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The end of the great war is a bittersweet one, as the rubble is seen much more clearly when the dust settles. In remembrance those who fought bravely and helped in the war, these crochet pattern poppy hat ideas serve as symbols of hope and gratitude. If you do a google search, there are literally hundreds of crochet poppy hat patterns. So to make it easier for you, I’ve looked through most of it and hand selected 20 of the best crochet pattern poppy hat that you can try. Enjoy!

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20 Best Crochet Pattern Poppy Hat

Poppy Beanie Crochet Pattern – This hat comes in two versions: one with three colors, and one with two, both of which look gorgeous and are extremely comfortable to wear.

Pretty as a Poppy Hat – The white background and the vivid red color of the poppy embellishment really brings out the beauty both of the poppy and the wearer.

Garden Party Hat – This hat, while the pattern itself does not include a poppy (you’re free to attach different crochet accessories, including a poppy!), is a perfect summer/spring wardrobe companion with its delightfully feminine touch.

Messy Bun Hat – Messy bun hats are all the rage because of the way they keep you warm without messing your hair up.

Baby Poppy Beanie – This adorable beanie isn’t your typical hat with a tiny poppy on the front; the hat is actually designed to look like a whole poppy! This crochet pattern poppy hat contains instructions downloadable upon purchase.

Poppy Paradise – Surround your head with poppies with this beautiful crochet pattern downloadable upon purchase.

Poppy Bonnet – This bonnet features a soft scalloped edge and a beautifully colored poppy that adds just the right contrast of reds and oranges to the white bonnet.

Double Fun in the Sun Hat and Poppy Pin – With its bright splash of yellow and elaborate poppy brooch, this crochet pattern poppy hat (with instructions downloadable upon purchase) is a must-have for the spring season.

Reversible Poppy Hat – A beautiful, vibrant reversible poppy hat with polka dots – definitely one of the best patterns worth purchasing.

Summer Crochet Hat with Large Poppy – This is a simple, fun hat with a large poppy in full bloom – perfect for children.

Aviatrix Helmet-Style Poppy Hat – Let your imagination take flight with this uniquely-shaped, gorgeous crochet pattern poppy hat! This pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Trolls Poppy Hat with Tulle Hair – This poppy hat is based on the popular movie “Trolls,” and comes with an eccentric tulle hair that’s easier to make than brushed yarn hair.

Princess Poppy Hat with Ears – While a bit more intricate, this crochet pattern is one of the most accurate ones around, and draws attention quite easily with its strong, bright pink color!

Charming Red Poppy Hat – This absolutely charming red poppy hat exudes sophistication through simplicity. Pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Big Poppy Chunky Lace Skullcap Hat – If you’re a fan of red, you’re going to love the bright vivid red color that blankets the hat and the large poppy that comes with it. Pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Blooming Poppy Hat – Fitting snugly over your head and blooming around your face, this crochet pattern poppy hat is an elegant addition to any outfit. Pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Eco Knit Poppy Hat with Wide Lace Brim – Add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe with this chic, stylish poppy hat! Pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Earflap Poppy Hat – Keep your head warm, comfortable, and stylish with this fabulous earflap poppy hat. Pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Earflap Poppy Hat for Children – This cute little poppy hat is perfect for everyday wear to keep you child warm. Pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Intricate Poppy Hat – This beautiful hat is a bit more challenging to make, but the results are gorgeous, with embellishments that add just the right touch of elegance to a classic design. Pattern is downloadable upon purchase.

Go ahead pick one and start a poppy hat project

While poppy hats have been around for quite some time now, their charm never really fades away, just as the legacy left behind by the brave fighters and helpers of the great war will always be remembered and commemorated. Try a couple of these crochet pattern poppy hat ideas out and see which brings out your best colors. Don’t forget to share it on the comment section once you are done with the project. Happy Crocheting! #justcraftingaround

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