The Best Loop Yarn Guide

What do you do if you want to create a knitted item but don’t want to use knitting needles? If the project is relatively small, like a hat or a scarf, you can look at some of the best knitting machines instead of using needles. But, if you want to make an oversized blanket or throw, your best option is to use Loop yarn. So, how does loop yarn work, is it the best option for you, and what are the best loop yarn products available?

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What is Loop Yarn?

Loop yarn is a type of man-made polyester yarn that has loops built into it. This means that you can use your fingers to knit the loops together and created a knitted blanket from the material. While some do struggle with the method at first, others find that it is a great way to get a more hands-on experience. Some products come with specific patterns while others allow you to just work at your own pace. This is great for those that want an alternative to traditional knitting as well as younger crafters looking for a fun new project.

What are the Pros and Cons of Using this Sort of Yarn for your Projects?

The benefits of this yarn are that you don’t need much skill to get started and that you can make some really beautiful items. There is the potential for some fun new projects from a single skein where you can get real satisfaction from the process, the finished product, and the feel of the material. The use of polyester or micro-polyester keeps things nice and soft and allows for lots of color options.

The downsides mostly come from the use of synthetic materials. Anyone that loves to knit with organic wool or plant-based alternatives may not like the idea of this man-made loop yarn. There are also some environmental implications to the microfibers in micro-polyester. It is also important to be aware that some cheaper options can come with broken loops. Also, you don’t get as much in a skein as in normal yarn, so it might not go as far as you expect.

What Should you Look out for when Choosing the Best Loop Yarn for your Needs?

The texture and effect of the material

All of the loop yarn in this guide is made from either polyester or micro-polyester. This should mean a nice soft material that is great to work with while also holding its shape and staying intact. Some options are sold as being softer and finer than others so it is worth looking out for these, especially if you want something for a baby blanket rather than an adults blanket. I have also included a faux fur option for a different effect. This isn’t as common but could prove to be a little cozier.

The color choices and the potential for patterns

The range of colors is immense with these yarn products because there are such interesting options from bright over-the-top colors to more muted tones. There isn’t much that is “natural” about a lot of products, but that is part of the point. For example, you can find some that are uniform in color from soft pinks up to blacks and deep purples. You can also find multicolored ones with a range of hues. Some of these multicolored options are also ideal for kids because they create a specific pattern or image once completed. This turns the project into something a bit more age-appropriate.

The length of yarn and number of balls in the pack

As mentioned above, the length can be shorter than other balls of yarn. So, it is important to look at the specifications and find out just how much you are getting for your money. This can range from 7 meters to 16 meters depending on the purpose of the yarn. You may be able to increase the quantity if there is more than one ball in the pack so look out for alternative options.

1) Alize Puffy Fine Baby Blanket Small Loop Yarn

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This first set of loop yarn provides a lot of material to work with if you opt for the set of four. You don’t always get the same sort of length in a ball of loop yarn so it can help to go for multiples like this. This is sold as the finer option in the Alize range, with the idea that this could be a great choice for those making baby blankets. The color choices certainly reflect that with all the pink and blue tones. Still, there are yellows and natural tones too. Each 100% micro-polyester ball is 15 meters and 100 grams.

2) Alize Puffy More Loop Yarn

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Alternatively, you might want to try Alize’s “Puffy More” option. Here you get two skeins of yarn with big loops in a two-tone effect. This double loop creates an interesting effect for those that want to expand their skill set and create something interesting. Some of the colors offer a cool high-contrast look that will work brilliantly for making fun blankets and throws by hand at home. Others are a little more muted, but still provide tones that you don’t always see with traditional wool. Each skein is 100% micro-polyester with a 150gram weight and is 11.5 meters long.

3) JubileeYarn Fun Finger Loops Yarn

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If the idea of the multicolored rugs and blankets is of interest to you, I want to draw your attention to the options available from BambooMN’s Jubilee Yarn range. There are balls here that have a vast range of colors for a mottled effect in the loops. I particularly like the blend of grey, pink and red, but there are others too. You don’t get a lot in one ball, at just 7 meters compared to the 15 meters of the baby blanket ones above. However, it is quality polyester and you do get four balls of it.

4) Lion Brand Yarn 518-210 Off The Hook Faux Fur Yarn

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Lion Brand Yarn is a popular choice because of its quality and range of options in different styles of yarn. What stood out to me about this one is that this is their faux fur range, which takes projects in a different direction than if you were to use normal loop yarn. It is a little odd to have dog fur in with the wild animal fur – although the husky is beautiful for a super-soft blanket. There are three skeins of 200g polyester, but there is no clear indication of how long each one is.

5) Lion Brand Yarn Off the Hook Magic Yarn, Peace Sign

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Of course, Lion Brand Yarn also has other options in a more traditional style – even if some of the color choices are pretty out there. I am used to seeing a lot of soft tones when searching for yarn and knitting materials because so much is made for young children. So, it is no surprise that this “peace sign” option caught my eye with its mass of multicolored loops. It creates a peace sign when complete. It’s like an expression of popping candy in polyester. You can also check out some of their other individual balls for other unique projects, such as the unicorn and smiling emoji. They are great little kits for younger crafters that want to join in.

6) Bernat Alize Blanket-EZ Yarn

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Bernat tones things down a little for a more grown-up approach to creating some blankets with ease. There are still lots of beautiful colors with different tones that can lead to some nice wavy effects. With each 100% polyester ball measuring 16 meters, this is one of the bigger projects. You can end up with some big cozy throws that are perfect for cozy nights.

7) RED HEART E884.0531 Loop-It Yarn Everybody in the Pool

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Finally, we have what is currently an Amazon Choice product based on the number of purchases and happy crafters. This is actually one of the more simplistic and accessible options for newcomers, thanks to the big loop and the massive range of fun colors. As you can see from this one, they also have some fun names. It is a little lighter and fuzzier than some others, which can lead to the odd broken loop. But, the majority of users are happy with what they make on their first try.

Choosing the Best Loop Yarn for your Project

Most of these loop yarn options should be fine for beginners, but it is fun to see that there is a mix out there between kid-friendly options and those that are a little more grown-up. As there is no real difference in the material, and not so many brands offering this approach, the choice really does come down to the color options and the length of the yarn. This can help you decide on the ideal option for your needs. From there, you can have great fun and see if you get hooked on this needle-free method.