Candle Molds Guide and Reviews For 2021

Candle making has been a popular hobby for a long time now, with various kits around for adults and kids alike. But, there is an increasing interest in the prospect of making our own candles at home thanks to a growing desire for safer natural products. Store-bought scented candles may have ingredients that aren’t good for our health. Homemade options let us source natural, sustainable axes, and botanical extracts. But, in order to make the perfect homemade candle, we need the best candle molds to create beautiful forms.

In this guide, I have brought together some of the best candle molds with a variety of styles in mind. There are two that are for larger, more traditional pillar shapes. Then there are two much smaller molds for miniature candles and tealight. Next, there are two that are more unusual shapes, which could be perfect as a gift or as interesting home decor. Finally, there two that are ideal when working with beeswax. Before we take a closer look at those products, let’s talk about what we need to look out for.

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What to Look Out for When Choosing the Best Candle Molds

1) How many molds do you get in the set?

A lot of the time, you only get the one mold in a set. This isn’t a problem unless you are looking to create more of a fast-paced assembly line of products. Also, these molds should be durable enough for repeated use and washing. Others do come in sets where you can get a series of related shapes.

2) What is the mold make from?

It is great to see so many brands using food-grade silicone for their molds. I remember using cheap candle-making sets as a kid where the mold was rigid and hard to turn out. Flexible silicone makes things so much easier and tends to lead to a great result. But, there are some options in this guide that do use plastic instead.

3) Do you get any additional tools to help you out?

Again, the majority of items here are just the mold only. Brands can bring out a range of shapes and mass produce them with ease. Because so many are also multipurpose, they don’t consider additional tools. But, there are times when you will find some wicks or other tools in the pack for free.

The Best Candle Molds for Large or Pillar Candles

This first duo of molds has a pretty good capacity to them for more substantial candles. This could be a benefit for first-time candle makers that don’t want to work with something that is too fiddly. It also creates a larger gift that will last a while and be a little more meaningful. Some designs are classic while others have a modern twist.

1) Sanesky Spiral Shape Cylinder Candle Mold

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Let’s start with something classic and pretty. First of all, the name is inaccurate as it is not a spiral. But, it is a nice tall candlestick with vertical lines for texture that accentuate the length. The possible downside here is that it is a plastic mold. But, there is the promise of high-grade plastic and this might be more secure at this height. The finished candle is 1.35 by 6.04 inches.

2) YISHIYI 3D DIY Handmade, Heart-Shape Silicone Molds

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This next mold is different because it is food-grade silicone rather than plastic. This makes more sense here as the candle is smaller at 6.5 by 5.2 cm. Although smaller, this is still a good-sized candle for a gift from friends and family. The heart shape of the pillar structure is cute but simple, with a nice indentation on the top for the wax to pool around the wick. If you add different colors and dried petals, this can make a brilliant romantic gift. It’s one candle mold so, it may take some time to make a few heart shaped candles. But, you can always buy more than one to speed up the process.

The Best Candle Molds for Smaller Pieces and Tea Lights

While these pillar candles are great for statement pieces around the home and for practicing with the process of pouring wax, they aren’t for everyone. Smaller candles that are more like tea lights and wax melts are great as miniature gifts or as amenities in guest rooms. You can also play around with lots of colors and less wax.

1) BYBYCD 3D Seashell Candle Mold

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This next choice is another that uses a plastic mold rather than silicone. This seems to be out of necessity in order to create the perfect 3D shape for the scallop shell, rather than a 2D shape with a flat bottom. This gives a more authentic shape and makes the piece more tactile. It could mean that the mold is more difficult to fill, but the great ridged shape is worth the patience and effort.

2) HiParty 2Pcs/Set 3D Rose Flower Candle Molds

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The heart-shaped molds above are perfect for little romantic gifts, Mother’s Day gift, and similar events. But, there is another way to create a similar aesthetic. This 2-piece set of silicone mold allows for two different rose shapes. One is about to open and the other is in full bloom. The latter in particular would make a brilliant little tea light or floating candle for a pool with the right wax and wick. The only thing I don’t like is that the mold is pink, rather than a contrasting color. This mold is versatile and can be used for candles, soap molds, for cakes, chocolate, candy, and resin molds. I could could see this being hand for many DIY craft projects, especially since it’s made of silicone.

The Best Candle Molds with Interesting Shapes

The great thing about using silicone molds and simple wicks is that you can use pretty much any food-grade silicone mold for candle making. There are lots of products here, and right across the market, that use well-crafted molds to create 3D forms for soap, resin, chocolate work, and other applications. The range is vast. There is a surprising number of nude female forms out there. I will let you look that up in your own time if that’s something that intrigues you. For now, here are two that are a bit more PG rated.

1) Taghua Candle Mold, 3D Owl Animal

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I had to include one of the many animal shapes that are on the market right now. There are lots of options that are a little more childish, partly because they are more geared towards chocolate and fondant work than candle or soap making. This 5.5 cm by 5.5 cm by 6 cm owl is more grown-up and great for personal decor and also would make a unique gift. You can play with different colors and waxes and should still be able to get a great form. The details on the feathers and the eyes are especially nice.

2) BYBYCD Silicone Molds DIY Candles Mould

This next shape is something a bit different and ideal for modern decors. There are a few companies with molds for this interesting bubble cube shape. It is simultaneously a strong cube and a more curvaceous form with the combination of spheres joined together. The finished square is about 6.8 cm square and the white mold is perfect for working with colorful wax.

The Best Candle Molds for Beeswax Candles

Finally, I want to mention a couple of products that I think are perfect for use with beeswax. Beeswax candles are a great option for those that want to avoid paraffin wax, or that want a natural wax that isn’t soy. There is added commercial appeal here because of the slower burn rate of a quality beeswax candle.

1) Honeycomb Design Silicone Candle Mold

There is a lot to like about this mold. The simplicity of the honeycomb shape with the matching texture gives it mass appeal for home decor and for nature lovers. The strong visual appeal continues with the large size of this pillar, which is 10 cm tall and 4.4 cm thick. As with the other silicone options, this is food-grade and easy to use. I also like that the mold is blue for a strong contrast against the yellow tones of beeswax.

2) 2 Pack Bee Honeycomb Candle Mold

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Finally, we have another two-pack of candle molds for a pair of complementary shapes. The honeycomb pillar is like a miniature of the previous option at 3 inches by 1.5 inches. I like the little details of the bees on the sides. The other shape is a cute little 1 inch by 0.75 inch beehive that is like a lot of traditional beeswax candles. This is also another option with the contrasting color in the food-grade silicone for greater ease of use. This time it is pink. The bonus here is that you also get 50 candle wicks as this is specifically for candle making.

Choosing the Best Candle Mold for your Next Candle-making Project

As you can see, there are lots of great products here in a range of styles. Once you go online and start looking at silicone molds, rather than more traditional candle-making molds, the world is your oyster. There may even be oysters as seashells are so popular. Consider the ideal size of the candle you want to make and the theme and go from there. Once you find a user-friendly mold that provides great results, you might end up starting quite a collection.