DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Do It Yourself (DIY) plant stand ideas come in various styles, forms, and finishes. You can add the green and natural look that you see outside in that small indoor space in your home. It only takes a creative mind to pull that incredible kitchen garden.

We love having plants inside and outside our homes. There are so many ideas to create plant stands without breaking the bank. The new ways make your plants flourish and thrive in the confines of your lovely home. It makes the space look bright and attractive.

Plants are trendy; we hope that the trend never comes to an end. Lush and beautiful houseplants can turn your room from an ordinary to extraordinary look in microseconds. Therefore, jump into the movement and give those plants squeezed at a corner some attention. It’s time to give them some breathing space in your room.

You can build plants that stand for either outdoors or indoor from scratch and create a charming display that will leave people gazing. We have a roundup of some trendiest DIY ideas and fabulous inspiration on giving them a perfect decoration.

Mid-century plant stand

Mid-century contemporary plant stands are without doubt trending, but for a good reason. If you have a tight budget, you will require so little to spend on the concrete mix, a bucket, and a dowel. This versatile creation can withstand the weather and test of time and temperature and allow some color and spunk to your space.

These types of plant stands have become so popular nowadays. It isn’t effortless to come across an antique DIY plant stand matching the modern design. The mid-century has broken all the lines.

An indoor decor of this kind can combine the contemporary air with an ideal mid-century style. It offers a clean look with great emphasis on the natural elements. The stand could stand next to a side table, reading coach, or small cabin.

The mid-century is very simple to create and get your plants looking stylish and off the floor. You can add a bit of pattern or color, a finesse that complements your interior or exterior. The colors you use should not alter the contemporary look or appeal of your interior.

People who prefer a less attractive look could leave the concrete finish. Those who like to have a less flashy look can abandon the concrete finish clear, an excellent selection for the industrial design interiors.

On the other hand, instead of concrete, you could use some scrap wood and hairpin legs. You can now display the flowers in a rustic fashion utilizing the stand.

Copper plant stand

Hello to all the plant-lovers! No more fantasies 0n those copper plant stands that are a perfect fit for your space. Maybe you’ve been searching for one, but you couldn’t either afford or find one that interested you. Now, we are about to make one from the comfort of your home.

For the copper stand idea, use cement to hold the plant while using a copper base for support purposes. It can be suitable for either outdoors or indoors since it offers a calming atmosphere.

Besides your own home, this houseplant is light and could be an excellent display for your office decoration. It might be too small, but it is the best to light up space. However, its size will depend on the materials that you could afford. However, they are best for small spaces.

Wire plant stand

Do you know that creating your plant stand is as simple as bending some wires? You can use a lampshade, wireframe, and some wire cutters to complete an entire plant stand that you desire. Optionally, visit a paint store and purchase spray paint to offer your plant stand the desired color that complements your interiors. Let’s say you visit a thrift shop and purchase a lampshade. Get rid of the cover. Using a wire cutter, remove that center part surrounding your lightbulb.

However, there is a little trick of getting a plant pot that could fit inside the wire gap. However, it shouldn’t be too complex if you buy an ordinary lampshade. Besides a lampshade, you can look for a wire that isn’t in use to create a modern and artistic plant stand. It can be appropriate for any flat surface in your space and suitable for people who love decorating their offices or homes with small plants.

Tall, beautiful plant stands

You can easily make tall plant stands from an affordable pine. Though, you can use whichever wood that suits your preference. The look of pine is unique and natural.


That plant stand that is stuck at that corner for years now is a cliché and has taken forever. You can recreate the old plant stand with a DIY one. Look for a tall wooden frame that has numerous visual impacts and get rid of the old one. Let them silently sit at that corner of the office or home. You can add some color or pattern to add more life to your space.

Multi-level stand

Here is a different plant stand that you can easily create and fall in love with the stand. It has numerous tiers that can hold several plants to make your space look more natural and fresher. You require a few planks of wood and arrange them firmly to keep a few plants.

It’s an excellent idea for outdoor and indoor plant addicts. Those lonely potted flowers should now have company. The stand can hold from an attractive herb garden to some beautiful flowering plants and gorgeous succulents. It makes the space look more vibrant.

A DIY multi-level plant stand might take more time as compared to others. The adept at wood handling takes less time to create. All you need is to select the number of levels you need, the stand shape, and the size. You can start by choosing the number of levels you want and the design of the stand. Once complete, the decorations can come in later.

As standard as it may look, a stair multi-level plant stand is fit for any room. You might build its board up to 2 to 3 levels, depending on how you want it. You should adjust the board width to your pot size. Typically, this kind of stand is best suitable for minimal pots for various small plants.

Classic frame plant stand

Have you thought of a beautiful pyramid-like plant stand in your backyard? It creates a beautiful extension to any outdoor interior. You can use either pine or metal or any other woods to make the frame, then place a plate on every bottom of your three tiers. It’s now time to fill your shelves with little perennials. For decorations, you can use stones to make them more attractive.

Are you looking for a plant stand? The classic frame stand is an outstanding outdoor selection for your porch or terrace. The classic stand you have just made has different space levels; here, you can either fit medium-sized houseplants or pretty small-size plants. A wooden frame is better since it can handle harsh weather conditions.

Hanging stand

A hanging stand works well for places with no ground space left to place your plants. Using a rope and a pot, you can manage to build one. All you need is to choose your preferred color for both the string and the pots. The idea is quite simple, but it can enhance your creativity in a significant way.

You need one day to put together some rope and pots using essential tools. After you complete, you should display the plants elegantly and uniquely. You can also take advantage of your window space to hang a few shelves. The space is always wasted and left so dull. It would be best if you brightened it up. A cool floating plant shelf on your window speaks volume of your artistic skills. The plant will allow a bit of light into your room that will inspire you.

On the other hand, you can use a pallet board and range it well with a few pots on it. The good thing about it is that it gives a lot of vertical space. Check out other hanging basket ideas.

Wood Piece Stand

A wooden plant stand attracts nature to your house. For wood, you need a little skill since a series of tools are used to create a beautiful frame. Bring nature in your home with these wooden plant stands! Without the required skills, building one may sound quite far-fetched.

You need confidence and trusting yourself in making this, just a few materials and tools to complete the stand like a pro. Here, you don’t have to break the bank. Mostly, making one with a wheel beneath the pot is versatile as you can move it any time you want, especially for larger potted plants.

Combining plants with wood to bring a bit of nature into your home place is a great match made in heaven. You can look for a west-elm-inspired wooden plant stand sold online and replicate it with many inexpensive materials. All you require is some basic materials and your input to do the job.

Suspended plant stands

You can make a wall-mounted plant stand that will cost you a few coins. A very minimal investment in tools and materials to use. It might include wooden boards, brackets, and screws. For color, spray paint is a solution for this, but keep your expenses low if on a budget.

From this point on, you need to measure the boards, cut them into the right size, drill a few holes, and support the plants and board weight and mount your brackets on a wall. These instructions are easy to follow and guide you along the way.

Color and pattern

For decorations, often keep in mind the pattern and colors that you are going to use. The theme you settle with should complement your interior. The decor that we love attracts a bit of design, color, and finesse makes your home so attractive.

The ideas we have provided above should boost your artistic skills and offer the best space, feels, and looks. While at it, take ample time to think of the creative you want to make to be more assured that the room your plant stands adorns will not feel dull.

Note: it’s never a great idea to replace the bolder and darker colors with pastels to achieve a more standard chic space.

Take Away

In a nutshell, we have made it easier for you. You can now use the tactics given to create a more affordable and beautiful plant stand with little effort to update your space in just one weekend. Making a plant stand is not complex, and you don’t have to break your bank.

The amount of money you will invest is minimal and worth a try. However, we have some ideas that you only have to repurpose the material you are not using. Some may opt for ready-made plant stands available in offline and online stores. But what would you be doing during the weekends? Why not use that time to customize the plant stands suitable for your outdoor and indoor spaces?

It is great to put your skills to the test and come up with a stand that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. If you have never tried making a stand, start today with our tutorials. You will quite love it. Note that plants are excellent for mental health, they purify the air, make your home look natural, and bring fresh air, and you get to invest your time for long in nurturing them. If paired with the correct shelves, all will fall perfectly in a place.

Any fan of crafting and making unique styles and designs should jump into these ideas and practice them. With a little effort, you can make a stand in sync with your garden or office desk.