5 Best Yarn for Amigurumi in 2021

Amigurumi, if you have never heard of it before, is a yarn art that originated from Japan in the 1860s. The yarn used for Amigurumi comes in a variety of colors and patterns to create an Amigurumi pattern. The name “Amigurumi” comes from the Japanese term which means knitted or crochet plush dolls or toys. Amigurumi art itself does not have many rules. The dolls and toys can be made in all different shapes and sizes and allow you to be the creative mastermind behind these knitted crafts. These Amigurumi projects are not only a fun DIY project to learn, the finished products can be thoughtful, unique gifts for friends and family. 

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The type of yarn used for the crochet project can greatly affect the quality of the toy, so it is important to choose the best one for your project. There are finer yarns or medium-weight yarns which are also known as worsted weight yarns. To find the best yarn for your project and get you on your way to crocheting the cutest knitted crafts we go through everything you need to know about Amigurumi yarns. 

Top 5 Yarns for Amigurumi 

1. Katia Cotton Yarn: Amigurumi 100%, Multicolor

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This Katia pack of 100% Cotton yarns comes in many different colors of yarns for any Amigurumi project. The yarn pack comes with 10 skeins that allow you to craft a variety of crochet projects with its playful and bright colors. There is 3.5 oz per skein which accounts for a total of 360 yards, making it a great value. The soft natural fiber allows for tight crocheting, yet keeps the overall feel soft and comfortable, which is most optimal for Amigurumi. This is a high-quality yarn that can last through multiple washes, making it a popular option among Amigurumi crafters.


– Fun and bright colors

– 10 different colors of yard

– 100% cotton for soft feel


– Maybe too small for some projects

– Colors may not be suitable for specific projects

2. Mira Handcrafts 24 Acrylic Yarn Skeins

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This Mira Handcrafts assorted acrylic yarns comes with 24 different skeins with a total of 525 yards. The pack also comes with 2 crochet hook sizes and weaving needles for different crochet sizes. This is a great starter pack since it comes with the necessary tools and multi-colored yarns. The material is 100% acrylic, which is slightly rougher than cotton, but holds the shape of the Amigurumi extremely well. This soft acrylic fiber is great for crafting tight stitches to make any type of pattern. With the wider variety of options, the color of the yarn is up to you. If you are looking for a great affordable option to get you started, look no further.


– 24 color of yarn options

– Comes with 2 crochet hooks and 2 weaving needles

-Great starter pack

-Affordable price


– Skeins can be a bit small

– Acrylic is less soft

3. Lamia Mini Cottony 20 Skein 100% Cotton Mini Yarn

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This Lamia yarn set is made from 100% premium cotton and comes with soft pastel shades, perfect for babies or a more subtle Amigurimi look. The material is able to be machine- washed, and stays soft after multiple washes. The set comes with 20 skeins that are most suitable with a 4-5mm crochet hook. This is a high-quality set made from premium Turkish cotton that will not disappoint in your Amigurumi projects. The yarn is versatile and able to make much more than Amigurumi toys such as scarves, dishcloths, and much more. If you are looking for a super-soft option that includes beautiful pastel colors, this is the one for you.


– Soft pastel colours

– 100% Turkish cotton soft yarns

– Able to make different pieces


– More expensive yarns

– Light colors give less definition

4. Red Heart Classic Yarn, White

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This Redheart Yarn Label makes quality 100% Acrylic yarns in many different colors. You are able to get your favorite yarns in bulk sizes for larger Amigurumi projects. This stretchy, yet soft yarn is able to be crocheted into an image you need. You are also able to choose the thickness of the yarn, but one thing to note is that this option is not a set and only comes with a single yarn. This is great for a large scale project that requires a bit more sturdiness. This high-quality acrylic yarn is able to withstand any Amigurumi project. 


– Worsted weight yarn choices

– Acrylic yarn holds up well

– Different colors in your favorite fiber



– Only one yarn per pack

– Acrylic may not be as suitable for finer projects

5. Lion Brand Yarn Lion Brand Bonbons Colored Yarn

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This Lion Brand Cotton yarn comes in 8 different skeins in different color ranges. This is a 100% acrylic set, yet feels as soft as cotton yarn semi-blends. It is finer than a worsted weight yarn, which makes it great for more detailed Amigurumi projects. The versatility of the yarn allows you to create more than just Amigurumi toys. The fine weight and softness of this yarn pack makes this a popular choice for Amigurumi. 


– Affordable pack

– Soft for acrylic yarn

– Different color schemes


– Small skeins

– Fine weight may not be for everyone

What You Will Need

Amigurumi can be great for crafters of all levels. The art form features simple techniques that are easy to learn that can create a simple single pattern, or more intricate animals and patterns. Whatever idea comes to mind, you are able to create it in the creative art form of Amigurumi. To get started, you need the necessary equipment to create the tight stitches needed for Amigurumi. Some things that you will need include:

Crochet Yarn

This is what makes up the overall look, and stitching of the project, so choosing the right type is essential. There is a wide variety of different yarns on the market, and there are ones that are more suitable for Amigurumi art. Being such an important factor in the art form, the type of yarn can you choose can either greatly help or hurt your project. The three types of yarn that are most suitable for Amigurumi are 100% cotton yarn, semi-cotton blend yarn, and acrylic yarn. The reason full cotton yarn works well for Amigurumi is that they are easily washable yarns that have fibers that are easily knitted together tightly. This gives the overall pattern a softer texture and fewer stitch markers. The yarns also come in a plethora of yarn colors to fit your different Amigurumi projects. Semi-cotton blend yarn is also suitable for Amigurumi because the material is lightweight and still extremely soft. They are not too soft and will not pull out when knitting. 

This makes it an ideal yarn type for Amigurumi toys. Last but not least, acrylic yarns are a great budget-friendly option that still gets the job done well. A great feature of acrylic yarn is that the fibers are more sturdy, making it a great option for younger children. The acrylic fibers hold up well even with your little ones throwing and tossing them around. You are sure your handy work can last a while. One difference to note about this type of yarn is that acrylic fivers are slightly rougher, making kitting slightly tougher. There are many types of yarns to choose from, but these three are the most popular for Amigurumi for good reason. They are affordable, yet easy to work with and create the cutest Amigurumi toys for gifts or to keep for yourself.

Crochet hook

This is also an essential tool for creating Amigurumi art. There are many different hook sizes, but we recommend a small crochet hook for tight stitches. This allows for quick crocheting work that allows you to easily maneuver the yarn through the holes. The small hook also holds the yarn tight to main the structure over time and to keep the stuffing in place.


The stuffing itself is not as important since its main purpose is to give the toy body and appear fluffy and full. It also helps to provide support and keep its shape over time. The stuffed dolls and plush toys can start to wilt and lose their shape if not filled correctly. You can bring the toy’s cuteness to life using cotton or polyester stuffing.


While this is not an essential in creating Amigurumi toys, for some specific patterns or shapes with special structures may need weights to hold them in place. For more advanced Amigurmi artists, weights can be a great way to experiment with different poses and unique stances to help your structures stay upright and in place. Many artists choose to use small pebbles along with stuffing to fill their Amigurumi toys. 

Things to Consider Before Buying

To make sure you are set up to create the most successful Amigurmi art there are some things to consider before choosing your yarn type. These factors include:

Yarn Weight

The weight of the yarn is also the same thing as the thickness of the yard, which is measure in gauge or wraps per inch. The weight of the yarn greatly affects the size and appearance of your Amigurumi. Light yarns or yarn that is too thin can tangle easily and can be difficult for some to work with. Yarn that is too soft or thick, such as worst weight yarns can be difficult to maneuver with a small crochet hook. It can also decrease the details in your pattern.

Skein Weight

This refers to how much the yarn actually weighs. This is important to determine if you have enough material to make the project you need. 


This factor refers to how much the strand of yarn stretches when tugged. You want to look for a yarn that is stretchy, so it can easily be knitted with your small crochet hook without hurting your shoulder or arm. You also want one that is not too stretchy, so the pattern can hold up and maintain its structure over time.


Some other factors to note include the softness of the yarn, the fiber content, and the washability of the yarn. Most of these are based on personal preference, so make sure you find a yarn that fits your needs. You can choose your yarn for Amigurumi based on what you want to make and who you want to make it for. Fancy yarns can be great for more intricate patterns for adults, and softer wool blends can be great for making items for babies. 


With DIY projects on the rise, Amigurumi crafts may be a great way to keep busy as well as be used for great gift ideas. They are a wonderful creative outlet that creates the most thoughtful products. We hope this guide assists you in choosing the best yarn for your Amigurumi.