Half Birthday Ideas For Double The Celebration

How often do you celebrate your half birthday? This might sound like a bit of a trick question if you are new to the concept. You may not have told people your age in halves and quarters since you were about 9 years old. But there is still something symbolic about this date in the calendar. You are halfway through your current age and halfway toward the next.

Can Adults Celebrate Half Birthdays?

The idea of the half birthday used to be something typically reserved for young children. One reason was so that parents could make a fuss of another milestone birthday, such as being 6 or 18 months old. Another was for kids that perhaps missed out on celebrations for their actual birthday due to school schedules, ill health, or other circumstances.

However, more and more adults are seeing the benefits. This doesn’t necessarily mean a lavish party on the same line as a standard birthday. But there may be an excuse for drinks, a light brunch out somewhere, a half birthday cupcake, or some other way to celebrate the day. Or you can celebrate alone as you reflect on where you are so far this year.

Why Should Adults Celebrate a Half Birthday?

You can use your half birthday as a time to rest and reflect on the year that has passed so far and what you have achieved in the first half. Perhaps there were goals you had set out on your last birthday, and you can check in on your progress. Having a birthday-style celebration twice a year is also a good way of having something to look forward to in a time when you might not do so much.

For example, if you are a winter baby, you might get lots of gifts and fun things to do around the holiday period. November and December can be a fun ride with birthday celebrations in between, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year. But then there is not so much 6 months later in the summer. Summer babies may spend their birthdays abroad a lot and be sure of great summer weather and events but may not get to see people due to work or school schedules.

A summer half birthday is therefore great for those that can’t get out in the sun for cocktails on their real birthday. Or, there are cozy winter half birthdays at markets and in the snow when everyone can catch up closer to home. It is also nice for students that have birthdays outside of term time away from their peers.

How To Decorate For A Half Birthday Party

To be honest, because this is such a modern tradition to have a half birthday party for adults, there aren’t too many products on the market right now. But there are options available to you. You could either repurpose party decorations designed for those much much younger or be a little more creative in your half birthday party ideas. The former is great if the recipient has a good sense of humor about the situation. A set like the OSNOE Half Year Birthday Decorations is great because they aren’t too age specific. There are fun balloons, 1/2 birthday party crown, cake topper, and a nice banner. They also come in different colors.

If you can’t find party decorations that are grown-up enough for your half birthday party idea, you could go down a slightly different route. In Alice in Wonderland, there is the idea of the Unbirthday, where birthdays are celebrated on the wrong date. So, you could bring in some Alice in Wonderland-themed decorations instead to play off this theme. Talking Table Oversized Decorations are great. They aren’t birthday specific, but they are straight out of the book. You get the White Rabbit, playing cards, a flamingo, and more.

The alternative for those of you that are more creative is to make something yourself. Make your own banner, print out a t-shirt, design a unique half birthday card. Do what you need to make things special.

What To Get for Someone, Or Yourself, On a Half Birthday?

A great idea for someone that is driven and keen to make the most of the rest of the year is a journal. They are perfect half birthday gifts for those that want to press the reset button on the year and make the most of the next six months.

There are lots of directions that you can take if you want to gift someone, or yourself, a new planner for a half birthday. Some really nice practical solutions cover a six-month period of growth, rather than a more daunting 12 months. The Knock Know You Got This journal is a great example as it provides some fun elements in with effectively structured pages. Users can set goals and intentions with ease to help them stay on track until their full birthday.

Another option that I recommend for a great half birthday gift is a hamper. Self-care hampers in particular work really well. You don’t necessarily want to splurge on something big or meaningful for the lesser of the birthdays. Also, the recipient may not want to do more than take a day off to recharge by themselves. That is where something like the Lovery Bath And Body Gift Basket is great. It isn’t tied to any gender, theme, or specific occasion but it is indulgent with bombs and lotions.

On the subject of hampers and food, don’t be afraid to think of some cool half birthday cake ideas and either bake one yourself or order one with a special message. Half-and-half designs are great, and you can easily get a cake topper meant for a kid without it looking weird. 

Start Celebrating Your Half Birthday Because It Only Comes Around Once a Year

Your half birthday may not be as symbolic as the actual day you were born, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add meaning to the day. It is a clear halfway point in your year that is the perfect excuse for a break, some cake, and a little self-care. If you know someone else’s is coming up, consider throwing a little party with cute decorations and getting them a gift.