DIY Masquerade Mask Ideas for Your Fancy Party

At some point in our lives, we get invited to fancy parties we don’t want to spend for (or we don’t have the budget to. I feel you, buddy!) But, there are some party themes like masquerade balls or Halloween parties that really require you to get to the mall and shop. Well, let us help you a little by checking one expense off the list by giving you ideas on a DIY masquerade mask that’s easy to make with our list of plans for how to make a masquerade mask from scratch.

Best DIY Masquerade Mask

1. Girl on Fire

Fearlessly channel your inner Katniss Everdeen by recreating this fire masquerade mask.

2. Leaf DIY Masquerade Mask

You know what? As I look at this mask, somehow, I am reminded of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Am I the only one?

3. Autumn Masquerade Mask

Okay, fine. The leaf mask doesn’t remind you of groot, or worse! You don’t know who groot is! (pshhh). Well, you can spray paint your leaf mask and add a little glitter to turn the summer leaves into autumn.

4. Lace Masquerade Mask

Last minute masquerade party invitation? Thanks to this DIY project, you are saved! Now, you can look fancy without even spending too much time and money!

5. Green Man

This beautifully detailed mask is inspired by the actual Green Man sculpture of a face surrounded by leaves. It actually has a lot of story behind it, you might wanna search it up! It’s an instant conversation topic!

6. Down the Rabbit Hole

At first glance, you would already know that this DIY masquerade mask’s idea is taken from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. This elaborate and unique design will drop jaws and have everyone running towards you!

7. Last Minute Mask

Hurriedly scrolling through DIY masquerade mask and scratching your sweaty head? Look no further! Take heart, we got your back! You don’t need to have much materials, just read through the instructions and calm yourself down!

8. Ice Queen

All hail the Ice Queen! This mask will surely mesmerize anyone who dares to look into your eyes!

9. Golden Leaf

Another stunner is this dark mask with a touch of gold that can be used for a Phantom of the Opera themed party, maybe? Regardless, you can use this gorgeous mask for any party! It would be a waste if you’ll just use it once and never again, right?

10. Watercolor Mask

This real creative mask will bring color to the party! Gather some colors and start splattering. Believe me, it’ll look pretty! You can also put some rhinestones to add some detail.

11. Post-Apocalyptic Steampunk Mask

Well, to be honest with you, this mask won’t make you look sexy or attractive; but, you know what? It’ll make you look freaking cool! And you’ll feel good about yourself for making this mask yourself, too!

12. Easiest Glue Gun DIY Masquerade Mask Ever

This easy and fast project will rescue you from procrastinating! All you need is a glue gun and little bit of paint and glitter.

Did these craft ideas help you save some time and money? We hope so! Now, head on to that party and rock your mask! Don’t hide that beautiful face for too long, though! Have fun!

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