Best stencil material for cricut

Stencils are a wonderful way to add life to any project. From designing pillows to invitations, you can add a lot of character and personality and the possibilities with stencils are endless. There are quite a lot of options on the market, however, and the kind that you buy will depend on the project that you’re working on. Before making a snap decision and purchasing the first thing you see on shelves or online, let’s go through some considerations for stencil material before discussing our picks for the best stencil material for cricut. 

Considerations for stencil material 


First you want to think about whether or not you want to reuse these stencils. Some are adhesive and others are not. The adhesive sheets or rolls are only meant for a one time use such as decorating a piece of wood or decorating a pillowcase. Though they are a one time use, they usually come in large rolls to compensate for their single use. If you need them to be reusable such as decorating cupcakes for a bake sale, then you would want some non-adhesive sheets that are durable, easy to clean, and strong. They are both usually around the same price range, it just depends on how long you would need them for.

Thickness and Extra Material

Cricut can cut through tougher material, but you need the right tools to get the job done. I like getting thin material so the cut is neat, but others might want something thick so it lasts. You also have to think about whether or not extra tools are required in the process. One example of this is transfer tape, which is used to get a neat and even finish. It is used by sticking your transfer tape onto the decal and then placing it on the surface you wish to design. So instead of having to stick every letter individually, you use transfer tape to move the whole design over. 

You also have to think about the tools you have for the cricut and which setting works best for your materials. There are different types of tools that give you different finishes. For example, you can use a tool to engrave or one to get a fully custom debossed design. You can create many different textures with more tools and accessories, so making sure you have the right material makes the process easier to get your desired design


This goes hand in hand with the durability and longevity of the stencil material as it needs to match the surface in which you plan to decorate. Like I mentioned earlier, you would not want an adhesive material for decorating foods, but you would want an adhesive when you want a design on a tote bag so that it holds in place and looks neat. Keep in mind what project you are working on and whether you are striving for accuracy or consistency.

5 Best stencil material for cricut 

1. Cricut Stencil Vinyl

The cricut stencl vinyl is first on our list and comes in various styles including color and glitter. It’s a great vinyl that sticks well and is gridded for accuracy. Though I do think there is a bit of work needed such as flattening the edges to clear bubbles or wrinkles, this is great for many diy projects such as adding designs to glass, wood, and clothing. It stick well enough to various surfaces that paint or spray paint will not seep through the stencil. I would be careful with using several layers of paint though. Overall a great product that anyone can use.


  • Works with different surfaces
  • Gridded for easy marking (not just for beginners)


  • Rolled tube may be hard to work with

2. Jinsey Mylar Sheets

Next we have these neat stencil sheets from the brand Jinsey. They are fairly flexible, washable, and strong. It is not an adhesive and is thick, all great qualities for reusable stencils. The fact that it is washable too is convenient for someone who likes painting with stencils. I strongly suggest you buy an easy tack repositionable adhesive spray when buying mylars. It makes it easier to rip off, otherwise it will rip easily. It’s an additional cost that is worth for it for a durable stencil. There are 10 in a pack, 6mil thick, and are 12×12 in size. A great find for someone looking for thick material.


  • Great for multiple uses
  • Ideal for different types of diy projects
  • Flat sheet is easy to work with


  • Extra cost of adhesive spray needed
  • Rips easily 

3. EG Emigoo Mylar Stencil Sheets

Next we have more mylar sheets from the brand EG EMIGOO. They work just like the Jinsey sheets, though there are some key differences. They come in a 12 pack and are 4mil in thickness. They are not as thick, but can be cut with a regular cutting blade when using it with the cricut. They also come with more sheets. I would keep in mind that there is film on both sides, so don’t waste your precious time and make sure to remove both sides. What I really like about these is the transparency and how easy it is to make your pattern of choice. Definitely a good deal for what you get.


  • 100 percent money back guarantee
  • Easy to cut
  • Transparent


  • Not very thick
  • Rips easily

4. Oramask Stencil Film Roll  

The oramask stencil film roll is our second adhesive roll on the list. It’s a great one-time use stencil and has all the qualities that come with adhesive rolls. Again, it is very typical for air bubbles to arise on the surface if you do not flatten the edges, but it goes through the cricut machine very easily. It is on the thinner side, so make sure to pick the appropriate settings. I really like it for quick and cute projects such as making wood tags or using it to make quotes on a canvas. It can be a little tacky and varies on result with certain surfaces. I recommend this film roll on harder surfaces.


  • Easy to cut
  • Best for harder surfaces like wood or walls
  • Beginner friendly


  • Not great on all surfaces
  • Tightly rolled makes it hard to place on mat

5. VViVid Blue Vinyl Stencil Film Roll

Last, we have the VViVid Blue Vinyl Stencil Film Roll, another adhesive roll. It is easy to create your own design whether you are using the cricut or making your own design by hand. Truly a value item for the price and quantity. This product works great for bigger designs, so I do not recommend for smaller and more meticulous designs. Again, because it is a roll, there is some difficulty when using it such as adding pressure to maintain a flat surface or getting rid of bubbles. Spray paint will not bleed, but I would use light coats of regular paint. I like it for large poster board presentations, wooden signs, or chalkboard designs. This is great for someone looking for something on the more affordable side.


  • Pencil and pen sketch friendly
  • Gridded background allows for accuracy
  • Great for big letters or shapes
  • Large roll for a small price


  • Needs transfer tape
  • Can bubble
  • Not best for small designs or details

Stencils are amazing for adding fun and color to any DIY projects. With so many choices out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best stencil material! Hopefully our guide will help you understand the different types of crafts you can produce in minutes. Whether you want to decorate the walls of your child’s bedroom or spice up your furniture with a fun decorative pillow, stencil making with the cricut is a breeze. 

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