Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page Free Downloads

Hot air balloons are beautiful, magical vessels that hover through the sky; it’s no wonder they’re often associated with adventure and magic! If you’re looking for some hot air balloon coloring page downloads for you or your kid to print and color on, then have a look at some of the hot air balloon designs below that range from super simple to impossibly meticulous:

Top 20 Hot Air Balloon Coloring Page Ideas

Super Easy Hot Air Balloon – This hot air balloon is rather simple and crude, but with that simplicity comes the freedom to embellish it to your heart’s content.

Three Hot Air Balloons in the Sky – Ready for an adventure in the sky? This hot air balloon coloring page contains three hot air balloons with passengers ready for a fun-filled adventure!

Mickey Mouse Hot Air Balloon – This Disney-inspired hot air balloon with castle coloring page is fantastic for Disney lovers, young and old.

Heart-Shaped Hot Air Balloon – Let your heart take you away on a crazy adventure with this heart-shaped hot air balloon coloring page!

Peacock Patterned Hot Air Balloon – This beautifully patterned hot air balloon looks almost like a peacock’s feather.

Hot Air Balloon with a Face – Looking for a spooktastic hot air balloon for Halloween? This hot air balloon coloring page is perfect for horror-lovers.

Hot Air Balloon Sightseeing – Go sightseeing with this curious passenger as you color him and his hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon Adventure – A happy couple enjoys the sights of the sky in this hot air balloon coloring page. Give them a little more color and watch them soar through the colors!

Polar Bear Watching a Hot Air Balloon – A polar bear eagerly awaits your visit in the barren, colorless ice caps!

Hot Air Balloon on a Windy Day – This is a rather busy hot air balloon coloring page, which makes this even more fun to color!

DIY Hot Air Balloon – Create your own hot air balloon coloring page with this drawing guide.

Abstract Pattern Hot Air Balloon – Wild and a bit whimsical, this abstract pattern hot air balloon is great for those who love unique patterns to color.

Clouds and Hot Air Balloons – These flock of hot air balloons against a group of clouds is a great way to try out multiple color combinations.

Elaborate Abstract Art Hot Air Balloon – This elaborate abstract art hot air balloon coloring page comes with an intricate, almost non-repeating pattern that’s exciting to color!

Floral Hot Air Balloon – This pretty and elegant hot air balloon coloring page is perfect for the floral fanatics looking for some flowers to color.

Patterned Heart-Shaped Hot Air Balloon – This heart-shaped hot air balloon is a fun little page to try for valentine’s day with its huge patterned heart and floral embellishments.

Inspirational Hot Air Balloon – Get inspired with this glorious hot air balloon flying against the morning sun.

Hot Air Balloon with Origami Birds – Playfully abstract and unapologetically whimsical, this hot air balloon will take your imagination to greater heights.

Outlandish Hot Air Balloon – Like something straight out of a Tim Burton movie, this outlandish hot air balloon is highly unique.

Come Fly With Me – Fly with this majestic swan as it glides through the sky with a kaleidoscopic hot air balloon.

Up, Up, and Away!

Prepare your crayons, pens, and pencils, and get ready to push your creativity to the limit with these beautiful hot air balloon coloring page downloads! Don’t forget to post a picture of the page you colored down in the comments section! Happy coloring!