29 DIY Fall Photoshoot Ideas

We’ll show you the best fall photoshoot concepts for Pinterest or anywhere else you like to post your images. This collection has something for everyone, whether you’re a shooter, a content maker, or just looking for some beautiful autumn ideas.

1. Throw A Mountain of Leaves

Take a bunch of twigs and pitch them! It is a simple fall photography concept that you can do anywhere in the country. Gather a couple of lovely leaves and toss. You have two options for throwing the leaves: high in the sky or straight at the lens.

To catch the greatest moment, set your lens to continuous and the smartphone to burst option. Aren’t these blooms stunning?! We love including a beautiful fall flower in a fall photo shoot ideas since it beautifully complements the fall hues. It adds a splash of color to the images and makes a beautiful photo prop. You can go to the neighborhood shop or buy a flower from a business online and have it delivered right to your door!

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2. Accessorize With Fall Accessories

Take your fall items to add extra color to the shoot if you’re having problems depicting autumn where you reside. Don’t be afraid to add autumn shawls, beanies, hats, and gloves to complete the look. Have spontaneous photography at the local cafe (preferably one with outdoor tables or lovely decor). Nothing screams fall like a warm morning coffee, and it is a simple way to give your images a fall feel.

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3. A Fall Picnic Show

Lunch in the autumn leaves is the epitome of the season! It is a beautiful backdrop for a fall picture, and don’t forget to add a fashionable Lunch Box and a Picnic Blanket to complete the look. Since fall is typically wetter and fuzzier than the rest of the year, a durable picnic blanket will be a must. No more damp grass moisture soaking into the clothing! Relax in a park. It is quite simple to make no matter wherever you are on the globe. The key, though, is to choose a stunning backdrop to use as a backdrop.

A rustic autumn still life with pumpkins in basket
A rustic autumn still life with pumpkins in basket.

4. Look for an Ivy Wall

Go exploring for amazing ivy if you reside nearby a beautiful village with several antique homes! Many ivies turn to fall hues, creating a lovely background for the images. It may take some time to discover the right ivy wall, but the quest may lead you to more photo opportunities.

From https://gardenerdy.com/english-ivy-plant

5. Twinkle Lights Are Comfortable

Dazzling Fairy Lights are a must-have for creating a pleasant atmosphere in the fall shots! It is a terrific method to draw the eye to the picture, and it’s especially beneficial for fall photo sessions at the house.

When filming in low-light situations, use fairy lights. Including them in a sunset or night photo can add a lot of interest. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the lights throughout the day.

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6. Fall Color Display

Look for a location with a lot of trees in full bloom. If you have several rows of plants lined up evenly behind you, it works quite well.

Beautiful Fall tree path.

7. Run in the Direction of the Camera

Looking for a new way to pose in the fall? Find a beautiful fall scene and sprint toward the lens. It is a simple method to add attention to your images without using a lot of props.

Set the iPhone’s camera to burst mode to catch the greatest moments.

Two happy girls running in autumn city park
Two happy girls running in autumn city park.

8. Take a Ride on a Boat

A photograph inside a boat is a great way to highlight a popular fall hobby. Your surrounds will most probably be coated in fall colors, and rowing adds to the experience. Find a nearby lake or pool that provides the option and have a good day!

Autumn park by the lake with boat
Autumn Landscape. Park in Autumn. The bright colors of fall in the park by the river with a boat.

9. Enjoy the Beauty of the Fall Season

Another posing option that doesn’t require a lot of props! Facing the surroundings in a beautiful fall environment, including a bridge or countryside.

Couple on autumn bridge
Couple on autumn bridge.
Country Barn 1
Barn with hay bales against autumn colors and a beautiful medow with early morning light.

10. Sit Under the Foliage in the Fall

The easiest method to discover the most beautiful color is to visit a place while the local fall colors are at their finest. Enjoy the benefits of the hues by visiting a region with peak greenery. To capture the most color, make your pal get down low.

Young family sitting in autumn park
Young family sitting in autumn park.

11. Display a Leaf

This fall photography concept is both simple and elegant.

Find a lovely leaf and display it! You can move it about to see what works best. Hiding your face in the shot creates a sense of mystery. In addition, this is a terrific opportunity to include a portrait-style picture in the fall picture gallery.

Woman holding up autumn leaf
Woman holding up autumn leaf.
Autumn leaf woman
Woman holding Autum leaf.

12. Skirt with the Fall Leaf

Why not use nature as an accessory? This adorable fad is a lot of enjoyable things to do, but it may require a few tries to obtain the finest shot.

Here are some pointers on how to get this shot: If you have somebody capturing your shot and another person who holds the leaves, it is a lot easier to do. That manner, instead of looking overly little, the leaf skirt can appear proportionate to your figure.

13. Cutout of an Autumn Leaf Heart

If you don’t possess a lot of various fall backdrops to deal with, it is a wonderful option. The heart shape will pop out on its own, highlighting you in the center.

Using a fake plant is a simple method to slice the ideal heart. While cutting the heart symbol, you don’t have to think over the leaf shattering. you may purchase a package of fake leaves.

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14. Friends are Gazing Forward and Waiting in a Line

It will difficult for you to take picture if you are a big group. As far as you give regard to the overall balance, it works out perfectly. Tell everybody to stand properly with no huge gaps. Above all, ensure that everyone in the group is seen. You must take the photo where the fall colors are visible and look good.

15. The Traditional Full-body Shot

When capturing large gatherings, a full-body pic is the arrangement that will fit your friends into the picture. Because they are formal pictures, the important element to remember is to ensure everybody in the gathering is present in the picture.

16. Leaning in with Their Heads Bent

This is the best picture idea to take. Ask everyone to stand against each other. You may choose to wrap your hands around your friend. Ask everyone to hug each other and look at the camera lens to take a picture. It will be better if the tree is visible in the picture.

friends haning out with autumns background
Excited group of friends hanging out with autumns background.

17. Embraced by Leaves

Every countryside is stunning, making it a one-of-a-kind destination for several of the fall couple photoshoot ideas. The golden brightness of the leaves might make the love appear to have come straight from the heavens.

Lay on the fall colors and gaze on one other’s eyes for some basic romantic poses. You can request a distinctive contrast from your photographer to compliment the antique leaves surrounding you.

Romantic couple gazing on autumns leaves
Romantic couple gazing on autumns leaves.

18. Keep Me in Your Arms Forever

Every couple should do this posture. It’s the most stunning fall couple photo concept, no matter how gloopy or dramatic it makes you appear. All you have to do is take the partner’s hand and lift her, expressing your undying love for them, and if the location is somewhere in the countryside, the scenery does not get any more beautiful in the autumn.

Young man picking up his girlfriend
Young man picking up his girlfriend.

19. Joining Hands

If you travel a lot in fall, the beautiful colors of the leaves are certainly a great spectacle to see.

Many gorgeous wineries and magnificent meadows can be found throughout the nation, providing the perfect backdrop for one of the fall couple photo concepts. Take in the grandeur of the fields by roaming arm in arm and allowing your professional cameraman to develop a photo story by taking shots from behind.

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20. Head Circle

It’s perfect for outdoor photo sessions. Request that the group create a ring in the field and then capture it from above. Ensure everyone is appropriately spaced – the ring must feel fair – and gazing in the direction of the lens. You may picture from a variety of perspectives, including from above and from the side.

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21. Incorporate the Instax

If you got an Instax, take a picture of yourself holding it next to some beautiful fall foliage. Then you may either edit in a different scene or shoot a photo with it and photograph it.

22. Give the Pumpkin a Kiss

Give a pumpkin a peck to bring some affection to your autumn shot! (However, do not place your teeth on it)

Put on a flowery dress, a ribbon on the head, and some matching trees. This gives the trees the appearance of being much bigger than they are! Make it feel like you’re in a storybook.

Wear a gorgeous outfit while encircled by pumpkins to channel Cinderella! Who doesn’t like to be treated like a queen or a witch-queen? Pumpkins are the epitome of autumn! Locate a local pumpkin field and begin the photo session.

Every pumpkin field will be unique. Some have cute seats, cottages, and decor that you can use in the photo, whereas others simply have pumpkins strewn about. As a result, you’ll need to think beyond the box. Here are some suggestions:

Photo ideas for a pumpkin patch:

  • Take a pumpkin in your hand
  • Take a Seat on the Pumpkin
  • A pumpkin toss
  • Pick up a Pumpkin
  • To reveal all of the pumpkins, shoot pictures from a lower height
Portrait of women holding and pretending to kiss pumpkin
Portrait of women holding and pretending to kiss pumpkin.

23. Night of Fall Movies

It’s a chance to pull out your beloved fall film and host a movie evening at home. Bigger TVs, video displays, or even the computer screen are ideal for highlighting your favorite film! Don’t hesitate to add some fall items to the frame to give the picture a true autumn feel. If you’re stuck for a film to see this fall, you may search on the net for suggestions.

24. Leaf Wall

This is such a simple but adorable DIY photo idea that you can do at home. Collect your best leaves and use them to make your artwork. You can use your imagination to experiment with how you put the flowers on the wall.

Colorful autumn leaf background
Colorful autumn leaf background.

25. Rest in the Fall

Making a comfy flat lie at home is a simple way to express yourself without needing to abandon the house! Simply gather some favorite autumn items and take shots. High socks are a must-have for flat-lay.

woman is lieing in leafs on blanket
Woman lying in leaves on a blanket.

26. Decorate Your House in the Fall

Displaying your favorite fall home goods is the epitome of autumn. Highlight any part of the house, and even take a picture of the outside! And, if reside in a city, don’t hesitate to get out and about in your district.

house with pumpkins and fall decoration
House with pumpkins and fall decoration.

27. Leaf Wings

This picture, just like the leafy skirt picture, is easiest if you have friends to assist you. You’ll want someone to take the picture and the other to carry the two leaves on the shoulder that resemble fairy wings.

Collect four similar-looking twigs and place these in the shape of angel wings. It is a fun and simple autumn photoshoot concept!

28. Pumpkin Field

The most apparent shooting setting is a pumpkin field. A classic that looks fun and modern is a maze. If you’re out traveling, it’s simple to get action shots. If there are trees on the surface, you will not go incorrect with a woodsy photo.

Couple at the pumpkin patch
Couple at the pumpkin patch.

29. Use an Umbrella

Introducing an umbrella to the photo is a good and engaging item to use. It will invite focus to the photo’s main topic and make it stand out. To retain the fall color concept, utilize bright-colored umbrellas or fall colors.

fall photo with girl holding umbrella
Young girl in blue coat with umbrella walking in the autumn park.


A wonderfully lovely fall photo session is always a hit! Avoiding sunny summer days since the intensity and sharpness of the colors will be increased. Opt for partial shade. On cloudy or wet days, the earthy hues and richness of color of fall branches and leaves can be enhanced. Raindrops on freshly autumn leaves intensify the colors and produce beautiful patterns. Next, you should check out how to make Fall potpourri here or look into creating your own cattail decor for other fun Fall ideas.