13 Nugget Couch Ideas

Nugget couches are great for kids’ rooms. You can sit on them, take a nap, sleep, play, and turn them into anything that comes to mind. They also come in so many hues and shades and will not make your wallet weep too much. Perfect, right?

That’s why today we’re looking into 13 nugget couch ideas, including a few ways to use them if you’re older than 10. Let’s go!

1. Ultimate Playroom



Tell me that your kid would not love to have a playroom like this one if you dare.

If you have space for a dedicated playroom, a setup like this one allows you to go all the way without having to call pros to make something for you. And if your offspring gets bored with it, it’s super easy to come up with another design. Monster Ball for Halloween, Santa’s sleigh for Christmas, just like these pictures.

2. Ball Pit

nuggets 2


Ball. Pit. No further comment is needed! Maybe make a plan first on what to do with those 1300 balls once it’s time to move to another idea.

3. Giant Toy

nuggets 3


I don’t know what this is, but I like it. If I get it, it’s what happened after this Instagram mom’s kids started playing with nuggets.

Simply leave your children to play with them, just like Lego. Stick around to provide muscle when needed, otherwise allow their imagination to run wild.

4. Sleepover Time

nuggets 4


Can you believe that everything, but the main bed are nugget couches?

If you have space to host sleepovers, check out this idea. The gallery is the best part and chances are that your kid will not want to use their regular bed anymore. The slide is optional but highly advisable.

5. The Cat Castle

nuggets 5


Here’s something simple but in no way ordinary. And the poster calls it a simple build after a long day of work!

This image shows how it’s easy to use a small number of pieces to create something magical and fun for your children.

6. The Classroom



This one is not as much answering how but where to use a nugget couch. In this kindergarten, they’ve added it to their library corner. Nuggets also make a great idea for a reading nook too.

If you work with kids, they make for a better investment than any other type of children’s furniture. Even if they are not used for play often, just the fact that they are there means that you are ready to go and build something awesome.

7. Lapland Express

nuggets 7


When you don’t want to host anyone for Christmas, take out the table from the dining room and recreate a Winter Wonderland. No worries, you have nugget couches to help you in this endeavor.

All joking aside, this is a great example of how you can use these guys to take your holiday decorating game to the next level.

8. Pet Furniture

nuggets 8




nuggets 10


Stuff designed for pets doesn’t always fit into regular room decor. And if it does, it usually costs a fortune.

If your kid outgrows one or if you’re looking for something nice for your fur baby, try using a nugget couch to make pet furniture. You can use it for anything from making doggie beds to obstacle courses, to complex structures that your cat will love to ignore.

9. A Posh Playroom

nuggets 11


When I saw this image for the first time, I thought it must belong to a girl in her 20s. Then I saw the kitchen playset.

In no way am I saying that you are not allowed to play with one of those when you grow up, but you are probably trying to not burn things in a regular oven, right?

Simple lines of a nugget couch work anywhere, and if you pick the right color, it can look very luxurious and posh. So, when you are decorating your kid’s room, you don’t have to think only about brights or pastels. Even if you go for a more subdued palette and design, they can still have fun with this piece of furniture.

10. A Small Space Solution

nuggets 12


Whether the space is at a premium or the playroom is spilling into every other room in the house, a nugget couch may help.

Most of the time it can play a role of a regular couch or chair. Get in the mood to play, pull it apart, and let the chaos begin. Of course, the type of chaos that is easy to clean up after.

The key is to pick one of the colors that work with the rest of your decor. And if the kids don’t like it, there are always covers with more vibrant colors and patterns.

11. Nugget Bed

nuggets 13


We covered kids’ sleepovers, but what shall we do with the adults? Yes, you can put nuggets together for a proper bed as well.

12. A Hidden Gem

nuggets 14


I can imagine this idea working for anyone no matter if they have kids at home, or they are uncles and aunties who have kids visit the from time to time.

In this picture, nuggets are performing ottoman and table duty. Not only that, they work as decor accents as well. Considering that you can get (or make) covers in different colors and designs, that means that you can change those accents to suit the season, trends, or your mood. And all in a matter of minutes. Not many other pieces of furniture can do the same.

13. Sweet Nugget, All Grown Up

nuggets 15


nuggets 16


nuggets 17


In the end a nugget is a couch (or a chair). Just because there are no kids to play with it, doesn’t mean that it stops becoming a versatile piece of furniture. These photos show it in more adult palettes and contemporary decor trends.

And hey, you can still enjoy building a fort from time to time, no matter if you are 7 or 70!

Time to Play!

There were some great ideas. Hopefully you found a fun idea to try or something that inspired you. Also, don’t forget to check out our cover photo (on the homepage) of our camping set up with our nuggets. It’s a fun and easy way to set up the nuggets as tents with chairs. We even added a fake fire pit for increased imagination. Most importantly, whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun with your nuggets!