The Best Craft Desk And Table With Storage

Anyone that loves their crafts knows how important it is to have the right space in which to work. You could spend your time working at a dining room table when the house is quiet, pulling various bins and boxes into the room from storage. Or, you can set up an area at home dedicated to crafting where your work area and storage combine in one easy-to-use piece of furniture.

In this guide, I want to show you some of the best craft tables with storage. You can set these up in an office or spare room and begin to build a space purpose-made for making all kinds of beautiful things. These products show that you can get some attractive and functional pieces that make great use of small spaces and make it easier to create your best work. Before we look at those, let’s consider why we might want a craft table with storage, the types on the market right now, and some key considerations for choosing the right model.

Some of the best craft desks with storage available today.

With all of this in consideration, I have selected some products that cover different styles and purposes to help you make the best decision. You might find that some of these aren’t practical enough to handle your storage needs because they are too much of a multi-purpose table. Or, you could find some of the designs a little overbearing. There are some with clever features that sewers and crafters will love and others that are more simplistic. Even if the right product isn’t here, the right style could be. I want to start by looking at a few different models from the same brand. This should offer a nice comparison of features.

The best Crea South Shore craft tables with storage.

Crea is a company that might not jump out straight away on online listings. I can’t say that I love the look of these pieces compared to others further on in this guide. But, there is a diverse selection where you can pick your model basic on a dominant feature. Let’s take a quick look at some of them.

1) Crea Counter-Height Craft Table

The first option for consideration is one of those products that use a modular design for a more interchangeable approach. This leads to a wide variety of storage spaces that you can swap around and enhance as needed for the best configuration. There are deeper bins for rolls of paper and material, enclosed boxes to keep items nice and safe, and even some rails for things like ribbon. I like how neat and compact it all is while still providing such versatility. I’m less of a fan of the uniform white surface as this could get stained with paint. Still, it is scratch-proof laminated particleboard.

2) Crea Craft Table With Hutch

This alternative model comes with a hutch for above-table storage rather than placing all the emphasis on the shelves and bins underneath. This is a brilliant idea if you are keen to find a craft table for sewing where you can display your tools and accessories more easily.

3) Crea Sewing Craft Table On Wheels.

Or, you could try this next option. There isn’t much about this table that is special in terms of the storage, and the work area is about the same as most of the others. The main difference here is that this one has caster wheels. This isn’t a unique feature, and you could argue that the portable model below is better. But, it does still offer an extra practical feature.

5 of the best craft tables from other brands.

1) SD STUDIO DESIGNS 2 Piece Comet Craft Table

I really like this design because of the way it looks. It couldn’t be anywhere other than a craft room with that brightly colored frame and the splatter effect on the grey table and shelves. The star feature of this model is the desktop. While there is another model below with a similar adaptable tabletop, this one is a little bigger and cleaner in its design. You can adjust the angle to 40 degrees, giving you a 23.74 by 36 inch work area at the perfect angle for drawing and painting. It is like having a built-in easel. There isn’t a lot here in terms of storage. You get three drawers to the side that are enclosed and secure enough to throw anything you want inside. There is also a shelf just above the floor, a bit like a printer shelf on computer desks. The bonus feature here is that it comes with a padded stool. No other options in this guide offer the seating as part of the package. The matching design looks great.

2) Hombazaar Home Office Desk

This next option is the one that has the other adaptable desktop. In one way, this could be the superior choice because there is a different angle of 60 degrees. This could turn out to be far more comfortable for your needs. On the other hand, this tilted desktop is just one part of the larger desk, so looks a little weird when in use. There is a recess for user-friendly operation, however. This feature is the best part of the desk as the storage is limited compared to other options. There are two shelves to the side and while they are both deep at 21.7 inches, and have rails for security, they aren’t the designated areas seen in other models. You may have to be a little more selective about what you keep at the desk. Otherwise, it is an attractive model with the decorative metalwork and will suit those looking for a combination craft and office desk.

3) Sew Ready Comet Sewing Table

This next craft table with storage is one that could also double up quite nicely as a craft and office table. It is sold as a sewing table more than anything else because of the adjustable shelf at the front. This section drops down a little from the main work area and is ideal for either a sewing machine or a keyboard. You can then spread out all your other items on the 45.5 inch desktop. There is also a shelf underneath where you can keep different storage bins and boxes of thread, material, or anything else you need. But, that is it for storage. So, this is a product in need of some customization and creativity for the best experience. This could be worth it because of the simplicity of the design, the potential for different applications, and the strength of that heavy-gauge steel frame.

4) Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk

Next, we have something that you will either love or hate as a potential craft table with storage. On the negative side, it is very boring with no special features. You get a nice dark laminate on the MDF and a boxy shape with different squares of shelves across the product. This is great, however, for those that can’t decide between under-desk or above-desk storage as this provides both. There is shelving below the 47 inch desk that you can use as needed as well as ample storage to the side. You can also choose which way you work at the table to determine if this above-desk storage is to your left or your right Each cubby can have its own theme, or you can place boxes and bins here with ease. This will also add more personality and color. This system is nothing if not a blank canvas.

5) CharaHome Folding Sewing Table

Finally, we have something with a bit more interest due to some curious features. The main aim here seems to be to provide crafters with something portable and convenient that is also more than capable of handling various tasks. This is a unit that is nice and compact when folded up and out the way. But, when you unfold it on its hinge, you get a long 47 inch desktop and access to some great little storage solutions. There are more shelves than you might expect and they are easy to access while working, even if some aren’t that deep. These compartments then double as secure storage when the unit is folded back up. The casters on the bottom also mean you can wheel this in and out of the room if you don’t have a 24/7 craft room.

Craft table with storage FAQs.

Why should you get a craft table?

Craft tables are a great idea if you need some dedicated space in your home where you can sit and work on projects without being disturbed. You might have somewhere in the house that you can make do with right now. But, that may also be a shared space that doesn’t quite offer the features or space that you need. A craft table could prove to be a great addition to a spare room, especially if you are keen on improving your skills or increasing your output. Those considering a side venture selling homemade items can also benefit from upgrading that spare room with a range of solutions. A craft table with storage can save on space and add convenience.

Can you get crafting tables for specific crafts?

You can, and you will see this in more detail with some of the models highlighted below. There are companies that focus more on sewing tables or drawing tables. The former may have special storage areas that are perfect for fabric and ribbons, or a shelf that makes it easier to work on a sewing machine. The latter may have an adjustable tabletop that you can angle to make it easier to paint or draw. Then there are craft tables that try and be a bit more multi-purpose and don’t have quite the same specific features.

Can you use a computer desk as a craft table?

It all depends on what you are looking for when choosing the best table for your hobbies. There are some tables that are specifically designed with certain crafts in mind, such as for painting or for sewing. These may have aspects to the design and functionality that you don’t get with a more standard computer desk. However, a computer desk should have a sturdy work area with enough room to move. It should also have some storage. Although, again, the storage may not be as well designed for specific tasks.

What does it mean to have a modular crafting table?

You may see the term modular when searching for different crafting tables with storage solutions online. I have included one of these below. Modular means that there isn’t a fixed configuration to the setup. Many shelving systems and other types of storage are fixed with shelves at specific heights and bins or other features in a set place. Modular design should allow for a little more freedom in setting up the shelving and the placement of items. This could allow for bigger gaps between shelves for certain items or putting features in a more convenient place.

Should you get under-table storage or a hutch?

Under-table storage is the most common approach because we are used to this setup with office desks and other furniture. We can put things out of sight on shelves under the work surface and find items in drawers or shelves to the side. But, this isn’t going to suit everyone and could mean that small items in regular use aren’t as accessible as they could be. A hutch is a good alternative where you can have storage above the desk where everything is a little more visible. Some of the best sewing craft tables with storage have hooks or rails close to eye level for scissors, ribbons, and other necessary tools.

What to look for when choosing the best craft desk with storage.

1) The range of storage solutions.

This has to be the most important consideration when choosing a set-up for various crafts. We all amass so much in the way of materials, tools, and other crafting items that they need to go somewhere. Giant bins and boxes are a start, but it helps to have more than enough shelves, drawers, and other solutions in one area. Take a look at the product listing on any craft table to see how much you get and the dimensions. Then do an inventory of what you have to see if it will all fit.

2) The ease of assembly.

There are two considerations here when it comes to the assembly of the table. The first is in building the thing when it arrives. Is this a difficult flat-pack with foreign instructions or something with a lot of pre-assembled elements? The former can be an issue when it comes to alignments and a sturdy structure. But, you may also get that adaptable modular approach this way. Then there is the factor of setting up the table for your crafting session. Can you get the angled desk in position with ease? Are the folding cabinets awkward to use? Do the caster wheels work well enough?

3) The durability of the surfaces.

This is something that you might not think about at first when choosing a good work area. The size of the desk is important because you need the right amount of space for your sewing machine, sketchpad, tools, materials, and anything else. But, you still need to be sure that the desk will hold up to repeated use. There are lots of these desks that come in white, which isn’t the best color for arts and crafts. Darker blacks and browns don’t show up ink splodge or dirt so well. Ideally, whatever the color, the surface should be tough and scratch-proof.

4) The way it looks.

This is going to be a prominent piece of furniture in your home. So, you may as well make sure that it looks good. You might think that a more basic design is better because it will be hidden under all your equipment and work. But, there are some companies that try and go beyond the blocky shapes and plain white particleboard. Even a little color in the frame or some decorative metalwork can make a difference. This will also help when choosing kids craft desks.

5) The cost.

Finally, don’t forget to consider your budget. This should be a quality item that will prove its worth time and time again. So, you don’t have to go too cheap. Cheaper desks may not have the same secure surfaces or range of storage options. But, you don’t have to spend a fortune either to get something of quality. Be honest in what you want to spend and work to that limit.

Choosing the best craft desk with storage for your room.

As you can see, there is a variety of designs out there with some clever features for storage and easier crafting sessions. You don’t have to stick with a standard computer desk and make do. You can either get a computer desk with additional functionality or something better suited to sewing or painting. Take your time to go through the different styles and features and see what works best for you. It could turn out to be a great addition to a spare room and the right tool to spark further creativity.