17 Creative kids Reading Nook Ideas

Reading is essential to a child’s growth and development. However, building and enriching your kid with a reading culture does not end with buying a few books for them. If you want to encourage your child to read books, you will need to create a space for them to do so.

Creating a special space where they can settle down quietly and privately makes it easier for your kids to relax and focus on their books. I know you’re probably thinking, “But won’t that cost more money?” The answer is no!

Reading nooks don’t have to be costly, and they don’t need to take up so much room. You can transform any unused space in the house into your kid’s personal happy space.

Get Inspired with These 17 Inviting Reading Corners Ideal for Kids

1.Get them a HONEY JOY Reading Nook

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This reading nook organizer is a winner when it comes to curating the perfect reading nook for your kid. Made of high-quality particleboard, this nook is stable enough to hold kids weighing up to 110 lbs for a long time to come. It comes with six cubbies to store your toys and books in an organized manner and a detachable seat cushion providing your kid with a comfortable seating experience as they read. The thing I love about this HONEY JOY reading nook is that it’s stylish enough to fit into any room, whether it’s the bedroom, study, office or your living room.

2. KidKraft Little Dreamer Deluxe Reading Nook

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Kids of ages 3-8 years old can create their own creative space in this little dreamer’s nook that your kids can use for reading, coloring or just some good old daydreaming. The design creates a cozy space from its inviting tent shape to its comfy cushions. With this KidKraft reading nook, kids will probably spend their entire time on this nook, getting lost in all sorts of books. This kids’ reading nook can hold up to two kids and comes with fabric bins to store their favorite toys and stuffies.

3. The Sumbababy Teepee Tent

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Encourage your child’s imagination with this Sumbababy teepee tent that can be used when it’s time to play games, draw and most importantly, get lost in a good immersive book. This kid’s tent can be the perfect hideaway for your little boy or girl with a measure of privacy. It’s quick and easy to assemble and put away when you need the room to look more organized. You can decorate this kids reading nook with string lights and plenty of storybooks to make it your kids favorite place.

4. ECR4Kids Bookcase Display Stand

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What better way is there to store your children’s books and magazines than in this ECR4Kids bookcase that’s made of durable Birchwood. Displaying a number of storybooks creates a lovely learning space that encourages your little reader to pick their favorite copy from the front-facing display stand. This stand will also encourage an organized educational environment as they learn how to care for their belongings by putting their books in order when grabbing a copy and putting them back. That’s not all; this child-size display stand also promotes confidence and independence by allowing them to navigate through the books and make a choice on the one they’d like to read. It also looks good in both girls’ and boys’ bedrooms.

5. Check out this RiverRidge Book Nook with Storage

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This reading nook is definitely a must-have in your child’s room. Your child can enjoy their book atop the bench that comes with a grey bench cushion, making it a cozy place to read and relax. They can also learn to store and tidy their books in cubbies. This Riveridge book nook can also come with 2-piece folding bins that can be used as additional storage for their play toys and clutter.

6. Get some cushions and pillows


If you have some extra cushions and floor pillows, you can create an ideal reading nook on the floor where your kid can relax and let their guard down as they give in to their imagination. The beauty of this is it does not require too much effort or resources. You can place the pillows near a window or in the corner of their bedroom to create a simple and cozy space. The cherry on top? You can move this reading nook to any part of the house. Your kids will see this kids’ reading nook as an adventure, thus decreasing their boredom and encouraging their imagination.

7. Wooden crafts for book storage


If you have any scrap wood leftover from the last DIY project you can use, you can put it to good use by building a few wooden crafts that your kids can use as storage for their books. Not only do these wooden crafts add a stylish appeal to your kid’s room, making it look like some cool library, but they also provide so much space to store toys and keepsakes as well, reducing the clutter in your kid’s room.

8. Under the stairs

Under Stairs Reading Nook

The small space that’s typically found under the stairs can be transformed into the perfect reading nook for your little one. Kids will find this kids reading nook to be mysterious and adventurous and will be drawn to spend a great deal of time cozied up under the stairway. To make it an inviting space, you can add some lights and a comfortable cushion together with some blankets and watch them drift off into Neverland.

9. Outdoor hideaway

Relaxing Backyard Reading Nook Design

Get your kids to explore the outdoors by building this hideaway reading nook where they can lounge and get through a few books. You can incorporate a day bed with a lot of plush pillows and shutters as the backdrop on the wall. You can also use your porch as an effective reading nook by hanging an overhead cover above it. Suspend lights of the canopy as well as plants to create an irresistible natural environment. If you want your kids to also get into nighttime reading, you can add a firepit to light when it gets chilly. Fancy, right?

10. Hammock with blankets


There’s something welcoming about hammocks that kids love to obsess over. Tie your hammock in different spaces in the house to create a cozy reading nook for your child, and pack it well with pillows and blankets for extra warmth.

11. Hanging cocoon chair

Cacoon Hanging Chair

Hanging cocoon chairs have become a valuable addition to homes. They have a cocoon-like embrace and a gentle rocking motion that encourages your kid to get comfy and get away from reality as they dig deep into their favorite book. You can place your hanging cocoon chair pretty much anywhere as long as there’s a sturdy support system to keep your kid safe. It can look good in the living room and even in your kid’s bedroom, depending on where they want it to be situated.

12. Beanbag reading nook

beanbag reading nook 1
Our playroom reading nook

Bean bags are cool chairs that your kid can plop on when they want to read a book. Beanbags can be placed anywhere in any room to create a cozy reading nook. There are plenty of designs to choose from, including suede, pink furry ones, and even shaggy classic shaped bean bags. They provide a comfortable and versatile seating area.

This bean bag reading nook is the one we have in our kid’s playroom. It’s sooo comfortable! And the kids tend to enjoy sitting down to read or even relax from time to time while playing. I’ve noticed before we had this reading nook the kids never took a break. Let alone, would take a break from their toys to read. I really enjoy how it’s big enough for a grown up and multiple kids to easily fit.

13. Outdoor garden reading nook

Creating an Outdoor Reading Nook | Live With Lisa | Ep. 2

Outdoor reading is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can cultivate for your child. It’s a perfect hideaway, especially in the spring and summer while the birds chirp outside- a dreamy and immersive location for your kid to get lost in a book. You can spruce up the room by setting up a table and chair or some fluffy pillows to make the space comfortable. Choose a spot that has privacy and shade, so your kid doesn’t get distracted. Add that magical touch by incorporating lights on the trees nearby to make it the favorite spot outdoors. Make sure to continuously groom the area to maintain the visual appeal and aesthetic fit for a reader.

14. Indoor treehouse


Kids are filled with creativity, and treehouses are one of the most imaginative things that run through their minds. When they see an indoor treehouse, they see secret hideaways, enchanted forests, and private reading nooks where they can get lost in the world of books. There are many design ideas, including a natural-looking treehouse that doubles as a bunk bed or a treehouse locked away in the attic of the house. You can paint branches and trees around the kids’ reading nook to make it more colorful and attractive to your kid. Recreate this look depending on the style your kid enjoys and watch them spend hours poring through books.

15. DIY closet reading nook

Get to work redesigning your kid’s room to create an epic and unique closet reading nook. You can start by making layout plans that correspond with the color and style of the room or decide to redo the whole room at once. You can also opt for wallpapers on the closet walls instead of doing a fresh repaint on the entire surface. To make the spot warm and cozy, you can add floor cushions and perhaps some more cushions for the side too. You can create storage in the closet reading nook by inserting a few shelves depending on how narrow or wide the space is. The final touches may include adding some reading lights and decorations that vibe with your kid’s style.

16. Hammock

reading book on a hammock

Hang a hammock or swing between two trees in your yard and use it as a reading nook.

17. Closet

Transform an unused closet into a cozy reading nook.

Some More Ideas for Making Your Kids Reading Nook

1. Use a teepee or fort style tent as the reading nook base

2. Add some comfy cushions and pillows for lounging

3. Install dimmer switches to set the perfect mood lighting

4. Fill the space with your child’s favorite books

5. Use wall decals or paintings to create a whimsical reading space

6. Add a small table and chair for an intimate reading experience

7. Incorporate fun elements like a bean bag chair or floor pillow

8. Use soft, soothing colors to create a calming atmosphere

9. Create a cozy nest by draping blankets over the furniture

10. Accessorize with rugs, curtains, and other cozy touches

11. Make it magical with fairy lights or string lights

12. Use wall shelves to display favorite books and toys

13. Keep the space tidy with baskets or storage bins

14. Add a comfy chair or bean bag for lounging

15. Use throw blankets and pillows for added comfort

16. Set the mood with lighting – consider using a lamp or nightlight

17. Create a reading nook in a closet by adding pillows and blankets

18. Bring the outdoors inside by setting up your reading nook near a window

19. Use colorful cushions and pillows to brighten up the space

20. Hang a banner or string up some fairy lights for extra decoration

21. Place a rug under the reading nook for added comfort

22. Add a small table and chair for snacks or drinks

23. Hang a picture or mirror above the reading nook to reflect light

24. Use a canopy or draped fabric to create a dreamy space

25. Make it special with your child’s name or favorite character


Let’s face it; we all love a good comfy reading spot! Curating the perfect reading nook for your kid will give them enough room to focus on their reading. Get imaginative with these 15 cool ideas and make your kid that lovely reading nook they deserve.