DIY envelope ideas: 12 Cheap yet Priceless project

In this day and age of emojis and instant communication, we often times lose touch of heartfelt emotions. Why not make it extra special and personal next time by giving out a handwritten letter? Taking time to write and craft each letter will definitely not go unappreciated. But a letter is never complete without an envelope! Also, envelopes are a great DIY craft and give a nice personal touch to a letter or any gift. So, for your next letter or gift, put a giddy smile on someone’s face by recreating these DIY envelope ideas!

1. DIY Gift Card Envelopes

gift card envelope tutorial 2

As we get busier and older, we start to realize that gift cards are the easiest and the safest option to go with! (especially when you’re un familiar with what they want). You can follow this idea to add a personal touch to your gift. Plus, its super cute too!

2. DIY Mini Envelopes


If you’ve got bunch of paper scraps from your kid’s last art project, this is the best way to recycle them! You can create a whole lot of mini envelopes and have them ready for the next occasion. They can also be a pretty touch to your journal — You can keep your receipts, notes and even the letters you’ve received!

3. Easy and Simple DIY Envelope

diyenvelope 5b68cc7fc9e77c00825b8f19

Need a quick letter to sneak into your kid’s lunch box or your spouse’s bag? This envelope can be done in literally 5 minutes! It’ll save you a lot of time but their reactions will be priceless. Why wait for an occasion to get a little sappy, right?

4. DIY Leather Envelope or Leather Clutch

diy leather envelope clutch 1

Now, this is something you would want to do for yourself! Trust me, in the process of making it for someone else, you’d start to get jealous and make one for yourself. It may look fancy but it’s actually kind of easy to make! Click here to see the thorough tutorial on how to get fancy with just leather scraps!

5. DIY Cash Envelopes

diy cash envelopes by laura silva 5

Who said envelopes are just for letters? (well, no one… I guess.. haha). This budget friendly envelope will help your budget! This is perfect for students trying to save up. Laura of WeRMemoryKeepers will teach you how to control spending by allocating certain parts of your budget with this envelope.

6. DIY Old Book Paper Envelopes

diy folded envelopes tutorial 1

We all have old books in the shelf that eventually collected dust but would feel too bad to throw them away. Well, guess what? You can create an envelope out of the pages! It’s a classic and will never go out of style! Simply Beautiful! Give it a try!

7. DIY Retro envelopes

diy envelopes 3

Now, this one is the fancier version of the vintage envelopes. This tutorial doesn’t limit you and lets your mind wander and get creative with what you have. The instructions may be lengthy, but at the end of it, you’ll surely be satisfied!!

9. DIY Rudolph Reindeer Designed Envelope

CRAFTS reindeer 11

Wanna be the instant favorite among your relatives? This Rudolph envelope will win their hearts! The steps are easy. Although, this tutorial will require envelopes, you may want to skip that step and make your own envelope, right?

10. DIY Paper bag Envelope


Onebuntingaway came up with this quick idea of making cute envelopes by using paper bags! Who knew you could make envelopes with paper bags? Brown paper bags will look just as good, too!

11. DIY Envelope Book

a98478 1200 kwanzabook xl

This one requires a lot of patience but it will all pay off in the end. It will look absolutely stunning! Check it out yourself! You can customize how many envelopes to put in the book and even come up with a theme for the book if you wanted too. Be creative and make it you own!

12. DIY Marble Envelope

homemade marble envelopes

Marble murals are simply timeless and elegant. If you think so too, you should definitely recreate this envelope idea! Also, you’ll have fun making this design with shaving cream and food coloring–who would’ve thought?

Time to Envelope!

Which ones did you recreate? Weren’t they fun and easy to make? I hope these DIY envelope ideas helped you put a smile on your loved ones’ faces. ‘till the next craft project!