Crafty Fringe Crochet Pattern Ideas

Fringe Crochet Pattern Ideas

Fringes are basically aesthetic workarounds that oftentimes, attempt to find a way out of the difficult parts of crocheting, like the edges. This isn’t to say, however, that they’re mere “hacks” that should be avoided by more experienced crocheters. In fact, this list shows you interesting (some classic, some new) fringe crochet pattern ideas you could try.

My Top 20 Fringe Crochet Pattern

Flower Scarf – Reminiscent of the well-loved dreamcatcher, this scarf is adorned with crochet flowers that look like small, pretty dream catchers. The fringes on the edges work rather well with this dreamcatcher aesthetic.

Fringe Crochet Pattern Wall – Fringes are beautiful aesthetic hacks that let you create masterpieces with the right balance of symmetry and asymmetry. Now you can showcase this by hanging it on your wall!

Bruges Lace Scarf with Corkscrew Fringe – This nautical scarf is perfect if you wish to learn how to crochet the basic Bruges Lace tape.

Bright Summer Poncho – For the bold, this bright summer poncho looks absolutely gorgeous with its bright set of colors and tassel fringes at the bottom.

Ombré Canyon Poncho – Perfect for trips to the beach, a stroll down a street, or nights out, this poncho exudes sophistication while keeping it breezy and comfy even under warm weather.

Seascape Scarf – Looking for a fabulous beginner project? This sea-inspired scarf with fringe crochet pattern is relatively simple, yet comes with details that make it look absolutely stunning.

Brush Rose Crochet Scarf – This scarf comes with a quick and easy pattern – perfect for beginners looking to add a touch of pink to their wardrobes without going overboard.

Loop de Loop Art Deco Scarf – With a unique take on fringes and the broomstick crochet, this scarf’s one-of-a-kind design is sure to be a head-turner.

Easy Crochet Spring Infinity Scarf – This scarf is perfect for warmer seasons with its openwork design and beautiful fringe crochet pattern.

Crochet and Weave Granny Cowl with Fringes – Need a fabulous cowl with fringes at the bottom? This cowl works with granny squares, so if you’re looking to push your crocheting skills to the next level, try this project out.

Coral Fringe Triangular Shawl – Cool enough for spring and warm enough for winter, this open stitch shawl is one of the most stylish and versatile shawls you’ll ever make.

Afghan with a Touch of the South West – This southwest-inspired afghan uses fringes as a pretty (and sneaky) way to avoid having to weave the ends of multicolor blankets.

Easy Afghan – With a half double crochet stitch, the author of this pattern calls it the “World’s Easiest Crocheted Afghan.” With simplicity at its core, this afghan is best for beginners.

Granny Squares with Fringes – This project is rather simple, since granny squares are great beginner projects, but with a twist: fringes at the bottom of the wall hanging!

Isotherm Fringe – This premium bralette design, while it is a paid pattern, is scorching hot and absolutely fabulous – only to be worn by the brave and the bold.

Funky Fringe Pillow – Need a funky accent pillow? This fringe pillow has a balanced mix of spunk and laid-back vibes – perfect for the living room or bedroom.

The Millipede Scarf – Bored of your usual scarfs? This millipede scarf is comfortable and eye-catching because of its unique design. The best part is that even though you need to buy this pattern, it is beginner and budget-friendly.

Cabled Throw Pillow – This irresistible throw pillow is both simple and elegant – perfect for any modern bedroom or living room.

Diamond Berry Stitch Blanket – This sweet, diamond pattern blanket with berry stitches is a fun project for those who love the more subtle diamond pattern crochets.

Textured Jute Rug – This charmingly rustic textured jute rug is perfect as a front door rug or even a runner for your kitchen.

On The Fringes of Art

As you can see, fringes aren’t something to shy away from if you’re a little bit more experienced; with new techniques and “hacks” come new interesting ways to make crocheting and art, in general, much more unique and personalized. The fringe crochet pattern is a testament to the ingenuity of crocheters, and now you can stand on their shoulders and enjoy the crafty fringe crochet patterns out there and in this article. Happy Crocheting! #justcraftingaround

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