15 DIY Bed Tents – Ideas And Projects You Can Finish Today

Almost everyone wanted a nice bed canopy or tent when they were little. Some managed to fulfill their dream as adults. However, that usually includes expensive bed frames or a clever interior designer.

But what if you could make an awesome canopy or bed tend for you and/or your kids on your own, and even on a budget? Today, I’ll show you that it’s possible, and in some cases, very easy.

1. The Basic Bed Tent

DIY| How to Make A Bed Tent Canopy

I guess we should start with a website called bed-tent.com. They sell a bunch of printed tents for children’s rooms, but you can use this tutorial to make a nice and easy bed tent.

2. Camping bed tent

how to build a kids camping tent bed canopy The Ragged Wren on Remodelaholic

This project is similar to the previous one, with a few tweaks. It’s great for a woodland or outdoors-themed room. Considering the size, you can still keep it when it’s time to upgrade to a bigger bed.

3. A simple 1-hour canopy

DIY canopy tutorial

All you need are two curtain rods, and you can have a nice bed canopy in less than an hour. It’s a project that will suit both kids’ and adults’ rooms.

Choose another fabric and drape it to the sides as well, and you will get the tent look from this setup as well.

4. Renter’s bed tent

DIY Canopy || How To Make A Canopy Bed || Easiest Way To Make A Canopy Bed

This is a great solution if you can’t drill holes in a wall. Either a no-drill curtain rod or a simple hook could hold the whole setup. And if the tent falls out of fashion, you can remove it without having to deal with the aftermath. This idea would also make for a fun reading nook too, check out our reading nook post for more ideas.

5. Driftwood canopy/bed tent


Very modern and cool, and it doesn’t have to be for kids’ beds alone. And depending on how you position the driftwood, you can either get the tent or the canopy look.

For the fabric in this image, all you need to know is how to sew a straight stitch, or you can put everything together with hemming tape of fabric glue.

6. Let there be light

canopy bed

Adding some string lights will bring some magic and pizzazz to any canopy or bed tent design. Check out this link for a spark of inspiration. This design reminds me of could ceilings that are another fun DIY project.

7. Embroidery hoop canopy

canopy bed 2 1
DIY bed canop

I remember seeing something similar in a decor store and giving myself a healthy dose of sticker shock. Who would have thought that it’s something that anyone can DIY at home?

Both tutorials use more or less the same ingredients but slightly different methods. Feel free to pick one that fits your skillset the most.

8. A quick teepee

How to make a tent at home | Romantic dinner night setup at home | Teepee tent tutorial

This video will show you how to set up a teepee with minimum supplies and effort. You can either set it as a hangout or a reading nook or use the same method, just hang it above a bed.

A cool thing about it is that it’s so temporary and easy to do that you can remove it the same day and reassemble it whenever the occasion calls for it.

9. A authentic bed tent

He dreamt it, We DIY'd it! Secret Hideaway Tent Bed Build REVEAL

Now this look will take you some time, so it might not be for everyone. But they did custom make the bedframe and the tent. As a DIYer I’m sure when you look at this you can think of ways to modify this to work for you. However, in the end this design is amazing! And it truly gives the tent vibes you’re looking for.

10. Farm themed bed tent

DIY Bed Tent for Kids | Barn Tent with PVC Pipe

What a great idea for all the farm loving kids out there! I could see how cute this idea would be with some fun themed sheets and stuffed animals. This tutorial walks you from start to finish. You do need some sewing skills, which again, you could complete with hem tape or fabric glue as well.

11. A better way to tent

Wall Tent

So, we already saw something like this, and this is not even a bed tent. Why is it on the list?

Well, you know how they say that the biggest difference between an expensive and a cheap gown is the underpinnings? Check out this tutorial if you want to make a plain fabric bed tent look more impressive.

12. An Ikea hack

bed tent

If it’s not your first time here, you already know how much I love Idea hacks. This one takes the Kura bed tent and shows you hot replace that blue fabric with something that better matches the room decor.

You will need some sewing skills for this one, but it’s all straight stitching and basic techniques. As long as this is not your first project, you will do fine.

13. And now for something completely different

canopy bed4

In this tutorial, you will learn how to recycle an old ladder into a bed canopy.

For an adult’s room. it’s a great way to complete wabi-sabi or a cottagecore look. As for kids, they can enjoy the versatility and play with different ways to hang the fabric.

Most shelf holders are going to work, but if you want ones that look worn, you may encounter some trouble. Vintage ones may be damaged after years of service, so it’s better to fake the look with sandpaper and some paint.

14. A teepee bed

lit tipi diy

Here’s a build for those who are in the mood for a bigger challenge. Have fun because you will be making a kid’s bed from scratch.

That being said, it’s not a very complicated job and you can complete it with a small list of supplies and tools. And probably in a single afternoon as well.

This frame will work even if you want to add it to an existing bed, but you may need to do a bit of planning first.

15. A proper tent bed

bed tent 5

Saving the best, but the most difficult idea for last. You’ll need decent carpentry skills to complete this build.

This tutorial covers everything from building the bed frame to sewing the tent fabric, with detailed instructions and pictures. It’s probably not a one-day project, but it will be worth all the hard work.

Time to Camp

…. well at least pretend to with your DIY bed tent. After seeing these ideas, it really brings to light how easy this idea can be. Or how complicated you could make it. Most of all have fun and enjoy; because you know your kids most definetly will!