The 5 Best Pool Table Felt for an Award-Winning Game of Pool

When you are a big fan of cue games like billiard or pool, there is a chance that you are looking to invest in your own pool table in stead of going to a café, to place in your game room, garage or man cave! Perhaps you are on the hunt to invest in a pool table that is brand new, or maybe even a pool table and dining table all-in-one, but perhaps you have found yourself an excellent vintage buy that can use some new features to spice up its looks a little bit. 

As there are many things to a pool table that you can easily change by yourself that can make a huge difference, such as new cues or a new set of pool balls, there is one thing that draws the eye immediately, but also optimises your pool game. What we are talking about is without a doubt a new felt on your pool table. Optimise the looks of your table and your pool skills in one go by hitting two targets with one shot.

As pool table felt exists in many shapes, sizes, and all come with their specific pros and cons, finding the perfect and best pool table felt may bring some hesitation and complex decision-making. The mission of finding the pool table felt that suits you and – of course – your table, boils down to a few features. A few things to take into consideration are, for example, the type of material, of course, the measurements of the felt, and colour.

That’s why we have listed and reviewed our five top choices on the pool table felt (or also; billiard cloth), across all features that you need to take in consideration when you are looking to purchase the right one for you. When you are still looking to educate yourself a bit on what to look for, and which things to take into consideration, there is a complete buying guide listed below.

Top Rated: The Best Pool Table Felt for Your Pool Table

As there is an excellent collection of pool table felts available, with an infinite choice on price, colour, and fabric, below you will find our top picks on value for money, for every budget.

#1: Editor’s Choice and Favorite: Simonis Worsted Blend 860 Fast Speed Pool Cloth

[amazon table=”7171″]


Material: worsted 90% Wool, 10% Nylon

Weight: 27oz per linear yard


  • Fabric that fits your 7, 8 or 9-foot pool or billiard table
  • Six pre-cut rail pieces
  • 12 pack of matching chalk
  • Full-size vinyl table cover to protect your felt
  • Horsehair brush for upkeep


  • Choose from 23 different colours
  • High-quality, durable
  • The fabric doesn’t pill
  • Stain-resistant fabric
  • Consistent ball spin


  • As the felt is cut to order, there is not much extra fabric when you are installing the felt yourself 

When it comes down to a passion or hobby, you likely wish to have the best of the best quality for the tools you work with. And when are the chances highest when it comes down to choosing the right pool table felt? Well, as far as we are concerned, it is to invest in the best brand on the market. For our Editor’s Choice, that is why we chose to go with a pool table felt by the brand Simonis, a market leader in the field. Simonis has been one of the top brands and has its origin in Belgium, Europe since 1708.

As regards to the pool table felt itself, this robust and stain-resistant fabric will surely make a difference to your game of pool. Because of the high-quality materials that are used to produce the felt, it will last a lifetime. Also, Simonis provides all the tools to keep your pool table felt in the best shape possible, such as a vinyl table colour and a horsehair brush. The thread is constructed lets the balls spin with more consistency and reduces ball burns.

#2: Runner Up on Best Choice: ProForm 8′ High Speed Professional Pool Table Cloth Felt

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Material: worsted 70% Wool, 30% Nylon

Weight: 23oz per linear yard


  • Fabric that fits 8-foot pool or billiard table
  • Six pre-cut rail pieces


  • Choose from 14 different colours, such as Tournament Green, Khaki, Steel Grey, Euro Blue and Olive.
  • High-quality, durable fabric blend
  • Stain-resistant material
  • Doesn’t wrinkle
  • Fast and accurate speed


  • Installing the rails might require a bit more time 

Another reliable brand that knows their felts is ProForm, and they prove us that with this 8” felt made out of wool and nylon. It lets you play without concern: not only stimulates the fabric blend a quick and smooth ball spin, it is also naturally spill resistant. Resistant to a game (or more) with friends! Next tot that, the material is incredibly durable and has a professional feel to it because of the tightly woven threads, which in their place increase the playability even more.

A big benefit is, identical to the number one choice by Simonis, is that the rails are pre-cut. That will save any novice or even seasoned pool felt expert a lot of time when self-installing the pool table cloth. The only difference is the thickness of the fabric and the ratio between wool and nylon, which increases the durability of the Simonis felt even more. But, in a nutshell, ProForm provides with this 8” felt an excellent option!

#3: Best Budget Buy: Accuplay 20 oz Pre Cut Pool Table Felt – Billiard Cloth

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Material: Blended, 75% wool, 25% polymade

Weight: 20oz per linear yard


  • Fabric that fits your 7, 8 or 9-foot pool or billiard table
  • Six pre-cut rail pieces


  • Choose from nine colors: English Green, Spruce Green, Blue, Tan, Black, Navy, Red, Gray or Burgundy
  • Great value for money option
  • Easy to install without the help of a professional
  • The manufacturer provides enough fabric 
  • Thick and smooth material


  • Not the most quick option felt available on the market

On the hunt for a good wallet-friendly buy? Accuplay might have just the right type of felt in store for you. Available in nine different colors, the manufacturer offers an easy fabric blend that is perfect for home use and very low maintanance. As the fabric is generously cut, self-installing will be a super easy job to do as mistakes can be fixed easily. However, the blend of wool and polymade makes this choice not the felt on the market that is likely to play the quickest.

All in all, this is a great option when you are looking to find something that will last long enough to play in a relaxed home setting.

#4: Best for Tournaments: Championship Tour Edition 3030 Pool Table Cloth Set

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Material: worsted tournament grade fabric, 70% Wool, 30% Nylon

Weight: 27oz per linear yard


  • Fabric that fits your 9-foot pool or billiard table
  • Comes with pre-cut rail pieces
  • 12 pack of matching Master Chalk
  • Full-size vinyl table cover to protect your pool table and felt
  • Horsehair brush for upkeep


  • Choose from 13 different colours, including Camel, Bottle Green, Burgundy and Black
  • Superior cloth that is delivered without any folds
  • Perfect for amateur players, but also professional players
  • Water and stain resistant fabric blend
  • Fast and accurate ball spin
  • Durable quality


  • Less heavy weight fabric compared to others

What we like when purchasing something to replace or install, is when you find yourself a complete package that contains all the tools you will need. This pool table felt by Championship Tour Edition has that complete package in common with well-known brand Simonis: both of the manufacturers provide their customers a complete set, with pre-cut rails, a horsehair brush and matching chalk to use on the cues.

The felt is tournament grade, which instantly gives you an “experience optimale”. Because of its worsted woolen fabric blend with nylon, it is accurate, quick and durable. All the features you need when you are looking to find the best pool table felt for tournaments with friends or family, of course with best performance. In order to keep the pool table cloth in best shape possible, Championship also provides a stylish vinyl table cover to protect your table when not in use. The brand is, with 342 years of total experience with the game, industry and its organizations a reliable option!

#5: Best Damage Resistant Option: Championship Invitational Felt with Teflon

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Material: woolen billiard fabric, 75% Wool, 25% Nylon, Dupont Teflon

Weight: 20oz per linear yard


  • Fabric that fits your 8-foot pool or billiard table
  • Comes with six pre-cut rail pieces


  • Choose from many different colours
  • Option to personalize your felt by embroidering it in 9 options of colour
  • Perfect for amateur players, but also professional players
  • Water and stain resistant fabric blend because of the Dupont Teflon finish
  • Durable quality


  • Ball spin is slightly slower

Aiming for even more durability? Lucky you! Nowadays, there is a new developed technique to keep your pool table stain and damage free. The brand Championship brings us the comfort of playing freely with less worry to spill our drinks on the table. While the same blend of fabrics is used, there is one extra, last step added to the production process. The cloth is “bathed” in genuine Teflon. 

But, aside from that, another great feature that we haven’t seen among the other pool table felts we reviewed, is that Championship allows you to have the felt embroidered, in a color of your choice, including gold and silver, for an extra luxurious look. You may expect that all this will break the bank but the opposite is true, which is a big advantage when you want to try a new type of felt without investing too much.

Our Final Verdict and Top Choice for The Best Pool Table Cloth: Simonis Worsted Blend 860

Our top options discussed above are based on different criteria. The reason that we have chosen Simonis Worsted Blend 860 is that it’s an extremely durable choice and ticks all the boxes on the features that are most important! The quality is high-end and used by many professionals. The wool and nylon fabric will not shed, wrinkle, stretch, or pill, which, when it does, can be an big dealbreaker for when you have just invested in a new pool table felt.

However, this worsted blend, nor the brand will let you down and ensure you of not only a professional-looking pool table but also a professional playing experience! 

The Ultimate Buying Guide on Pool Table Felt

As you may have seen from the reviewed products, purchasing the right pool table felt that lasts long and is a good value for money can be a project that takes some effort. To help you along the way we have listed our detailed buyer’s guide for you below.

Things to consider when buying a pool table dining table

Are you getting excited about your new pool table felt yet and play like a pro? Before you buy, there are a few things we recommend you to consider to achieve the best speed, angle and accuracy with the pool table felt of your choice. Such as:


Since you are investing in something that is desired to last a lifetime and will bring many benefits not to a lot more than just the looks of your table – considering your budget and what amount you wish to spend is unquestionable. The prices of felt vary, and features such as material and size will do its part in this. However, keep in mind that price and quality often go hand in hand. The cost of pool table felts differ from budget options around $90 to professional and extended options around $500. 


When purchasing fabric for your playing table, often you will find that the material is already cut in standard pool table sizes. This makes it super easy to find the right size for you as the fabric is sold in a size matching your table. However, when you are going the DIY way and are aiming to instal the freshly bought felt on your pool table yourself, it might be an excellent option to have a cut to order fabric so that you can add a few inches of excess material. Some manufacturers do take this leeway into their sizing.  


It starts with the basics. A smooth and utterly even surface for your pool table will guarantee a top of the bill, smooth game. When it comes down to the pool table felt, different types of material will do the trick. Each of them has specific features that optimise your game. 

Worsted Wool

The felt that is used in professional pool tables and is seen as the best option, is called worsted wool. Worsted refers to the fact that the fibers of the wool during the spinning process is undone from impurities by combing. It creates a smooth yarn, and in this case surface for your pool table.

Fabric blends

Other, typical fabric blends that you will come across is wool and nylon, or wool and polyester. The most significant difference in between both is the thickness of it. Wool and nylon is also a golden combination to have an optimal playing experience as the quality won’t let you down – it usually lasts a lifetime. It plays quick and easy and allows the ball to travel smoothly over the surface of the playing field for optimal performance.

Woolen felt

Next to this blend of materials, another commonly used option used in the production of pool table felt is woolen. This is a more budget-friendly option, but wool is known to slow down the matter of speed in which the ball is shooted and makes its way over the felt. Wool is also more prone to damage and will last less long than wool and nylon. In a nutshell, it is a good alternative for more recreational use.

Teflon coated felt

Teflon is a fabric that has the qualities of fluid resistant. It is a new technology used by manufacturers, where they supply their customers the usual fabrics used for pool table felt, but with a finish that contributes even more to the durability of the cloth. 

Outdoor pool table felt

In contrary to indoor tables, when you are planning to use your pool table outdoors, it is key to look for a different kind of fabric. We recommend a long-lasting, strong and weatherproof fabric such as Polytech cloth. An other fabric used for outdoor pool tables is Sunbrella. 

Long lasting material = long lasting fun

Last but not least, keep in mind that in general long-lasting materials are heavier and are likely to be able to take on some playing hours. The measurements which you should look for in that case is the weight in ounces per linear yard. We could state that, the heavier the better (and the more fun on long-term).

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still left with some questions regarding pool table dining tables? Read on below to have your questions answered.

What is the best brand of pool tables?

As this depends on what you are looking for, there is no right answer to it. However, common brands in billiards that you may have heard of are for example Diamond Billiards, Brunswick Billiard, Plank and Hide, Costzon, and East Point. All of these vary in price.

Can you use any felt for a pool table?

No. The felt used to clothe a pool table is made out of specific material as it needs to be smooth and support the billiard or pool balls to glide smoothly. Pool table felt is often made out of wool and nylon or worsted wool. See also section “Material” in our buyer’s guide.

Where can I buy felt for a pool table?

Pool table cloth can be bought at brands that are specialized in and known for their experience with pool tables and billiard. However, for a more broad selection of different kinds of brands, Amazon also sells numerous brands and makes it easier to have an overview of what is on the market. Next to that, Walmart has a selection of pool table felts to choose from as well. A small tip is to make sure that the shipping is done while the fabric is rolled in stead of folded, this will save you a lot of time with the installation!

Is it hard to replace a pool table felt?

No. It is often seen as something to leave on to the professionals, however, with the right tools and measurements, you will come a long way. To do it yourself, can save you a lot of money as well! Thanks to technology, there are many videos to find on the internet that provide you with all the instructions you need. 

Why are pool tables green?

The green color originates from the cue games (pool, snooker and billiards) that were played as lawn games from over 600 years ago. So, the green color comes from the grass. 

What is the fastest pool table felt?

The quickest felt for your pool table is made out of worsted wool felt. This is also often used by professionals, and because of its smooth surface, the ball glides more quick compared to ‘rougher’ fabrics.

How long does pool table felt last?

This depends on the frequency in which you play pool on the table. A good measuring standard is when the pool table is used daily for a few hours a day, the felt should last for at least 3 years. But, when the felt (and table) is good taken care of, you can add up to two years to the number. To keep your pool table cloth in best condition, make sure to clean, brush and cover your table when not in use. There are even pool table cleaning products available on the market to make the job easier for you.

What size pool tables do pros play on?

Professional pool players play their tournaments on 9-Foot Pool Tables (9ft x 4.5ft). The bigger size of it allows the players to shoot longer shots which require more percision and speed control.

How often should you change pool table felt?

Also this comes down to the frequency in which the pool table is used and how good it is taken care of. A good aim would be around 3-4 years.

What glue do you use for pool table felt?

There are many different types of special glue for pool table felt available. For instance, this 3M Super 77 Glue is a great and reliable product for most types of felt. Although, most professional pool tables are made out of slate. In that case the felt is stapled on to it, so no glue is to be used. Depending on the type of felt you use for your table, look out for the best glue for it to avoid disasters!

What should I look for when buying a pool table?

There are many things to look for when you are about to purchase a pool table. Most importantly is of course the size of it. Depending on the size of the room in which you would like to play, it is essential to not only have enough space for the pool table itself, but also to freely play and move around during a game. However, to optimally use the space in your home, you could also choose to invest in a convertible pool table (combined with other games) or a pool table and dining table in one. 

Other factors that play a part in the purchase of a pool table are price and budget, brand, the material (often slate or MDF), the cushions and rails, and of course warranty.

The Takeaway 

Choosing the right pool table felt will not only be a great add-on to the looks of your playing table, but also makes a significant difference in your performance while playing. When you invest in the right fabric, you will increase your skills immediately! Based on our research and reviews, our recommendation is to go with an option pool table felt that is either manufactured out of wool and nylon or worsted wool for an extra professional finish that lasts a lifetime. This way, you will achieve the most durable and fast play!

Hopefully, we have made your search for the right product a little bit easier with our detailed guide and product reviews. If you have any questions or in case you would like to share your thoughts and experiences on pool tables and pool table felt: please feel free to share them below! We wish you a lot of fun in playing pool and good luck!