6 Best LEGO Tables Guide And Reviews

The appeal of LEGO crosses generations and fandoms to the point where pretty much anyone can sit down and have fun building something. However, you might find it difficult to find a good place at home for your kids to build comfortably. If your household is really into LEGO, including the youngest members, it might be a good idea to get a LEGO table. But, what is the best LEGO table for your kids’ playroom?

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1) UTEX 2 in 1 Kids Construction Play Table

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Let’s start with a pretty simple 2-in-1 table for different activities. The concept here is that you have one side of the table top that is textured like a LEGO baseplate. This should make it easy for kids to build kits and tall structures with a more secure foundation. You can then flip the top over for a smoother surface for arts and crafts. I like this approach because it makes the table more practical for regular use in a playroom. There are two drawers hidden beneath for bricks, partially finished projects, and anything else kids might need. There are also different colors to suit the décor and it seems more sturdy than some plastic options. But, this does mean that it isn’t height adjustable. Some parents also say it is a little expensive.

2) KidKraft 2-in-1 Activity Table with Board

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This next option is perhaps the most simplistic you can get by comparison. You don’t get so many features here, as there are no chairs and the storage is just the empty space under the tabletop. This does mean kids can throw anything inside out the way with ease. But you do need to move the tabletop anytime they want something. The low height of the engineered wooden frame is nice for younger players sat on the floor. It is a more affordable option because of this more basic design. But, you do get 195 blocks free with it to get kids started.

3) KidKraft Building Bricks Play N Store Table

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Sticking with KidKraft for a moment, we have this alternative model. I really like this one because it is much more practical but, retains the natural style and comfortable dimensions of the other table. The idea here is that you get two parts to the LEGO baseplate table that slide apart. Not only does this allow two players to work independently, but it also opens up access to a large blue storage bin in the middle. There are also two bins to the sides for even better organization. Again, you get plenty of free building blocks, which is good because this table is a lot more expensive than the one above.

4) NILO Kids Play Table Set

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Simplicity is great when there is quality and a fair price to back it up. Personally, I don’t see why this NILO table is so much more expensive than others in this guide. Perhaps it is the quality of the craftsmanship. There is a secure table with a large melamine surface. This wipes clean and it’s great for all kinds of crafts. Then you can add on the two 12 by 32-inch baseplates for LEGO projects. It comes in either blue or green for the baseplate with a natural wood frame. The biggest issue here is the lack of storage and chairs unless you already have those and only need the stable table.

5) Play Platoon Kids Activity Table Set

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As we’ve seen what a big budget can get you, let’s look at something a lot more affordable now. This set of a plastic table and chairs is another one with multiple applications. What I like about this one is the way that you can use the deeper tabletop for water-based games. There is then a smoother surface for arts and crafts and the multicolored LEGO baseplate on top of that. There are fun designs with bright primary colors or pastels and this continues with the two chairs. Some parents have struggled to get the tabletop off and prefer to use alternative storage solutions for the bricks. But, it is still great fun with a lot of potential for various activities.

6) GobiDex 7 in 1 Multi Kids Activity Table Set

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This last option is something a little bit different for younger children. This table provides a secure surface that players can work on using Duplo bricks or other larger LEGO knock-off bricks. In fact, depending on what table you choose, you get a starter set of bricks. There are two fun color schemes that carry through to the legs of the table and the backs of the little chairs. You also get storage bins on the sides of the table and the chance to adjust the height over time. But, it isn’t compatible with regular LEGO.

Why do you need a good LEGO table with storage at home?

A LEGO table is a must for families that love LEGO and Duplo sets. Kids get a LEGO baseplate as a work surface and hopefully some other features too. This should give kids the confidence to play while also providing a kid-friendly piece of furniture for the playroom – instead of working on the dining room table. This means that not only is there a more comfortable place to play, you don’t have to give up any space on other household tables. There is nothing worse for kids than getting really into a project and then having to clear up because you want to set up the dining table for dinner.

Can you use LEGO tables for more than just LEGO?

Most of the time, yes. But not always. LEGO tables are usually more than just tables for playing with LEGO (or any other non-Danish brick that does the same thing). Many are multifunctional tables for playrooms where kids can take part in various activities. This can include a simple wipe-clean top for arts and crafts or something a bit more specialized. Some are more multifunctional than others, but they all provide a secure space where kids can build with ease. Keep an eye out for unusual alternatives like road maps or deeper recessed tables for water play.

Do LEGO tables come with storage?

The majority of these products will offer storage in some form. The best tend to have drawers that slide underneath the table with plenty of room for lots of bricks. Others have bins to clip to the side. In other cases, builders lift up the tabletop to store everything underneath. However, this isn’t as practical for independent play. One of my favorite designs, which you can see above, has a sliding table that adapts the work area and reveals a bin in the middle. This is great for kids playing simultaneously.

Can you get a LEGO table with seats?

Yes. Lots of the best LEGO tables do come with little child-friendly seats. They may not always be the best quality, but they always match the style of the table and tend to be the right height. Tables that don’t come with seats are often lower to the ground and encourage kids to build while sitting or kneeling.

Other considerations when choosing the best LEGO table for your kids’ playroom.

In addition to the multifunctionality and use of storage and chairs, you should consider the materials used. There are some tables that are mostly plastic to make them lighter, and some of these may have interchangeable legs to add height. Plastic does lead to stability and durability concerns however, the alternative is wood. Which, can be stronger and more tactile but, can also be more expensive and non-adjustable.

Plastic can also allow for more choice with another consideration – the color. There are some great brightly colored tables around with different sections and patterns. There is a trend for different colored quarters for greater visual appeal. Some of the wooden ones are more subdued and perhaps better for kids of different ages.

Finally, there is the ease of use. This means that kids should be able to work on their own with ease. Can they retrieve the bricks they need from the storage area on their own? Can they use the baseplate without it shifting or having to stretch too much? Also, from the parents’ perspective, is the table easy to put together. Models with various tabletops need to be easy to handle but also secure enough to be safe for kids to use.

Choosing the best LEGO table for your kids’ playroom.

The featured picture on this article is the LEGO table we have. It’s one the the multifunctional plastic tables with two chairs. Our kids aren’t into LEGOs yet but, we’ve used the table for 2 years so far for countless arts and crafts and at times for eating. The kids really get a kick out of being able to sit at their own table and eat alone together. The table also has decent storage too. However, the plastic chairs with our table can tip easily so, in ours we poured some concrete into the legs and it’s helped tremendously with stability in our chairs.

In short, there is a lot more choice in styles and functions than you might have expected. While some really nice wooden tables focus on the LEGO baseplate and singular purpose, it might be worthwhile considering something more multifunctional. It all depends on the hobbies of your child and the placement of the table in the home. If this is to be a permanent piece in the middle of the playroom of a creative child, enhanced functionality is a must. Whichever LEGO table with storage you choose, your kids are sure to love it!