How To Put A Zipper Back On

It’s hard to imagine how we ever got by in life without zippers on our clothing. They are so essential for getting in and out of garments that we learned to make concealed zippers for dresses so we didn’t have to struggle. Then there are the zippers on our bags and luggage for security. So, when a zipper comes off, that garment or bag suddenly feels a little bit useless. Can we put a zipper back on, do we need to replace it, or should we give up on the item as broken?

How Do You Put A Zipper Back On

The good news if your zipper comes off there is a way to fix it again. As long as the pull is intact, you can straighten it out, tease it back onto the teeth, and then add a new tab or top stop if needed. If this fails, you can always learn how to unpick what remains of the zipper and fit a new one. This can all be fiddly work depending on the severity of the issue. But, you shouldn’t assume that all zippers that come off their teeth are a lost cause!

Is The Zipper Pull Broken Or Just Distorted?

The first thing that you will need to do here is to check the zipper pull for damage. There is a reason it came off the track and it was either forced off or became so misshapen that it couldn’t stay on. Take a look at the piece and see if one side is bent out of shape. It is possible to fix this with a pair of pliers, but this is easier on metal pulls than plastic. If you have a damaged plastic one, it may be better to buy a replacement.

Remove The Stopper And Some Of The Teeth For Easy Access.

Once the zipper pull is straight and ready for use again, you need to focus on the zippers teeth. This is where the hard work comes into play. It is easier to get access to the track if you remove the top stopper and some teeth first. You might even find that it was the loss of this stopper that caused the pull to slide off in the first place. Pull the teeth out with the pliers, put them aside, and line up the pull in the right direction.

Slide The Pull Back On And Get Everything Nice And Smooth

It might take a little bit of patience and teasing to get the pull back in the correct position. Just because it is on the zipper doesn’t mean that it is securely on the track. You could run the risk of it becoming “derailed” otherwise. Pull the zip taught so it is nice and flat and wait for a click. This should mean that the teeth are running through the zipper correctly. It should then feel nice and smooth as you glide the pull down to the bottom of the zipper.

Make Sure You Can Open And Close The Zipper Properly Before Finishing Up

Don’t skip ahead to fixing the stopper back just yet. It helps to make sure that the zipper will close securely first. Bring the second line of teeth into the zipper pull, as normal, and run it back up as if doing up the garment or bag. Just make sure to stop before the top so you don’t yank the pull straight off and have to start again. As long as it is smooth up and down with no bumps or gaps, you should be fine.

Put The Teeth And Stopper Back In, Or Fit New Ones

Now you can get the teeth back in the zipper to fill that hole and replace the stopper. This will make sure that you can’t pull it back off again and are safe to use the garment or bag as normal. If you are unable to replace the stopper or teeth, you can fit new ones on instead. Just be aware that this can be tricky as you need to squeeze the stopper with pliers and tease it into place.

Can You Repair An Invisible Zip This Way?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to follow this approach when working with an invisible zipper in a dress. The difference between the two is the way they are concealed in the clothing rather than their operation. So, you should still be able to manipulate the pull, remove some teeth, and replace the stopper. However, the placement of the zipper against the material may make it more difficult to see and access these features.

What Should You Do If The Problem Is With The Zipper Teeth Instead?

You might find that the problem isn’t with the zipper pull at all and that it was a loss of teeth or the stopper that is the culprit. You may also find that some teeth are bent out of shape, causing issues getting the zip to go up. If you can’t bend them back into place, it might just be easier to detach the whole zipper and replace it with a matching model. Craft stores and haberdasheries should stock a series of colors, sizes, and materials.

Should You Sew Or Glue On A New Zipper?

When you get this new zipper, it is best to sew it on. This creates a nice clean look and a strong connection with the item. But, if you don’t have a sewing machine or someone that can help you, fabric glue may be an option. Just be aware of the potential for mess and mistakes.

It Is Possible To Learn How To Put A Zipper Back On

As you can see, you don’t need to give up hope when you have a zipper issue on a favorite dress or bag. There are options where you can fix the item or replace the zipper to get it back to its best again. If the zipper is beyond hope, you should be able to find something that matches easily enough.