The Best Sewing Thread Holders

Sewers that fall in love with working on their machine or embroidering by hand tend to find themselves adding more and more colors to their sewing thread collection. We spot something that is just the right hue for a specific project or we tend to get entranced by something new and shiny! Before long, we have more than we know what to do with. This isn’t such a problem with the right storage solution. So, you need to find the best sewing thread holder to make things easier.

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There are Two Styles of Sewing Thread Holder that I Want to Talk About Here. They are:

1) The wooden racks specifically for bobbins

2) The plastic boxes/cases for different types of thread

Each solution has its pros and cons depending on what you are looking for and your preferred form of needlework. If you are primarily a sewer working on a machine, your priority is going to be a storage solution for bobbins. This could mean a simple series of pegs on a wooden frame. I really like this option because you can get some convenient ways of arranging your colors that also look great out on display in a sewing room. Below, you will find a free-standing rack, rotating rack, and wall-hanging rack.

If you are more versatile with your sewing, working with machine thread, embroidery thread, and other options for various crafts, there is an alternative. Personally, I am not a big fan of the plastic thread organizers because they look ugly by comparison. But, the right box can offer simple storage solutions for various items. You could keep both types of thread here and still organize them by color. I have included a few of these below. One is a little more tailored towards embroidery and another is a bit more portable. There is also a “jumbo” solution for the crafter that dabbles in lots of activities.

What Should you Look Out for When Searching for the Best Sewing Thread Holder for your Sewing Room?

Regardless of the style you choose, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure that you get a practical solution. They include the following:

1) What is the capacity of the box/rack?

Capacity is important because you need to be sure that your product will hold enough of your collection to be worthwhile. You will find a lot of different options with some plastic cases holding around 40 items and some racks holding around 80. Check the specification to see how many items it will hold and how.

2) Is the storage solution adaptable in any way?

A lot of the wooden racks won’t be adaptable in terms of storage. They tend to have pegs fixed into place for the most efficient use of space. However, there are cases with adaptable storage where you can adjust the size of the compartments. Some options are stackable if you want to contain lots of craft items in one place.

3) Are your threads going to be safe enough on this holder?

A concern with the wooden pegs is that they could snap off or won’t be long enough to be secure. Check the length and any user reviews that talk about breakages. It might also help if the product comes with spare pegs. Cases with secure lids are a good way to stop threads from getting wet or damaged. But, they still need to have a strong, durable closure. Some clasps are prone to breaking and some lids could get bent out of shape.

4) Does the product come with any bonus elements to add value?

Then there are the extra features – besides the spare pegs. If you have a wall-hanging option, does it have enough fixtures in the box for easy installation? Do the cases come with any extras like card or plastic bobbins to keep the thread nice and neat?

7 of the Best Sewing Thread Holders to Make Life a Little Easier

1) New brothread 84 Spools 360 Fully Rotating Wooden Thread Rack

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I want to start with my favorite option, although I appreciate it won’t be for everyone. I really like the idea of being able to rotate a stand and see more colors than you would on some other racks. It is like a display stand in a store, which adds a sense of class, and it doesn’t take up much space on a desk. The 84 pegs turn on a wooden pole for easy access. The risk is that the device will develop squeaks, jam over time, or that the bobbins might come off if you spin too fast. But, there are no major concerns here.

2) HAITRAL 60-Spool Thread Rack

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This rack might be the more practical option with greater mass appeal. The free-standing wooden frame is 15.7 inches long so won’t take up too much room on a desk beside your machine. It has 60 1.6 inch pegs for your thread, which should be more than enough. It also appears to be nice and sturdy with a good hinge and stable stand. There is also the option of folding the rack up and hanging it on the wall with little hooks. But, the next product from the same brand is a better option if you want a wall-mounted solution.

3) HAITRAL 54-Spool Wall-Mounted Sewing Thread Holder

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The last of these wooden bobbin racks is only going to work if you have a room dedicated to your crafts. Still, a wall-mounted solution could be very effective in the right place within reach of your machine. It also doubles as wall-art with all the different colors. This one has space for 54 spools that sit nicely on their individual 1.4inch wooden pegs. The widest dimension is only 16.3 inches, so it isn’t too intrusive. You also get screws to go with the keyhole hangers on the back. This should allow it to sit flush to the wall.

4) Creative Options 5315 Thread Organizer

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Moving onto the plastic cases for more multipurpose organization, this is a simple option where you can’t really go too wrong. There are 46 compartments here that are just the right size for bobbins or embroidery floss. What makes this one more interesting is that it is double-sided with two lids. This means you don’t have to remove anything to reach the bottom layer. There is also a handle for transportation.

5) AJRL Embroidery Floss Organizer Box

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For the next choice, I wanted to look at something that is primarily for embroidery floss. There are probably hundreds of brands selling close to the same exact box. It is a basic plastic model with a clear base and lid, 36 compartments and little folding clasps to keep the lid in place. There are two things that I like about this one. First, you can adjust the compartments as needed. Second, it comes with 100 bobbins for the thread and stickers. Card bobbins would have been more environmentally and eliminated the need for the stickers, but it is still a helpful feature.

6) Sulky Universal Slimline Box

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There is the sense from the listing for this Sulky case that they are trying to make more out of it than is actually on offer. They talk about the opportunity for hanging this from the wall when opened out. It isn’t impossible, but it isn’t the primary purpose. This case is a little more attractive and has space to line up 64 bobbins in neat little rows. There is a basic closure on the side and a handle on the top for transportation. A possible downside is that there is a rod to hold each spool in place and these can be fiddly to use. But, it does add to the security of the product.

7) Bins & Things Stackable Storage Containers

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Finally, we have a big storage solution from a company with one of the best names for this sort of product. Essentially, you get three plastic trays with designated compartments that clip together into a stackable box. There are 18 compartments in total over three levels, which you can use for any craft items that will fit. They are tall enough for arranging bobbins of machine thread. There is also the promise that this box is stronger than the competition, with a nice sliding lock instead of a breakable clasp. The thick handle on the top for portability finishes it off nicely.

Finding the Best Sewing Thread Organizer to Suit your Needs

As you can see, while there are two main styles in top sewing thread holders, there are key differences in their designs. This can make a big difference to their practicality and convenience for the user. It is important to take the time to see which will work best as a user-friendly solution in your sewing room. Is a rotating rack a joy or an inconvenience in your eyes? Is a large plastic case more practical, even if it doesn’t stay out on display? The ideal storage solution is out there.