Choosing Wood Wicks For Candle Making

Candle making can be quite an addictive hobby once you figure out how to make and set a really good-looking candle. Also, there is sure to be no end to the number of family members and friends that will happily receive them as gifts. A homemade candle, especially a scented candle, is a thoughtful gift that you can play around with and customize as much as you want. Part of that customization can include swapping out the normal wicks with wooden wicks.

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There are packs of wooden wicks available to buy online that should help you diversify your range and create a candle that has a greater impact. But, which pack is right for you and why should you consider switching to wooden wicks in the first place?

6 of the Best Wood Wick Packs for Candle Making

1) Siwuchye Candle Making Wicks

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In this set, you get 100 wooden wicks and the same number of iron anchors for a low price. These wicks are 5.1 inches tall and 0.5 inches thick. There is also the promise that they are completely smokeless, which seems to be the case judging by the reviews. You do, however, get that nice crackling effect that we are after. I like this option as a simple budget approach for large batches of natural candles.

A word of warning about these wooden wicks, however, is that some users have had trouble getting them to stay lit. This is easily rectified by soaking and then drying the wicks in olive oil. It is a small extra chore for a better result.

2) YoungRich 50 PCS Wood Candle Wicks with Iron Stand

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This next set is very similar in that the wooden sticks are the same dimensions. This means that you can create the same size of candles or trim this down as needed. Again, there is a great result when the wicks are soaked in oil and they produce a nice sound and flame without any risk of smoke or bad odor.

The downside here is that you don’t get as many pieces as you with the set above. This set comes with 50 wicks and 50 and wick pedestals. I think that the previous option has greater value for money because you double as much wood and iron for a similar price. That means you can make larger batches or try those triple-wick candles with the other set.

3) Pengxiaomei 50 Set Natural Candle Wicks

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What I like the most about this set is that it is made from Balsam wood. Balsam is a great scent that is perfect for scented candles when added as an essential oil. Therefore, it makes sense to add a balsam wick like this to the candle to finish the effect. This quality wood is dark, effective, and produces no smoke. Again, you get 50 pieces that are 5.1 inches long and enough iron stands to go with them.

A common criticism here, however, is that there isn’t as much sound as some had hoped for. To be fair, a lot of people are comparing this to the high-end Woodwick candles, which are sure to have thicker wicks of better quality. There are recommendations here to double up on the wicks to get the sound that you want. Doing so doesn’t appear to have any negative impact on the burn rate of the candle.

4) OBANGONG 100 Pcs Wood Candle Wicks Smokeless Natural Wood Wick with Iron Stand

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This is the ultimate budget set of wooden wicks for candles because you get so much in one pack. There are 100 wooden wicks with iron stands to keep them in place. They are also highly affordable to ensure that newcomers get to experiment with lots of different scents, or various types of wax, without worrying too much about their costs. Again the wood is just over 5 inches tall and smokeless.

However, I have to point out a couple of issues that could be off-putting here. The first is that there is a warning to dry out the wicks in the sun before use. This is in case they got damp in storage. The other is that a lot of people say that they are too thin and flimsy for their needs, despite being the standard thickness for that sort of product.

5) Simoda 100 PCS Wood Candle Wicks with Iron Stand Candle Cores

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One thing that I find interesting about this set is that there is a focus on the idea of environmentally-friendly candle making. This is probably true for a lot of the products here. But, there are bigger claims about the sustainable wood, the lack of any chemical treatments, and the chance to use these for natural wax candles. The wicks are the same size and thickness and you get 100 of them to play with, all with accompanying iron bases.

The user reviews are more favorable here, with a lot of people happy with the burn and effect of the wood. However, there are similar comments as above about doubling up the wicks for a better sound.

6) Yatuela DIY Candle Making Set with Wood Wicks

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For the last product in this guide, I want to talk about something a little different. A lot of the packs above are very similar and only allow for a small number of goods and value for candle maker. This one is a much bigger set of items for those that want to get started. There are 100 standard wicks, but also 20 wood ones for a different effect. You also get the 600ml pouring pot, metal holders, aluminum molds, and a stirring spoon. It is a lot for a low price!

Unfortunately, there are similar comments about the performance and thickness of the wooden wicks, which suggests that they came from a similar source. They are also more of an afterthought here compared to the other features. Therefore, this is a good starter set but not perfect for those dedicated to wood wick candles alone.

Why Choose Wood Wicks for Candle Making?

Wood wicks have become a popular choice with those that enjoy burning scented candles because they have the potential to create a more sensory experience. Wood wicks can crackle and offer a nicer burn than some other materials and this is more pleasing on the eyes and ears. It is fun to sit and watch the flames flicker for a meditative break or to close your eyes and listen to the sound, a bit like the crackling of a fireplace.

Are Wood Wicks a Healthier and More Environmentally-friendly Choice?

They can be when the materials are sourced from the best possible suppliers and there are no hidden issues. One of the biggest issues with scented candles is the use of lead in wicks to anchor them and add stability. Lead is a very dangerous material and it is much safer to burn a natural, sustainable piece of wood instead. Ideally, that piece of wood will be untreated with no other potential carcinogens or other toxic components to worry about.

However, I also want to point out some other health and environmental considerations here. It is important to remember that for a homemade scented candle to be completely safe and natural, you need to consider everything else in your ingredients list. I have seen people in the past talking about the quality of their soy wax candles and forgetting about the synthetic fragrances and dyes they used to make them prettier. If you are keen to make a fully natural and safe wood wick candle, go the whole way.

Why do Some Wood Wick Candles have 3 wicks? Should I do the Same?

You will find that that there are candles from the woodwick brand that have three wooden wicks within a large product. These items sell well, which leads to the question of whether you should follow suit and do the same. There are pros and cons to this. On the plus side, you can enhance the properties of the candle mentioned above. The extra wicks mean a brighter set of flickering flames and a more intense sound. Users can essentially adapt the intensity of the candle by choosing how many wicks to burn. The downside is that adding three times as many wicks per candle isn’t cost-effective when creating candles for a small business.

What Should you Look Out for When Choosing the Best Wood Wicks for Candle Making?

1) How many wicks do you get in the pack?

Quantity is important here, especially if you are looking to create a wide range of candles for a small business venture. Making large batches of wax for scented candles allows for consistency in the products. But, you need to be sure you have enough wicks for the job. Also, if you do want to go for that triple wicked candle, you need to factor that into the equation.

2) How long are the wicks?

The length of the wicks is also important here. Some companies could try and short-change consumers by providing shorter pieces to cut costs. This can have a bearing on the size of the candle you create. It is better to have something too long that you can trim down than something that is too short for your needs. Check the dimensions on the product listing. This also means checking the width. Some of these products aren’t that thick and this can affect the durability and burn time.

3) Do you get enough anchors and what are they made from?

These wooden wicks need anchors if they are to stand upright in the center of the candle. Otherwise, the candle won’t burn as effectively. The best packs will provide enough metal anchors for the wooden wicks to add to that idea of consistency and quality. Check the specification to see what the anchors are made from. A simple iron support is fine. There shouldn’t be anything with lead or other materials that could leech toxins when in contact with the candle.

4) Are the wicks reliable enough to burn properly?

Performance is also important here. It is no good having a wick that is the ideal length with the perfect anchor if it doesn’t burn properly or breaks. You want your recipients to get plenty of value out of the candle where they can light the wick again and again until all the wax is gone. Therefore, it helps to check consumer reviews of the top products to see what users have to say. If there are lots of comments about it burning too fast or being difficult to light, you may need to look elsewhere.

5) Is there any risk of smoke, odor, or other issues when burning these wicks?

Finally, you can also check those user testimonials for comments about the smoke or odor that comes from the candle. A little candle smoke when the flame is blown out is fine, but you don’t want any when the candle is burning. Also, the wood shouldn’t have any sort of treatment that leads to an odor that detracts from the scent of the candle.

Finding the Right Wood Wicks for Candle Making

In short, there is not a lot between these products because of similarities and basic functions. It is important to read user reviews carefully to see if there are any issues with the construction or the performance of the wick. From there you can choose a pack that suits your needs regarding the material, length, and quantity of wicks needed for your project.

A final note I need to make here, if you are going to use these wooden wicks for candles and sell them online, is to be careful with the name. While they are wooden wick candles, they aren’t “Woodwick” candles. Aside from that, there should be nothing stopping you from making some beautiful sensory candles for loved ones with these wooden wick packs. Have fun with it and see how these wicks can enhance your products. Check out our candle making ideas and candle making kits pages for further ideas!