewood Holder from Plumbing Pipes at Dunn Lumber

Minimalist in terms of design, price, and construction, this pipe-based firewood holder is a perfect weekend project that’s easy to build, easy to maintain, and easy on the eyes.

Kirsten at Dunn Lumber walks you through the process step by step – and visual learners are in for a real treat. This project comes with 19 pictures to walk you through this indoor firewood holder build, and one schematic for the plumbing pipes to make sure you know what you’re doing!

Dunn estimate the time to complete this project is about two hours, but this is so easy even a beginner could knock this together in an afternoon.

As an added bonus, this firewood storage is on wheels! Yep, they put this one on casters so you can easily wheel it around the house should you need to load it up, or just get it out of the way when the kids are playing.

ht build a bench with firewood storage 102606753 hero

Bench with Firewood Storage at Lowes

Need a place to sit AND a place to store your firewood? This rugged bench, while designed to be kept outdoors to keep the snow and rain off firewood, can also be kept indoors depending on your aesthetic preferences.

Lowes estimates this intermediate firewood storage bench should take about a day, though obviously with a bit of help this can be cut down considerably.

And of course, being Lowes, this firewood storage bench plan comes with a deep level of detail, a ton of pictures, and all kinds of hints to keep you on track.

This is one you can spend a day making, and spend years admiring.

diy rolling log holder made from plumbing pipes

Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder at The Cavendar Diary

James and Jamie at The Cavendar Diary came up with this cool looking log storage idea when perusing through a catalog for firewood storage units – but balking at the prices!

Instead, they pulled out some 2x4x, plywood, stain and some leftover plumbing pipe and came up with this eye catching firewood feature.

Thankfully they not only kept helpful notes, they also took a TON of pictures, enough to easily walk you through making one of these on your own.


How to build an indoor firewood storage rack

Simple Indoor Firewood Rack at My Outdoor Plans

If you prefer simple and quick designs, this indoor firewood storage rack is a solid choice, especially for beginners.

This simple storage rack plan only requires a few cuts and basic joins to complete, so it’s really readily available to anyone at any skill level.

Best of all, as it uses a small amount of wood and no major hardware, the unit can be built for under $20.

The indoor firewood rack plans also include a section on how to choose the best wood for the job, which can be invaluable for someone taking on their first woodworking project.

19 04 Firewood Rack B 1

Copper Firewood Rack at Bunnings

Copper is extremely effective in dissipating heat (perfect if you plan on keeping it near fireplaces), while also adding a dash of style to any furniture. This rack is easy to build and portable, making it easy to build and use.

Bunnings is actually an Australian hardware store, and while they do walk you through all the tools you’ll need, they will in some instances have Australia only version of popular power tools available. Something to keep in mind if you find yourself wasting an hour trying to find a drop bear drill or some kangaroo scissors.

image asset

Modern Style Firewood Rack at Modern Builds

A juxtaposition of the unintentionally rustic aesthetic of firewood and this modern, minimalist, black firewood rack is just what the modern home needs.

The great part about this firewood rack plan is that it comes not only with instructions but also a video walking you through the project!

This makes this modern woodworking project perfect not only for people who want precise plans to follow, but also visual learners who want to see someone else going through it first.

Really a perfect approach to any project.

that nordic feeling 10

Firewood Shelf at That Nordic Feeling

No DIY guide required for this one; you only need a sturdy, stylish shelf, and your very own sense of style.

Rikkie from That Nordic Feeling introuduces us to Martine from Norway as part of her My Favourite Corner series.

Martine walks you through some of the design choices that went into her favorite relaxing corner of her house. You can definitely feel the Scandinavian vibes of this wonderful ikea style log storage.


Firewood Urn at Simple Details

While a bit strange (if not a bit ironic, that what originally stored the ashes of the dead now stores what will soon become ash), urns have timeless designs, and are also easy to use, as the firewood simply sticks out and is not burdened by the weight of other firewood, therefore making them easy to grab.


Firewood Chest at Our Adventure On Crete

Old and antique suitcases add a dash of rustic charm that’s unparalleled in terms of uniqueness, as well as the memories they hold. Don’t want to let go of an old suitcase but can no longer use it for travel? Use it as a firewood chest!

Firewood Dolly (Decorative)

Firewood Dolly at Instructables

This firewood dolly is mobile enough to transport firewood easily, while also being pretty enough to warrant a stationary place beside your fireplace.


Simple Square Support at Instructables

If you really just need a no-nonsense support rack for your firewood that works aesthetically indoors or outdoors, you can’t get any simpler than this.

These plans are available both in written form, and in a metric ton of pictures. Alex Holand walks you through how the process of building this firewood support step by step, showing all the materials and tools you’ll need, and giving some helpful hints as to how to get everything up and running.


Flatpacked Firewood Rack at Instructables

Need something that’s light and easy to stow away? This flatpacked firewood rack stores the firewood you need, while also being easy to put away after winter due to the sturdy but lightweight materials used.


Simple Indoor Firewood Rack at Instructables

If you don’t have a lot of room in your house for a large firewood rack, this compact rack is perfect.

Rolfy was sick of using plastic and cardboard boxes to store firewood, he knew he needed something a lot more sturdy.

Plus as a bonus for all you recyclers – he made this firewood rack out of spare bits of wood he found at a local landfill! Make sure you wash them first if you go that route!

Rolfy also built this such that you can put your larger blocks at the bottom, and your kindling at the top – super smart way of getting the most out of the space.


Aluminum Firewood Rack at Instructables

Sometimes you just really need an indoor firewood storage rack that’s both light and sturdy. This rack does the job without getting in the way with aesthetic embellishments, which is a plus for those who don’t really need the frills of the prettier racks.


Recycled Trampoline Firewood Rack at Instructables

Don’t want to throw away a broken trampoline? Now you can recycle it and use it as a firewood rack! You’ll want to probably keep it in the garage or somewhere less visible if you don’t plan on repainting or redecorating it, though.


Firewood Rack from Firewood at Instructables

Some firewood just want to watch their fellow firewood burn, and that is just what this rack is – an elegant rack made from firewood spared from the fire.


Metal Firewood Rack at Instructables

If you’re into the wrought-iron aesthetic, you’ll love this easy and elegant metal firewood rack.

Dale made this to get his logs off the floor – and to avoid paying big money for a metal firewood rack from any of the online catalogs that would charge you a fortune for something like this.

Obviously this one is a little more advanced – you’ll want to be familiar with welding for a start – but for someone who likes a challenge, this is your guy. Plus it doesn’t hurt that a metal rack like this will last a lifetime – of you gloating over your fine work. Huzzah!

IMG 0039

Indoor Firewood Storage Box at Ana White

Ana White got famous for making a ton of amazing but super beginner friendly furniture, and sharing the plans online for free.

One of the great things that came out of her website is that the community that built itself around her also started to share their easy to make furniture!

Paulo built this indoor firewood storage box as a decorative firewood storage option for his brother’s new house.

In fact, Paulo took Ana White’s Barn Door Console plan and reimagined it as a firewood storage idea for his new pad – smart! It also makes for a handy seat for parties due to the flat top.

This weekend project is estimated to take about 10-20 hours (depending on experience) and should cost you just under $100 in materials.


Pallet Style Firewood Rack at Instructables

A quick and simple project, this rack is also pretty efficient due to the airflow underneath the logs, which prevents the bottom logs from getting wet when placed outside, while preventing your floor from getting stained by the logs when placed inside.

Bryant managed to whip up this whole project in 30 minutes, from tearing apart a couple of pallets to loading all the wood on top.

In fact, he says it took as long to write it up as it did to do the work in the first place!

Lucky for you he spent a portion of that half an hour taking a ton of pictures of his six step process, so if you’re scratching your head trying to work out how to build a firewood rack from pallets – he’s got you covered!


Basement Firewood Rack at Instructables

This indoor firewood storage rack is perfect if you have a large, spacious basement and need a whole lot of firewood to store.

Dan describes himself as “steward to 20,000 trees on 40 acres” – and this basement firewood rack is big enough to hold a couple of them!

He keeps “a decade” of wood stored outside his house, but every winter brings about 400 cubic feet of seasoned wood inside to get them through the long cold Minnesota winters.

Plus one of the best things about this rack is that it requires no nails, screws or bolts!

If you have a couple of spare pallets hanging around – and a metric buttload of wood to store in your basement – this is the plan for you!

Use a storage shed or garage

This is the most common way to store firewood, and it’s also the most effective. A storage shed or garage can protect your firewood from the elements, pests, and theft.

Store your firewood in a covered porch or deck

If you don’t have a storage shed or garage, you can still store your firewood indoors by using a covered porch or deck. Just be sure to put a tarp over the wood to protect it from the rain.

Store your firewood in a closet

If you don’t have a covered porch or deck, you can store your firewood in a closet. Just make sure the closet is large enough to hold all of your wood, and be sure to keep the door closed so that pests can’t get in.

Store your firewood in a basement

If you have a basement, you can store your firewood there. Just be sure to put it in a dry spot, and keep it away from the furnace or other heat sources.

Store your firewood in a bucket

If you’re just storing a small amount of wood, you can store it in a bucket. This is the least effective way to store firewood, but it’s better than nothing. Just be sure to keep the bucket out of the rain.

In Conclusion

Firewood racks are interesting, in a sense that the best-built ones are the ones that don’t get a lot of attention; make sure you pick the indoor firewood storage rack that blends in with the aesthetics of your home. Do share with me your finished indoor firewood storage project by commenting below!

Look for some things to do with your extra wood, do check out our tutorial on making a wooden wine rack or even making a wooden crochet needle Happy crafting!