20 Fun DIY Slide Ideas – How To Build A Slide

If your kids are keen on having their own slide at home but, you are worried about the cost, you can always look into building your own. YouTube is a treasure trove of videos and tutorials on the subject. There are lots of different types of slides in this guide, from simple indoor builds to complex outdoor constructions and some fun water slides. Have fun checking out this videos and seeing how the creator build personalized and fun creations that wow their kids.

1) Box Slide Sled Down Stairs

Let’s start this list off with the most simplistic of indoor projects. If you aren’t confident in building something until your kids get a taste for sliding down the stairs, just do what this father did with an old Amazon box, painters tape, plastic lid, and couch cushions. Yes, he seems to be getting the most fun, but it’s such a quick starting point and easy to copy.

2) How to Build A Cardboard Slide

DIY | How to Build a Cardboard Slide - How To Make a Big Cardboard House for Kids | Papa & Baby MV

Again, we are at the most simplistic end of the scale with indoor builds. This isn’t going to last that long. But, it is the sort of thing that you can copy and build in a day. The planning and creation should also help you build confidence for some of the more complex wooden options below.

3) How To Make Baby Slides At Home

How to make baby slides at home

This one is basically a reinforced version of some of the other toddler slides, just with thicker cardboard and strong support underneath. This is another one that you can adapt to suit different needs and decorate if you want to. There isn’t too much instruction here, but it is a good additional video alongside other tutorials for further explanation.

4) How to Make DIY Kids Slide

How to make diy Kids Slide

This one is cute because the slide has been adapted and papered to make it more attractive for the kids. There are some great visual guides and written instructions on putting together the alternative materials. You just might need to mute the video for the best experience. There isn’t anything else quite like this on YouTube, which showcases the imagination of the creator.

5) DIY Indoor Stair Slide

DIY Indoor Stair Slide

Continuing with the indoor theme, we have something that is a step up from the first guide. Ignore the fact that this is filmed vertically on an iPhone, this is a nice little amateur video about making an indoor slide. It is endearing because it is so simple and gives the impression that anyone can give this a go with the right materials. It is also great information on measuring your stairs.

6) Building A Wooden Toddler Slide

Building a wooden toddler slide

This is another step up in quality with a nice little tutorial on a wooden slide for toddlers. The plan is sweet and ideal for smaller kids. This is thanks to the shallow angle on the slide and the simple steps at the side. It is the sort of plan where it should be strong, adaptable, and easy to decorate for personalization. With treatment, it may also go outside.

7) Making a DIY slide in my garden

Making a DIY Slide for Kids in My Back Garden

Heading outside now, this is a great little project for any parent that wants a simple slide on a set of stairs on decking. This is ideal if you don’t want to make a full free-standing slide, or aren’t confident enough yet to try that out. The timelapse video guidance is very helpful to show the skeleton and shaping the sheet metal. The finished metal slide is cute and a great shortcut between different levels in a garden.

8) How To Make A Kid’s Slide

How to make a kids slide

The cute kid using the slide in the intro is the best endorsement here because she seems to love it. It’s a simple pine and MDF construction that is basic and age-appropriate. There are some great plans on here to pause on too.

9) How to Build a Rolling Pipe Slide

How to Build a Rolling Pipe Slide

You might be familiar with rolling pipe slides if you have taken your kids to some attractions with playgrounds. The idea of this slide is that there is a series of rollers inserted into the wooden frame that guides kids down, rather than the smooth metal or plastic tube. This video guides you through the whole process.

10) Building a Playset

Building A Play Set!

Now we are moving onto some of the more complex builds and tutorials for those with an itch to make something more interesting. Ignoring the bad jump cuts, this is a great visual guide on crafting a professional-level playset with a climbing frame and slide. You are going to need some high-end machinery but it is worth the effort!

11) ) Build The Most fun Play Set

BUILD THE MOST FUN PLAY SET with a climbing wall and slide | DIY playground| FREE PLANS

This video guide is impressive in regard to the complexity of the final piece of play equipment. If you have been successful with some of the smaller ideas, your kids may love the idea of this set. There is a pre-bought slide and then instructions on making the frame, ladder, and a multi-colored climbing wall. It’s the most challenging, but highly rewarding. The host is also endearing as it’s nice to see mothers making these as well as fathers.

12 ) How to Make: DIY Slide with sides

How To Make: DIY Slide with Sides

If you do decide to go for a free-standing slide in your garden, there are lots of professional-level projects that you can work from. This one is quite complex as it involves a lot of metalwork and some extra pairs of hands. However, confident builders can create something strong, fun, and long-lasting. Also, check out more content from Playground Ideas and their great community projects.

13) How to Make: DIY Big Tile Slide

How To Make: DIY Big Tile Slide

This is from the same charity as the slide above and, therefore, a big project. But, it offers an interesting alternative project with a permanent brick construction and a wide surface for the tide slide. It is more simple than it looks and a great way to improve a communal playground in your area.

14) DIY Backyard Playground Out Of Lumber

DIY Backyard Playground out of lumber

If this all seems a bit too professional and intimidating because of the amount of work and pairs of hands needed, this video could be more up your street. This is one dad, his kids, and a lot of lumber. This is another large outdoor project with a lot of construction and timber. So, if you have the confidence to make it work, this could be a great long-lasting addition to your garden. It is also a good warning on knowing where to dig and safe practice.

15) Cool Slide From Pallets


On the subject of lumbar, this is a quirky little project that is worth a watch. This one is a lot of fun if you have the space to build this sort of slide on your land. The downside is the number of pallets needed, so it isn’t that accessible. But, it could still provide inspiration because of the scale and the simplicity of using one single material. Even if you don’t build this exact slide, you might get a eureka moment about an alternative solution.

16) How to Make The Ultimate DIY Slip n Slide


Finally, we have a series of water-themed slides. This appears to be a tutorial clipped to YouTube from a TV show, so the production value is pretty good. Whether this is “ultimate” is subjective, but there are certainly plenty of colorful noodles for safety. It also shows how to add a soaker hose, arches, and adapter for added water and adaptability.

17) DIY Backyard Water Slide

Homemade Waterslide

This water slide looks like a lot of fun especially, if you plan to have the water slide up for a longer period of time then a slip and slide. As you watch this guide you’ll notice there’s great visual demonstration with little explanation. It looks complex, but it’s really more of a supplies and time commitment.

18) Homemade Water Slide for $200

While this video doesn’t give much indication of the building of the actual slide and frame, it is more useful than these kids may have realized. It gives great tips for setting up hoses on a more substantial slide for fast-paced action. Just make sure to have a better pool at the other end.

19) Giant Slip And Slide

GIANT Slip And Slide DIY Summer fun at Home

This is an impressive large-scale slip and slide that is easy for any parent to put together. There is a really nice checklist at the beginning to get you started and a lot of hacks for those that don’t want to spend a fortune. This is also the sort of slide you can adapt to different sizes and spaces.

20) How To Make A Giant 100ft Slip N Slide

How to Make a Giant (100ft) Slip N Slide | I Like To Make Stuff

Last, but certainly not least, we have a great video from an accomplished YouTuber rather than a DIY master. But, this is a massive slide with a hopper for foam, which makes it great fun for kids of all ages. There are some surprisingly practical tips in here too.

How to Make a DIY Slide for a Bunk Bed

Do you have a bunk bed in your home? Do your kids love to play on it? If so, you may be interested in building them a DIY slide for their bunk bed. This is a fun project that can be completed in just a few hours, and it will keep the kids entertained for hours on end! We will show you how to make a DIY slide for a bunk bed.

To get started, you will need the following materials:

  • A piece of plywood (we used a ½” thick sheet) (Make sure they’re somewhat smooth on the surface)
  • A saw (we used a jigsaw)
  • Paint or other decorations (optional)

First, use the saw to cut the plywood into a rectangle. The size of the rectangle will depend on the size of your bunk bed and how big you want the slide to be. Once you have cut the plywood, it is time to paint or decorate it however you like. We chose to paint ours with chalkboard paint so that the kids could draw on it with chalk. You can also add stickers, decals, or anything else you can think of!

Once the paint or decorations are dry, it is time to assemble the slide. This is a very easy process – all you have to do is drill a few holes in each end of the plywood and then use screws or nails to attach the sides of the slide to the plywood. Make sure that the slide is sturdy before letting your kids play on it!

That’s all there is to it – now you have a DIY slide for your bunk bed! Your kids will love playing on this fun addition to their bedroom. Have fun!

How to Make a Pool Slide: DIY

Making your own pool slide is a great DIY project that you can do in just a few hours. Plus, it’s a fun way to add an extra element of excitement to your pool this summer. So let’s get started!

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather some supplies. For this project, you’ll need:

  • a piece of plywood
  • a saw
  • some PVC pipe
  • and some paint

Once you have all of your supplies, you’re ready to start building your pool slide!

Start by cutting the plywood into two pieces – one for the top of the slide and one for the bottom. The bottom piece should be slightly larger than the top piece.

Next, use the saw to cut two holes in the top piece of plywood. These holes will be for the PVC pipes.

Now, take the bottom piece of plywood and place it on top of the two PVC pipes. Make sure that the pipes are evenly spaced and that they’re pointing in the same direction.

Once the bottom piece is in place, you can start attaching it to the top piece with screws. Start at one end and work your way to the other, making sure that everything is nice and secure.

The last step is to add some paint! You can use whatever color you want, but we think that a bright color would look great against a blue pool. Once the paint is dry, your pool slide is ready to use!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on your own DIY pool slide today! It’s sure to be a hit with friends and family this summer.