6 Best Sewing Needle Holders

Do you use a pincushion? If you don’t, you should, or at the very least use something like it. They will save you from pain big time, plus they are a fun accessory in your craft kit. They are great personal accents for your sewing kit, setting your mood in the right direction from the get-go for yourself and others.  You can find them in many different sizes depending on the aesthetic and the size you prefer.

It is important to have needle holders because the more you sew, the more you will need multiple needles at your disposal.  Why would you need multiple needles?  Well sometimes they bend, they can get dull, and perhaps you need a bigger size thread or another threaded needle at the ready.  Electric sewing machine needles can break too.  This is where a pincushion or a sewing needle book comes in handy.

So we decided to look through the web to round up some of the best sewing needle holders out there.  We found an eclectic assortment, ranging from the uber-practical to the extra-adorable.  Something in this list is sure to suit your eyes!

1. Willbond Copper Ringed Sewing Needle Tubes

This finely made needle tube made from wood, and accented with copper, makes for a clean cut, earthen look.  As if it was straight out the cigar box, this needle tube comes with two separate tubes, each with the same brown color wood products.  Each has 12 needles total, with equal amounts of 3 different sizes.  As a bonus, it also comes with two copper thimbles as well.  A very nice selection to get you started.


  • classic, vintage craft look – like a cigar case
  • two sets of three different fabric needle sizes
  • comes with an additional two copper thimbles


  • only holds so many needles
  • can not see inside from the outside

2. Grabbit Magnetic Sewing Pincushion with 50 Plastic Head Pins

This magnetic pincushion is not totally a pincushion persay, as you don’t actually stick the needles into the item.  That’s where the magnet comes in, holding your needles in place as it says in the product description.  This item is offered in a wide variety of colors, perfect for pairing with a thematic, or color toned sewing set.  For more options, it comes with 50 round-headed plastic pins.  Overall, it has a bit of a retro look, and if that’s what you’re going for – it’s the details that help sell your style, right?


  • simplistic, pop art-like design with bright color choices
  • comes with 50 pins
  • magnet holds the pins in place


  • no sealed container for the pins
  • need something to rest the pincushion on

3. Delaman Pin Cushion, Creative Pumpkin Pincushions & 8 Petals Daisy Shaped Pin Cushion

The Delaman pin cushion has an old-world feel to it, sure to give your sewing pattern book, the perfect accompaniment.  With such lovely designs and patterns to choose from, this cushion is sure to be a winner for those who like floral, fun, and calming design patterns.

It comes with an elastic wrist band to keep you comfortable and content while sewing.  You won’t even think twice about it, and shoot you might even walk out the door with it still on it’s that charming!


  • old school, yet nostalgic vibe
  • comes with an elastic band on the underside for wearing on wrist while sewing
  • made of fabrics, with floral design – vintage sewing items


  • no container to store pins and needles

4. Dritz 812 Needle Storage Tubes (3-Count), Clear

On the more practical side of the design spectrum, these Dritz needle storage tubes offer the pragmatist a fine product.  The color codes built into the tops of the tubes allow you to properly organize your different sized needles.  In a game of inches (more like millimeters), these color codes make for a helpful tool.  They are clear so you can see straight into them, kind of like your mechanical pencil lead holder from grade school.


  • transparent tube to easily see inside
  • color coded tops to help with organization


  • very practical looking and feeling
  • useful, but not so aesthetically stimulating

5. eZAKKA Sewing Needle Cushion Holder with Glass Bottle 200 Pieces Pearl Needles Quilting Pin Cushion Kit

Here is a really fun, modernist approach to the classic pincushion.  Straight out of a hipster magazine, we have the eZAKKA needle cushion holder.  I say hipster because of the clever use of the classic mason jar, with the dual purpose lid as the pincushion itself.  If that wasn’t enough, they included 200 ball point quilting pins into the sealing glass jar.  This gives you a two for one approach on the pincushion and container set-up.  The only issue I see with this is that you can’t have the cushion attached to your wrist while you sew, like some of the other options on this list.


  • doubles as a pincushion and as a container
  • handmade items feeling to it – quirky and fun


  • needs a surface to rest the whole thing on
  • not a classy item perse

6. Willbond Magnetic Wrist Sewing Pincushion with 100 Pieces Sewing Pins Set

If the seamster in your life has the personality of someone who would like an Apple Watch, then this magnetic pincushion could be for them.  I say Apple Watch because to me, that is what it kind of resembles, in aesthetic mainly.  Pincushions and thumbtacks alike easily stick to the magnetic outer coating, while the whole appendage attaches to the wrist, like a watch.  It’s a very clever design with this one.  Plus, besides the shipping, it comes with 100 ball head straight pins included.


  • very modernist feeling and looking – sleek
  • magnetic with a wrist strap attachment for use while sewing
  • comes with 100 pins included


  • very pragmatic design, though not colorful
  • no container to store needles and pins


Pricking your finger with loose needles is never fun, and these sewing needle holders will help prevent future accidents. Anyone with some sewing experience knows how important it is to safeguard your hands and your craft, so of course it is important to store these necessary mini danger items properly.

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