6 Candle Tins For Your Candle Making Projects

Whether you make candles at home for a side business or just as a way of making gifts, you need something to pour your candle wax into. You could use a mold to get a shaped candle, as you can see with the candle molds. Or, you can set your candle in a portable little tin. These are great for commercial ventures but, what are the best candle tins?

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1) Double Gift Store Candle Tins

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This set consists of 12 decorative candle tins that are each 4oz. They are very striking to make up for their smaller size and have a nice curved shape unless most straight-sided tins. They could be a great option for making gifts more than for a home business. The candle tins are made from iron making them durable. They’re matte finish, lightweight, rust proof, and reusable.

2) Unixing 24Pcs 4oz Candle Tins for DIY Candle

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Next in the cute 4oz candle tins, we have this option. What stands out here is the nice range of metallic colors from the bright dusty rose through champagne and some light and dark blue tones. This is great for working with a more diverse product line or for creating bespoke gifts for people. There are 6 of each color, leading to 24 pieces in total. The one-piece construction should make them more durable than some cheaper products too. As always, there are some issues with dents and damage on arrival.

3) EricX Light Candle

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Moving onto the larger 8oz products now, we have this set. Again, you have 24 tins with their respective lids so there is plenty here to get started. You might find that this uniform metallic look is better for consistency and branding. The tinplate appears to be finished to a good standard without getting too shiny. There have been some comments from buyers about the lids being too tight and difficult to use, but most are happy with their purchase. The added benefit here is that they are large and generic enough for other products.

4) Edamame Candle Tin Set

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This is another set where you only get one color across the 24 pieces. However, you do get a choice of black, gold, or silver when choosing the set. These 8oz candle tins are also popular because they come with stamping stickers and candle wick stickers to make life easier. No other product in this guide has these extra features for beginner users. There are also plenty of buyers going for a repeat purchase, which is encouraging.

5) CraftFlzu Candle Tins

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If you can’t decide which size candle tin is best for your needs right now, you could always look at a set that offers some of each. This set ticks a lot of boxes for crafters because you get 12 8oz and 12 4oz tins to work with. There are also four metallic colors across the sizes – rose gold, gold, silver, and black. This means three of each type. They all come with matching lids, appear to be well-made, and have a clear fill line to help those less experienced.

6) Aozita 8oz Glass Candle Jars

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Finally, I wanted to showcase something a little different. As mentioned before some people much prefer clear glass jars because of their visual appeal and performance. So, you could go for a set like this. These see-through jars are great for 8oz candles and a range of other products where it helps to see inside. You get a choice of metal or plastic lids for each jar. But, you do only get 12 in the box rather than 24.

Should you use glass candle jars or metal candle tins?

The majority of the products that I am showcasing above are metal tins, as these are common and come in a range of styles. But, some people prefer glass jars. Metal tins are great for their light weight and aren’t as fragile as a glass jar. This suits those making the candle and those burning them. But, glass does allow you to see the candle at all times.

Do you want 4oz tins, 8oz tins, or both?

The size of the tin is very important, whether you go for a glass jar or metal candle tin. There are two sizes that you will commonly find when looking for packs of these tins. The first is the cuter little 4oz tin. This allows for smaller candles, like little testers. The alternative is to go twice as big with the 8oz tin. These may sell more easily but, you can’t fill as many with one batch of wax. If you are undecided, you can always look for a set with a combination of sizes.

Other considerations when choosing the best candle tins.

Another big deciding factor here is the color. Lots of companies provide a set of 24 tins where they are all the same color for uniformity in branding. They are often metallic tones. But, you can find others with interesting patterns and tones. There are also packs with multiple colors offered. It also helps to read user reviews to see how well the tins hold up to use. This means seeing if they are strong enough to resist damage and if the lids fit nicely. The lids can’t be too tight or too loose. Also, don’t forget to look and see if there are any bonus features in the box, such as, stickers or other aids for the candle-making process.

Choosing the best candle tins.

In short, as long as you find a reliable set of strong metal tins with good lids, you can’t go too wrong. Just make sure that they are the right color, capacity, and quantity for your needs. Then there should be nothing stopping you from making some brilliant products!