Height Adjustable Table Legs For Your DIY Tabletop

You’ve found or maybe even made the perfect tabletop at home. It is the ideal size for the family to use, a nice tough material, and has been finished to a standard you are proud of. But, right now, it is little more than a smooth slab. You can’t have a functional table without table legs. If you really want your table to be practical for the whole family, you may want to get a good set of the best adjustable height table legs.

In this guide, you will find 7 different products that have adjustable heights with different approaches. Hopefully, something among them will be perfect for turning your project into a practical adjustable table. We’ll also look at what you need to consider when choosing the perfect adjustable table legs.

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7 Of the Best Adjustable Height Table Legs

Below are some of the best options across different styles. It is a good idea to compare the features and capabilities of these options to see which will work best on your table. You could find that the best products are those with more increments or the height adjustable folding table legs instead of the standard option with the adaptable feet.

The Best Height Adjustable Table Legs with Adaptable Feet

If you don’t want a massive range in height and just need something that you can raise a little at each corner for stability, this is your best approach. Just twist the feet on these decorative legs for a more stable table.

1) QLLY 28 inch Adjustable Round Metal Desk Legs

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Let’s start with one of the top brands that have a few options available. These round black table legs are one of the more common designs that will look good on a range of tabletops – whatever the size and shape. These 28-inch (71cm) legs are pretty strong, with each leg capable of supporting 220lbs. Just twist the foot for an extra inch of height to make the tabletop level. It should be so simple that anyone in the family can use them when setting up the table.


1) A strong metal leg for different types of table

2) Easy to set up


1) The brand admits that these legs are not perfectly vertical

2) QLLY 28 inch Adjustable Square Metal Desk Legs

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This product is very much the same deal in a different style. I wanted to show that you aren’t stuck with a certain type of leg just because you want that twisting foot for height adjustments. These legs are square and white or black, which offers a completely different aesthetic. They should be just as strong and easy to set up because they will have the same sort of plates and screws.


1) Various lengths available if 28 inches is too short

2) The same quality as before


1) Some buyers report missing hardware upon arrival

3) MEETWARM 28 Inch Tall Height Adjustable Metal Office Table Legs

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This set stood out to me because there is a chrome effect on the metal legs. This could be perfect for matching your new table in with other items in a kitchen. They are nice and thick at 60mm and have a familiar adjustment mechanism on the foot. You won’t get a lot of extra height but you can make it more level on a wooden floor.


1) The chrome effect is attractive and a little rarer

2) A good value set


1) 1inch of height is still restrictive in some situations

The Best Height Adjustable Legs for Activity Tables

If one extra inch of height isn’t enough, and it won’t be for truly height-adjustable tables, you will be better off with one of these sets. These let you raise the tabletop in different increments depending on who is using it. But they should still be just as sturdy and reliable.

1) Schooled Classroom Activity Table Legs

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This set of 4 adjustable height tubular legs comes from the aptly named Schooled. This is meant as a set for a classroom table where you need a much greater height range on an adaptable table. But you can attach these legs to any table at home and adjust the height from 21 to 30 inches. This means that adults can work on projects one day and grandkids the next – all with a simple adaptation.


1) Professional-grade self-leveling glides

2) A choice of black or gray


1) It May require a little more effort to set up

2) Regency Kee Adjustable Leg

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This next set is very similar in that there is a much wider height range for a more adaptable table. The added benefit here is that it goes from 23 inches up to 35 inches. This could make it a little more practical for certain activities. The design isn’t the best looking, but it does mean that it is easy to see where to make the adjustments. In theory, responsible students could do so themselves.


1) Much better for older users

2) Easy to install


1) The combination of the chrome metal and black portion doesn’t look great

The Best Height Adjustable Folding Table Legs

Finally, there is the option of getting a table leg set with folding mechanisms. These have a hinge at the attachment plate where you can fold the leg up for a portable table. The best also have telescoping legs to increase the length and get the right height for a practical work surface or TV table.

1) Kiddeon Stainless Steel Folding Telescopic Bar Desk Legs

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It is the combination of the words folding and telescopic that make this option stand out. It folds up nicely to create a portable table but is still supportive once extended. It isn’t adjustable once set up but offers a different approach that may be preferable. These legs are also more industrial than the decorative ones at the start of the guide, but they should last.


1) A folding thickness of 3.5 cm

2) A stainless-steel structure that can support 80kg (176lbs)


1) Not that adjustable (50-130 cm or 19.6-51.2 inches)

2) CXF Metal Folding Telescopic Leg

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Finally, we have this telescoping leg that is sold as “freely telescopic”. This means that it should easily slide into its maximum length from folded. The shortest option is 45 cm (17.7 inches) and the tallest 125 cm (49.2 inches). This one is also slightly adjustable, unlike the option before with an adaptable foot up to 10mm.


1) Nice non-slip feet for added stability

2) Another strong metal leg for larger tables


1) Just the one leg per purchase so you need multiple orders

Adjustable Legs for Desks

I just want to mention that there are also lots of alternative products designed for desks. You are sure to see these pop up when looking for the best adjustable height legs online. These involve a more substantial frame with connected legs and maybe even some casters for mobility. These are typically used for computer desks as there are many with electric and hand-crank movements for raising and lowering the desktop. This may not be suitable for your current project, but they are worth keeping in mind for the future. It all depends on what you want the table to do.

Choosing the Best Adjustable Table Legs for Your Project

A final recommendation here depends on what you want the table to do. If you are looking for something fully adjustable with all kinds of applications then the best option has to be the adjustable legs for school tables. You don’t have to be in the education sector to see the worth of these products. The range in heights and the quality of the pieces make them the most practical solution when you need a fully adjustable craft or activity table. The telescoping options can be misleading but are a good choice if you need a folding table.

Either way, make sure you get a quality item that is going to hold up to regular use. There is no point in having the best height adjustable folding table legs if they collapse back to their original position under too much weight. Also, look at the different lengths, styles, and colors the company offer for a nice finish.

Why Use Adjustable Height Table Legs for Your Next Project?

There are two key benefits in choosing an adjustable table leg. The first is that you can make a tiny change to the feet when working on uneven ground. This is great for any portable tables that you may use outdoors or on floorboards that have seen better days. The other is to considerably alter the height of a table for different users. For example, you may want to bring an activity table closer to the ground if you have grandkids over for the day. The ability to do either of these things will depend on the type of adjustable table leg you get, which leads to the next point.

How Do You Adjust an Adjustable Table Leg?

Some table legs aren’t that adjustable and have small screws on the feet for changing the height in small increments. All you need to do is twist the foot and get each leg to the required height. There are a few of these above and the difference between the maximum and minimum height is only about an inch. Other table legs with a bigger height different may have a different method, such as a telescoping design and pins. However, be aware that some telescoping table tables only offer a minimum and maximum length with nothing in between. Make sure you know what you need from the height of the legs before buying.

Other Considerations When Buying Adjustable Table Legs

It also helps to think about the following points when choosing a table leg for your project.

1) The weight capacity

There are lots of metal legs with adjustable features, but some are stronger than others. Heavy-duty steel will hold a heavier tabletop that. Check the weight allowance in the specification. That strength also depends on the quality of the plate holding the leg in place.

2) Do you want a round or square leg?

You might not think that it makes a lot of difference if a leg is round or square, but it can. Square legs may look better on square tables. Round legs don’t have hard corners that kids can bash their legs on. Sketch out some ideas and match product options to your tabletop.

3) How long should the leg be?

There are lots of legs around the 28 to 30 inch mark and this is a good height for a table you sit at to eat or work. But it helps to take some measurements and see what you want from a minimum and maximum height. You might find that something a lot longer table legs would be better as a worktable or something shorter for a coffee table, and maybe something in between for an end table. Check to see what sizes are available when choosing a brand.

4) What color do you want?

The most common color choices for adjustable metal table legs are white and black. There may be an obvious choice based on the color and material of the tabletop. But you can find alternatives with chrome effects too.

5) Does it come with all the necessary hardware?

Your legs need to have enough screws for a secure fixture to the underside of the table. Some companies provide just what you need and no spares. It also helps if the attachment plates are secure and the holes are the right size.

6) How many legs are in the pack?

This is an odd point to end on, but also one of the most important. It is easy to assume that products contain four legs as that is the common amount for a secure table. But, there are cases when you get one leg and need to order it four times.