Best Binding Machine for Every Project

A binding machine is a machine used to bind a range of papers that include brochures, manuals, documents, quotations, and much more. It prepares sales material, professionally bound documents, and other documentation to remarkably high standards.

It helps people create a good impression for their work when others look at their documents and showcase a good tidiness personality. Due to different peoples different demands, manufacturers are constantly creating different binding machines to meet these demands. For this reason, selecting the best binding machine that will suit your needs can be a daunting task.

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This article will review some of the best binding machines in the market and provide all the necessary information you need when selecting the best binding machine that will suit your needs.

1. Fellowes Binding Machine Star + Comb Binding (5006501)

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It is a superior comb binding machine and among the best in the market. I found this machine tremendously appropriate for use at home as it is easy to operate and lightweight. It has an easy-to-use design structure that allows the inexperienced in binding to have an easy time operating it, thus placing it among the best binding machines available in the market.

Furthermore, it does not occupy much space as it is relatively smaller. For this reason, it is very easy to carry it along with you to wherever you want to use it. This characteristic allows you to put it at your workplace and home to enjoy efficient operation combined with maneuverability. Besides, the machine is easy to operate.

At times, people might wonder if it is worth it to own a binding machine as they are worried that a machine having many complicated levers and punches may be challenging for them to operate. It is entirely normal to get worried. However, it would be best if you worried less as this machine has clear instructions that are easy to comprehend.

Apart from the machines simple operation, it also has some convenience benefits. The binders right position has a deep-seated comb sizing structure coupled with an accessible cache board that further eases its operation.

It has a small window at the top of the binder that allows you to see the stamped papers number in its bin. It is beneficial where you frequently use it and have punched papers severally, thus allowing you to take out these stamped papers effortlessly.

The machine is capable of punching about twelve papers at a go. Although casual users of this binding machine may find this a convenient feature as they often bind a small number of papers, professional users may find this extremely inconvenient. This feature may not be appropriate for some situations.

2. Akilies CoilMac-EX41 + Plus Coil Binding Machine

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It is a binding machine devoted to supporting specialists and is among the best coil binding machines available in the market. It has superior features similar to those on a machine designed for pressing page after page. This binding machine is ideal for industrial consumption.

Moreover, this binding machine has a really wide storage and an accuracy punching instrument to produce high-quality papers and other documentation. It can punch 25 sheets of paper at a go.

Besides, it is an appropriate binding machine for punching plastic documents or cards. It is fully electronic, making everything on it automatically programmed. It has really simple control systems that are easy to grasp and use.

The only thing you have to do to begin the process is pressing your foot on its mounted button. Besides, it has a relatively long-running process.

3. Fellowes 5006801-99 Binding Machine Pulsar + Comb Binding

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It is another binding machine manufactured by Fellowes and among the best in the market.

I found this binding machine to have superior features that make it convenient to use than other machines. You can tie up to about 350 paper sheets using the comb from 1/2″ to 1″. It is a high-quality machine from a well-known and trustworthy manufacturer and will deliver the results as promised.

Using this binding machine, you can manually punch about 20 sheets of paper at a go. Besides, this machine allows you to direct your paperwork for fast punching with its advanced precision edge. Moreover, this binding machine is coupled with the in-built comb cache tray. Even though it is pretty expensive, there is no need to worry as its superior functionality is worth it.

Its primary disadvantage is that if you are punching manually, it only allows you to punch a maximum of 20 sheets of paper.

4. Tamerica 210PB Manual Comb Binding Machine

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It is a superior rubber comb binding machine with a strong, robust metal structure for improved strength. Its design allows it to last longer hence giving you a return on investment.

Its punching dies are suitable for binding books using a 19-ring hole pattern. I found this comb binding machine is ideal for tying books, having a diameter of two inches and a full length of 12 inches. Besides, it allows you to punch a minimum of 20 papers at a go quickly.

It has disengaging dies that allow you to punch and bind smaller books as it efficiently creates fully-punched holes. This comb-binding machine has a feature that allows you to disengage it, and all you need to do is pull out the pin-activating lever. This feature is not common in most entry-level comb-binding machines, thus making this machine pretty cool.

I found it very convenient to operate as you activate the comb opener/closer and the binding punch using the same handle. Pull the handle down to punch your papers and push it up to open the combs.

Moreover, this machine has the adjustable margin depth feature that allows you to select the depth that you want the machine to punch your papers. It is especially beneficial where you are working on books of varying thicknesses. To avoid accidentally ripping the papers out, it is advisable to punch further into the paper the thicker the book gets.

A significant limitation of using this comb-binding machine is that you can only bind a maximum of around 250 books in an hour.

5. Akiles Coilmac-ER 41

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It is a powerful binding machine and among the best in the market that can handle a huge workload perfectly. It has a manual coil punch with an electrical coil inserter.

It has a fantastic design and massive duty system that work together to create perfect holes that are oval. Its construction makes it easier to insert the coil as compared to other machines. After punching the holders, you operate a foot pedal system to help thread the coil. Furthermore, taking the pins out of the machine is a relatively easy process.

Besides, this binding machine produces oval-shaped holes. For this reason, I found it a unique machine as oval holes are more advantageous as compared to round holes since they allow you to insert the papers more quickly and easily. For that reason, it helps save on the time consumed when binding your paperwork.

Another advantage with this binding machine is that it ensures all papers are center-punched in a uniform manner regardless of their sizes. This binding machine has the Punching Margin Control feature that allows modification of the papers to reduce the tear, thus producing high-quality papers as well as punching every coil size with the correct margin depth.

In addition, this binding machine’s whole system combination improves its robustness binding power allowing you to carry out the binding process efficiently.

A significant disadvantage with this binding machine is that it is heavy, making it difficult to transport somewhere else or carry around. However, this binding machine’s heavyweight is crucial as it allows it to offer consistency and strength throughout its lifetime. This feature allows you to bind in an easy and simple manner.

6. TruBlind Coil-Binding Machine

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It is a superior coil binding machine manufactured by TruBlind and chooses a coil. The coil’s material may be plastic or metallic. However, the material is less important as the coil’s size is the most significant factor here. I found this machine easy to use since it has a simple design that allows you to carry out every task easily and conveniently.

An excellent characteristic of this machine is its adaptability. Unlike other binding machines, you have no restriction on the dimension and size of papers with this binding machine. It allows you to manipulate any size of paper or document. This feature comes in handy, especially where you are doing a customized job.

However, when we consider this machine’s operation, its guideline is not that much helpful. For this reason, some people must search for clear instructions online. Nonetheless, once you get a clear understanding of how this binding machine works, it will be very easy to operate.

It is easy to press the handle of this binding machine without interruption. The press bar is the same across the machine to ensure that it works in a good way. It is different from other binding machines, which have their compressor on only one side, making it convenient to use for both left-handed and right-handed individuals.

With this binding machine, you have the ability to punch around twenty papers at a go. This function is convenient for the average user as you can bind your papers without requiring lots of presses. However, if you need to bind a book, it is not an ideal option as it consumes too much of your valuable time and will require you to be very patient.

Another disadvantage I noticed with this machine is that it requires one to bound the coil manually with your hands. Unfortunately, there is no guide for something like this, and it requires you to practice a lot turning the coil into holes that the machine creates. It may be inconvenient, especially if you have little time to carry out the binding process and want to bind your papers as fast as possible.

7. The Cinch Book Binding Machine

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This binding machine is among the best in the market and is suitable for individuals with little or zero experience in their workplaces. If you are a fast learner, it is incredibly easy to study and grasp its operation mechanism without spending much of your valuable time.

Its design makes it suitable for punching and binding books of all sizes and kinds. Besides, it is suitable for punching less thick materials such as chipboard and cardboard as well as paper. It is compatible with Wire-O binding or twin loop wires and punches neat and evenly-distanced round holes.

Although it features 12 hole punches, there is a peg system to control them to adjust the placement, making it ideal for situations where you want to skip specific holes. It is relatively easy to operate this machine. However, if you are a beginner, you may have to practice severally to create paperwork with proper alignment.

On top of that, it has a guiding handle that allows you to cinch the wire ends together easily, as well as an anchor for holding the wire in place as you insert your papers.

This machine’s major shortcoming is that it does not work with 12-inch papers and is not ideal for spiral binding projects. Besides, I found it to have a shorter lifetime as compared to other binding machines.

8. TruBlind TB-S20AP Coil-Binding Machine

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It is a binding machine manufactured by TruBlind and comes with a foot pedal and an electrical coil inserter. The electrical coil inserter allows me to build some professional-looking documents and books at my workplace or home in a very efficient manner. Besides, it has a smartly mounted foot pedal that allows you to easily direct the inserter through allowing you to use your hands to keep the simple and smooth flowing of documents.

For anyone who wants to get an excellent solution to help save the time consumed when binding documents, this machine is a perfect option. You can disembarrass the oval-shaped pins easily since it has a flexible binding.

Furthermore, its margin diameter can easily be changed, thus ensuring proper punching of the holes in your documents. If you own this binding machine, TruBlind gives you a two-year guarantee, thus ensuring you have peace of mind when buying the machine.

Moreover, this binding machine has superior, high-performance functions that ease the operation process. Completing this stuff, as well as the polishing, are noticeable. It has simple controls that ease your work and is very flexible, allowing you to use it in your workplace efficiently to handle tasks. Its design allows it to produce high performance.

This binding machines design allows it to pump out about twenty document stacks in each punch and be exactly consistent. It can work for several hours without any complication of any sort and rest. With this binding machine, you have the ability to tie heavy study stuff, a book, or any other heavy piece of paper.

When looking at choices, it provides you with a high degree of customizability. It has a complete variety of disassembled pins that allows you to control the holes position and alignment in the punch in a free manner. It is beneficial as it helps avoid the occurrence of empty spaces and tears in your document.

Furthermore, you can use any document form and remove the binding from these. It allows the binding and punching process of unusual paper sheets. For this reason, you can use portrait or painting papers to work. Besides, you can bind the papers with each other to create your desired material.

It has relatively easy to use controls and has a single button press that you click to accomplish auto spiraling. Its button presser is an uninterrupted bar that allows both right and left-handed individuals to use this machine at ease and conveniently. Moreover, it is robust and longevity with high operating hours, making it an excellent option for office use.

This electrical binding device is very convenient as it eliminates the need for you to tie your documents as it automatically binds your sheets of paper. Its engine runs quickly, allowing you to handle your tasks in a shorter time, thus saving your valuable time. However, some people find this speed inconvenient..

9. Heidi Swapp Cinch Book Binding Machine

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It is an amazing and superior binding machine and among the best in the market. It delivers outstanding results if you use it to bind presents, small books, sketchbooks, papers, school assignments, and many more.

The manufacturer uses high-quality material to build this machine, improving its strength, making it very efficient and reliable. It has alignment pegs and flexible hole-punch knobs, allowing you to achieve perfect alignment in your papers without having to measure.

It is a versatile machine that allows you to handle around 20 sheets of paper at a go. Besides, it is able to punch through thick material such as cardstock and plastic.

However, it does not have very clear instructions on how to operate, and you will have to research online for more clear and straightforward instructions.

Final Verdict

As we have seen above, there are many binding machines available in the market. Though selecting the best machine has never been an easy process, it is advisable to consider all the main characteristics of all these types of binding machines as well as your needs when choosing to ensure you make the best decision.