Tree Stump Fairy House Ideas To Give Fairy Friends A Home

Are there fairies living at the bottom of your garden? Your children may believe there are, and can you be completely sure that they are wrong? Just in case there is even the smallest chance that there are small fairies, pixies, gnomes, or other creatures trying to live their best life in your garden, you should provide a great place for them to live.

This guide is designed to help you open literal doors into this world of fairy gardens and tree stump houses. There are some great products and projects that you can take part in with your kids to make a garden more fairy friendly. Some are simple kits for transforming pre-existing tree stumps, while others are a little more creative and unusual. Among these, there should be one or two that captures the imagination.

How To Create a Fairy House in Your Garden

There are different options available when it comes to attracting fairies into the garden and giving them somewhere nice to stay. One of the most popular options is to get a tree stump kit to transform a trunk into a house with windows and a door. Alternatively, you could find a kit for a full house that kids can paint and decorate as an ornamental feature and toy. Finally, some kits double as miniature gardens where fairies can live and grow their own food.

Turning Your Tree Stump into a Home for a Fairy

One of the best things that you can do is help fairies find the best possible home and create a beautiful tree stump fairy house for them. There are lots of tree stump fairy house kits around that provide a series of features to fix onto an old stump or the bottom of a beloved tree. This not only gives the fairies better habitation but makes forgotten stumps a lot more attractive.

There are lots of kits out there where designers create different features, usually from resin, and paint them up with fun designs and details. Take your time to find the design that is the most appealing, but also a set that is easy to fix to the tree. Some products come with hardware for mounting and others don’t. Whichever you go for, look out for two important features. They are:

a) A good entranceway into the stump that the fairies can use with ease

b) Windows that help them watch out over the garden and enjoy the view

Creating An Entrance to Another World

Finding a set with a good door is the easy part. There are lots of products with detailed and attractive designs to lead fairies into a cozy home. However, some designs are a little more special.

I especially like this Dew Drop Inn Fairy Decoration set because of the alternative tavern theme. This isn’t so much a home for fairies as a place where all the creatures of the garden can come together and feel safe. The design of the door is big, colorful, and welcoming, and enhanced by the sign with the name of the inn. The three pathway stones are also a nice touch.

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Adding Windows to Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

The next step is to add some windows to the stump to provide that extra link between the two worlds. Again, pretty much all sets will have a pair of windows to fit above the door. However, I recommend something that glows in the dark for a magical touch.

This Fairy Home Miniature Window and Door does just that. The two windows in the set have a phosphorescence coating on them to attract light and allow for a soft glow in the evenings. Kids can sneak out or watch from the bedroom window to see the fairies turn the lights on in their homes. The design here is very cute and it should be easy to set up.

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Creative Roots Imaginative Kits for Children

These kits with pre-made features for tree stump fairy houses are great for a simple way to transform a tree. You can also be sure of quality designs and weatherproofing for the different elements. But, the process isn’t that creative. Kids that love arts and crafts projects may prefer to build or paint something themselves.

This is where a brand like Creative Roots comes in. This company is great for kids that love to get creative and have good imaginations and tend to provide everything you need to get started. There are lots of projects relating to fantasy worlds and three very different options for fairies. They are a tree stump door, a full DIY kit for a fairy house, and a fairy garden.

Paint Your Own Fairy Home Door

Painting your own fairy door for a tree stump is a great idea if the idea of buying one feels restrictive. Parents that have skills with clay or woodworking may be able to make a plain model that will fit at the base of a tree. If not, there are kits that you can get so kids can paint their own fairy door and feel more involved with the process.

Creative Roots has a fun Paint Your Own Fairy Door product that is sure to be a hit with lots of kids. You get a plain door and a set of 6 pots of basic craft paint. A lot of kids and parents will work to recreate the pattern on the box using the specific colors provided. But you can always get creative and mix the paint together. The set also comes with a brush that is broad enough for thicker areas but not ideal for detail work. Get hold of a second thinner brush and consider some varnish to protect the finished door.

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Paint Your Own Fairy House

If painting a door for a tree stump isn’t creative enough, you might want to consider building a full home for fairies that can sit out in the garden. Again, the basis of the model of the house will depend on if you want to buy a kit or make something yourself. You could find a wooden kit for a miniature home that you can then decorate to make it more suitable for fairies. Or you can find something designed with fairies in mind.

Sticking with Creative Roots, because of their brilliant range of products, you can also try their Light Up Fairy House. There are lots of fun elements to this kit. There is a resin house, a couple of figurines in the form of a fairy and bunny, and even some lights so illuminate the house at night. While the house is sold as a potential night light for a bedroom, it could become a garden piece with the right protection. As with the door, you get 6 pots of paint to play with the decoration and a basic paintbrush.


Creating a Fairy Garden Beside Your Tree Stump

Finally, there is the option of creating a little miniature garden and home for fairies beside your tree for a more interactive and interesting experience. Kits such as this are a great way to get young kids interested in growing plants from seed and learning about how things grow. The fairy story makes this more like playtime than a chore helping parents in the vegetable patch. The right fairy home garden kit should have a nice range of features and enough practical elements to actually work.

While Creative Roots does have a version of its own, I wanted to highlight The My Fairy Garden Nature Cottage Grow & Play Set instead. The idea here is that a little fairy called Isla has just moved into the little flowerpot home and essentially is looking to be self-sufficient like all good fairies. The home has a few interactive features for play, but the main focus is the garden. You get the soil and seeds to get started so kids can learn to grow some basic crops. There are also lessons about watercourses as the water runs down into a stream. The additional bug hotel on the top is a nice touch.

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Make Your Garden Habitable for Fairies with the Best Tree Stump Fairy House Projects

There is a lot of charm in the tree stump fairy house kits – especially when you find a set with detail and glowing windows. But this won’t be creative enough for all kids. That is where those alternative “paint your own” sets are so helpful. Also, don’t overlook the gardens for kids with greener fingers. Try and find the right balance where you have a fun project with creative expression but also a practical garden feature that could theoretically house a real fairy.

This may all seem silly when you get started. But you will soon find yourself caught up in the magic of the fairies and their homes. Take a look at your options and you may find yourself creating quite an impressive residence for your little neighbors.