DIY Upside Down Christmas Tree Ideas to Try

Upside down Christmas trees have been around for quite some time in Central and Eastern Europe, but today it’s becoming quite popular with other countries as well because of the unique, modern, and space-saving nature of these beautiful upside down Christmas trees. Here are some of the ways you can make your very own DIY upside down Christmas tree.

20 Exciting DIY Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside-down Christmas tree

1. Twig Christmas Tree

This doesn’t really have a step-by-step guide, but the simplicity of the twig DIY upside down Christmas tree doesn’t really need a full scale tutorial for you to follow; you only need a bit of woodworking skills and a bunch of twigs! Check it out @ The Spruce.

DIY Upside Down Fresh Pine Christmas Tree

2. DIY Upside Down Pine Tree

First things first, if you want a real pine tree hung upside down, you’ll want to follow the steps @ patch. This requires quite a bit of woodwork, but if you really want a real tree, this tutorial is for you. In her tutorial she talks about how she uses the tree trunk for alternate ideas she has done too. I love how she upcycles as well and uses an old wire hanger to attach the tree trunk pieces.

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3. Barren Tree

This is one of the most unique and rustic DIY upside down Christmas trees ever, and you only need a barren tree (that’s right, no needle-based mess!) adorned with different ornaments. This barren rustic tree is perfect for homes that have predominantly white and brown colors and prefer not to have too much greens and reds. Such a modern look!

aid6992898 v4 728px Hang a Christmas Tree Upside Down Step 8.jpg

4. DIY Upside Down Artificial Tree

If an artificial tree is alright with you, then this makes things much easier, as you won’t have to go around fiddling with pine trees. Artificial trees are much easier to modify and maintain, and will still look absolutely gorgeous hung upside down. Check out how @ Wikihow.


5. Portal Christmas Tree

This, perhaps, is one of the coolest things you can do with a Christmas tree. This’ll surely be an epic conversation starter and a perfect centerpiece in your living room or bedroom. Check out the guide @ instructables.


6. Superman Tree

This superman tree is perfect for superhero lovers! After hanging the tree upside down you can add superman at the bottom of the tree, making it look like superman is holding the Christmas tree and preventing it from falling to its doom! The tree, on the other hand, is uniquely garnished with ornaments, jingle bells and fake wrapped gifts.

Summer Upside Down Christmas Tree Decorations SmartFunDIY 950x1024 1

7. Rainbow Ice Cream Tree

There’s something about these rainbow colors that is so appealing! This would be a fun tree to do with kids–with it’s bright colors and ice cream theme, it’ll surely to be a hit! I love how this one is attached to the ground and not the ceiling.

To complete you’ll need 7′ Christmas tree, color glaze glass ornament set, a pom pom marker, tan felt, colorful drinking straws, pipe cleaners, scissors, glue gun, ornament hooks, wire cutters, and pliers. Check out how @ Smart Fun DIY

Upside Down Christmas tree installation 2013

8. Upside Down Tutorial with Full Installation

In this YouTube video you can see from start to finish how to create an artificial upside down Christmas tree. In this design it’s attached to the ceiling so, this might not be the design for everyone. BUT it looks great once completed!

5 New Christmas Tree Book Upside Down Tree

9. Mistletoe Tree

Surprise your guests with a small upside down Christmas tree instead of a mistletoe! The designs on this tree look absolutely marvelous, and it feels almost like modern art. Check out the guide @ House and Home.


10. Elf Stuck in Christmas Tree

A rather comical take on a well-loved classic, this elf stuck in a tree. This design looks great and is a fun way to decorate for Christmas a little differently this year! I like how you’ll also have extra space with this design. There are no instructions or listed material needed to complete with this design but, with a little creativity you could recreate this yourself!

UPSIDE DOWN Christmas Tree.. DIY!! (Kind of Simple)

11. White Artificial Pre-lit Upside Down Christmas Tree

Robbie makes installing this upside down Christmas tree look easy! Plus, he completes it in no time and without drilling into the ceiling! In the end it looks great and is definitely a space saver for those small to fit areas in your home.

DIY Christmas Ball Chandelier | Christmas Decorations

12. DIY Christmas Chandelier

I know this isn’t a “Christmas tree” but, it does look very similar to an upside down Christmas tree. What a unique design and you could go the glitter route as they did here, or could adjust the theme and colors as you desire.

Decorating an Upside Down/Aussie Christmas Tree

13. Aussie Christmas Tree Upside Down

This is by far one of the easiest upside down Christmas tree designs that I’ve seen. I love how it doesn’t hang from the ceiling and can be completed with little modifications to your current artificial Christmas tree.

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14. Small Upside Down Christmas Tree

Check out how Backyard Boss breaks down the history, meaning, and gives ideas on how to easily design your own DIY upside down Christmas tree.

How To Hang A Christmas Tree Upside Down! Super Easy

15. Upside Down Christmas Tree Hanging from Light Fixture

What a great idea to hang an upside down Christmas tree from an already existing mount on your ceiling. Plus, with this design they show you how to integrate the Christmas tree lights into the light fixture wiring; this way you can turn your upside down Christmas tree on and off with the use of the light switch-Brilliant!!

Christmas tree upside down

16. Christmas Tree Upside Down

Get some screws and your screw driver ready in order to complete this design. This design is nothing but secure and if you’ve got children or a pet around you won’t need to worry about the safety of your upside down tree coming loose.

Mount your Christmas Tree from the ceiling

17. Mount your Christmas Tree Upside Down

What a nice looking design. I like how Mike makes a Christmas tree skirt on his upside down Christmas tree. You can see in his final product that there’s plenty of extra space when you utilize an upside down tree. As Mike fits this Christmas tree into his dinning room.

Merry Upside Down Christmas '13

18. DIY Upside Down Christmas Tree

A simple looking Christmas tree with a nice and bright red tree shirt. Watch how Graham creates his own upside down Christmas tree.


19. Upside Down Christmas Tree Family Style

I love how the whole family is getting involved in creating this upside down Christmas tree. The location in their home of this Christmas tree is really neat too. And, this is the first time I’ve seen a tree topper added to an upside down Christmas tree–so neat!

Easy DIY Inverted Christmas Tree Chandelier

20. Easy DIY Upside Down Christmas Tree

This isn’t a full size tree but it makes up for it with it’s snow effected charm. Also, I like how the ornaments are hanging with ribbon.

More DIY Upside Down Christmas Tree Ideas to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

  • First, you’ll need something to stand your tree on. This can be anything from a large vase or planter to a bucket or even a trash can!
  • If you’re looking for a simple and chic upside down Christmas tree, all you need is a wine bottle! Just cut the bottom off of the bottle, insert the tree branches, and voila – you have an instant upside down Christmas tree!
  • Another easy way to create an upside down Christmas tree is by using PVC pipe. All you need is a piece of PVC pipe that’s at least six feet long, and then you can use it as your “tree stand”. Cut four slits in the top of the pipe about two inches apart, and then insert your tree branches. Once the branches are in, you can then add any decorations that you want!
  • If you want to get a little bit more creative with your upside down Christmas tree, you can try using mason jars! Simply screw the lids of four mason jars into the bottom of a wooden board, and then fill each jar with water. Add some fresh greenery or flowers to each jar, and then place your board on top of a table or shelf. Voila – instant upside down Christmas tree!

Shake Things Up This Christmas!

Now that you’ve seen what you can do with DIY upside down Christmas tree crafts, it’s time to make your own! Add your own personal touch to your upside down Christmas tree and see where your imagination takes you! Don’t forget to post a picture of your latest creation in the comments section! Happy crafting!