The 7 Best Diamond Painting DIY Kits to Add a Little Sparkle to Your Life

Diamond painting is a craft that may have gone under your radar if you are someone that tends to deal only in fine art, clay crafts, or something with needle and thread. But, this alternative art form has a strong following as people use this alternative to paint-by-numbers kits to build a 3D image without the need for artistic talent. There are sets on the market for everyone from young kids to avid adults looking for a challenge. So, what are the best DIY diamond painting kits, and what styles are out there? Find out below.

Top Rated: The Best Diamond Painting Kits

The following 7 products showcase the range on offer in terms of kits for different ages and experience levels, as well as some of the alternative types of creations. To be honest, I could have picked so many other alternative products when it comes to the grown-up artwork pieces because there are just so many of them out of them. They come in all kinds of styles and designs because all companies have to do is create that grid with any image they like, supply an appropriate number of gems to fill the gaps, add in the tools, and that’s it.

There are lots of animals images, motivational pieces, and even a surprising number with Disney themes. As the affiliation with the Disney company wasn’t clear, I opted against these and went for the potential crowd-pleasers below.

1) 15 Pack Easter 5D Diamond Painting Kits for Kids

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My first pick is a 15 piece set where you can make more practical items rather than just art. It is a bit niche in terms of its audience and the theme, as it is all about Easter. The pieces are very cute though, with little bunnies with Easter eggs and tiny carrots. The eggs have a wide range of colors in bright tones like cyan and magenta as well as plenty of white for the bunnies and black for the details. You also get the all-important wax square, gem tray, 1000 gems, 8 plastic key chains, and 7 longer key chains. Turn them into gifts for others or charms.

There was one complaint that the pattern wasn’t on both sides, but would you expect it to be with this sort of kids’ kit? There is also a risk of some pieces being broken or missing because it is a lower-quality kid’s set. Still, it is a bit of fun and a great way to introduce young crafters to the art before moving on to more difficult pieces.


  • Lots of fun charms and keyrings for kids to create over Easter.
  • You get lots of brightly colored gems and keychain accessories in the box.


  • The diIt is lower-quality than other options simply because of the age and theme.

2) Top Choice on Diamond Painting Kit for Adults: Lonmo Art Complete Kits For Adults

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Whether you are looking for a diamond painting kit especially for adults or not, this is another great choice that we are proud to add to the list. The kit is simple, yet equipped with every tool and accessory you need to start with this form of crafting. A big plus to this complete kit is the non-toxic nature of many products included, for example, the hot-melt, strong adhesive paste that is used for the canvas has no smell and is even hypoallergenicly made. 

Next to that, the canvas is partially printed with a high-quality ink picture. A perfect option for when you are looking to finish your painting somewhat quicker and easier. Regardless of the title saying ‘for Adults’ also this kit is suitable for the entire family. 


  • Comes with a collection of plenty beads
  • The canvas is sticks very strong
  • Complete kit that offers everything you need
  • 5D full drill 
  • Good value for money option


  • The drills are not always equal in size
  • Some numbers or letters are hard to read on the instructions

3) Best Value for Money: Suptikes 22 Piece 5D Diamond Painting Tools and Accessories Kits

22 Pieces 5D Diamonds Painting Tools and Accessories Kits with Diamond Painting Roller and Diamond Embroidery Box for Adults or Kids
22 Pieces 5D Diamonds Painting Tools and Accessories Kits with Diamond Painting Roller and Diamond Embroidery Box for Adults or Kids

In case you are looking to find a budget-friendly option to start diamond painting, in order to see if it is something for you: Suptikes is your perfect match. Not only is the painting kit extremely extensive, all the items and tools provided are of high quality as well. Next to that, they are very lightweight yet sturdy and make the process of diamond painting a lot easier! 

Our favorite feature to this kit is without any doubt the nice storage bag and container that is provided. There are many sorting trays which allow you to always keep overview of what you are working with while you are working on your diamond art. Need we say more? 


  • Good option for beginners to get started with diamond painting
  • The provided roller helps the diamonds to stay in place
  • Complete kit that offers everything you need
  • Comes with a handy roller to smooth out your diamond paintings
  • Great value for money option


  • The storage container provided may not be big enough to store every diamond

4) 5D Diamond Painting Kit for Kids

Sumind 4 Pieces Diamond Art Kit for Kids Full Drill Painting by Number Kits for Beginners DIY Diamond Rhinestone Art Craft Set for Christmas Decor Gift(Chic Style)
Sumind 4 Pieces Diamond Art Kit for Kids Full Drill Painting by Number Kits for Beginners DIY Diamond Rhinestone Art Craft Set for Christmas Decor Gift(Chic Style)

What I love about this alternative set for kids is that it is a nice halfway point between the cuter craft sets and the more grown-up art kids. There isn’t anything too difficult here as the four pieces have bold prints with contrasting colors. They also aren’t too big with a combination of 6×6 and 6×8 images. They are easy to work out without getting overwhelming and then you can frame the results. The four animal designs are fun and stand out well enough from each other that there is never a sense of repetition. At the same time, they complement each other to form a nice set. Kids should be able to handle these with supervision and get quite confident.

My only concern here is that there isn’t as much thought in the presentation, which means there may be quality control issues with complete sets. One parent mentions that because there was no box, it didn’t make a very good gift for their child. A ziplocked bag isn’t the best option.


1) A great starting point for kids before progressing to bigger or more complex work.

2) The designs are fun with lots of bright colors.


1) The lack of consideration with the ziplocked bag instead of a box

5) XPCARE 6 Pack 5d Diamond Painting Kits

XPCARE 6 Pack Diamond Painting Sealer
XPCARE 6 Pack Diamond Painting Sealer

This idea of a larger set of canvases for a more interesting long-term project is also something you see a lot in diamond painting kits for grown-ups. This set is similar to the last set in terms of that repeated idea and the tools that you will use to create the images. However, the designs are more complex with more colors and less color blocking. What I like about this set, in particular, is that the designers took the time to provide enough tools for each canvas. You get a fresh clay pad and fresh pen each time. So, there shouldn’t be any decline in quality as you work through the pieces. The process seems to be easy enough and the number-coded plans and gem tray help a lot. The final pieces should look great and one user notes that the design is forgiving of mistakes.

The only real downside here is that this is much more of an advanced set because of the slight variation of color and graduation in the more realistic galaxy design. I think it is a great challenge for those with enough patience.


1) The beautiful and realistic galaxy prints make a really nice set.

2) There are plenty of tools and wax pads to handle all 6 pieces.


1) This is an advanced option that requires a bit more patience.

6) DIY 5D Diamond Painting Beach by Number Kits

KTCLCATF Diamond Painting Beach by Number Kits,Sunset Love Diamond Art Kit Paint for Adults Beginner Full Drill Diamond Paintings Crystal Rhinestone Picture Arts Craft for Home Wall Decor Gift 16X12in
KTCLCATF Diamond Painting Beach by Number Kits,Sunset Love Diamond Art Kit Paint for Adults Beginner Full Drill Diamond Paintings Crystal Rhinestone Picture Arts Craft for Home Wall Decor Gift 16X12in

This print measures 15.7 by 11.8 inches, making it significantly bigger than the smaller kids’ prints but not too overwhelming to deal with. You will still need to take your time sorting the gems and placing them in the right spot. But, there isn’t the same level of confusion as with the galaxy ones because of the variations in color in the sunset element. The print is cute for home décor. Personally, I would say a bit cliched, but it is a bestseller on Amazon, so what do I know? Still, the image shows the potential in this sort of artwork. There is also the fact that the light catching in the 3D gems plays into this idea of the sun sparkling on the sea at sundown. Again, this is a full kit with all you should need to get started.

There isn’t much to say against this product because there is so much in its favor. It succeeds where others fail in terms of finding the balance of a challenge and something fun. The design isn’t going to be everyone, but it is generic enough to suit many homes. There are also always going to be faults and missing pieces in any set.


1) The large-scale sunset-themed design has mass appeal and is fun to create.

2) The gems and tools seem to be of a good quality for a nice effect.


1) The usual risk of damaged elements and missing gems.

7) zonon 8 Pieces 5D Diamond Painting Bookmarks

Finally, we have something a little more in line with the craft kit at the start, but for older audiences. The bunnies as keyrings were cute and age-appropriate. I like the idea of crafter’s parents turning to this scheme when the kids are asleep to create bookmarks for bedtime reading. The designs are really pretty with the mandala effect and the clever choice of colors through the 8 pieces. I also love that there are quality PU leather backings and tassels for a touch of class to the finished pieces.

The only off-putting thing for me here is that there is a warning about the intended purpose. Users say they don’t like having to open bags of gems for two bookmarks and work on two at a time – it is just too much work. To be fair, you could keep the gems in the tray somewhere safe, but it still isn’t the most practical approach.


1) The chance to make 8 bookmarks with fun mandala designs

2) The PU leather backing and the tassels add to the quality of the finished item


1) That it is designed for users to work on two pieces at a time.

Storage Cases For DIY Diamond Painting

The issue with that boxless kid’s product leads to one final thing that I want to point out here. If you do get into this sort of craft, you can also get supply kits online. These include storage cases and spare tools so that you can stay better organized and enjoy more of these projects in the future.

It would even be possible to get hold of packs of gems and enough wax, use the storage compartments to arrange the gems, and then build an image on a card from your own imagination. However, it is better to stick with the kits if you are a complete beginner to get an idea of how it all works. There are also so many options out there that you are sure to find something you will want to build without resorting to a complete DIY approach.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Diamond Painting Kit

The general concept and process for diamond painting remain the same regardless of the style of kit and design. However, there are lots of different factors to consider when choosing the ideal product.

1) The recommended age

This is a good place to start because there are some kits on the market that are deliberately created with children in mind and others that are far more advanced for experienced adults. You don’t want anything too complicated or boring for kids to play with but nothing too easy either if you are gifting this to a keen crafter that wants a challenge.

2) The complexity of the kit

With all that in mind, you need to look at the difficulty of the pieces to create. Some sets have one big image in a range of colors that are easy to distinguish, others require more thought and patience. At the same time, you need to be sure that all the pieces are there, including the gem tray, the wax, the pen, and all the gems and guides.

Things to Consider When Buying a Diamond Painting Kit

simple print with easy instructions first, such as the sunset one, before moving on to something more taxing. It needs to be fun and lead to the artwork you want on your wall. If you are shopping with kids in mind, the same rules apply to find some age-appropriate and engaging. If you prefer the idea of making something practical, you can always try something like the bookmarks and key chains. If the first kit becomes a nice relaxing endeavor and you get the bug, you should never be stuck for something new to try.

The Type of Diamond Painting Kits

Full Drill Painting Kit

Purchasing this type of kit means, that the canvas you receive, will be fully covered with the square or round diamonds provided. The canvas has indicating letters all over it and works best when you work in sections. This is, if you ask us, the leading choice for the most beautiful and complete result. 

Partial Drill Painting Kit

This type of diamond painting kits include a a printed canvas. The idea of it is to add drills only to some parts of the high resolution printed canvas. 

Size and Material

There are luckily many different kinds of canvas available right now. Numerous options that include non-toxic ingredients and are eco-friendly produced have our personal preference.

Type of Drill: Square or Round

As there are both round and square diamonds in kits available, it’s key to understand the different effects they will give. The round diamond is often used by beginners, as they are easier to apply to the canvas. However, they give the painting a lesser dimentional look. The popular 5 D diamonds are often square and take some more precision and patience. This sort of diamond is often used by more seasoned diamond painters.

How To Use Diamond Painting Kits

If you are new to the world of diamond painting, you might wonder how it all works. Think of it as a pint by numbers kit with the numbers chart in place ready to take the appropriate color to form an image. You then attach the corresponding gems to their point on the image to create a 3D shining picture that glows in the light.

The first step is to put your gems in the gem tray by color. It is better to work color by color so you don’t lose track of pieces or get them mixed up. You then take the pen/wand device, dip this in the wax block, and then use that to place the gems one by one onto the image. It pays to get organized from the start and to line the gems up in rows to make It easier to pick them up one by one. The best gem trays should have ridges for this purpose. But, cheaper models and those for kids may not be so considerate.

With time, the picture will begin to form on the sheet. It can take some time and practice to get this all right. But, many enthusiasts find that they get into a nice meditative rhythm on-par with highway hypnosis because of the repeated motion and calming effect. Once the piece is complete, and you have that final sense of accomplishment, you can either use the image as intended or gift it. This all depends on whether you have a piece of framed artwork, a charm to turn into a keyring, or a bookmark that needs its final tassels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you still left with some questions regarding complete diamond painting kits? Read on below to have your questions answered. 

Why Is It Called Diamond Painting?

The term can sound a little misleading to anyone that isn’t familiar with the craft. You aren’t painting onto diamonds or using diamond-shaped tools to paint onto something else. Instead, You are using the gems like pixels on an image with different tones acting as pigments.

Is Diamond Painting Difficult?

It depends. Some kits are easier than others in terms of the designs to follow and the time spent on each project. Well-made kid’s kits with good instructions and all the right pieces should be fine for a gentle craft session. Complex kits for adults can provide something more challenging in a good way. It all comes down to mastering the process and getting in a good rhythm.

Do You Glue These Diamonds Onto The Painting?

In a way, yes. There is a wax pad that comes with the kit, you use this on the pen to pick up the gems and stick them to the imageboard. These then set with pressure. I have a little how-to guide in a moment with more details on how it all works.

3) Do you want to make something decorative or practical?

It is a good idea to choose projects based on the outcome. Would you prefer a piece of art to frame and put on a wall, or something with a more practical purpose, such as a keyring or bookmark.

What is the Difference Between Diamond Painting and 5D Diamond Painting?

The dimensions and look of the diamond that you are using. A 5D diamond consists out of 15 different facets, which gives them a more flickery, shiny, and of course, a more dimensional look. They are actually quite similar to each other, but the only difference in this case is the structure of the diamond.

Which is Better: Square or Round Diamond Painting?

For this, we would recommend you to choose the type of drill that aligns with your skill level. Even though diamond painting doesn’t require any experience to start, it might be a kind of movement and activity to get used to, as it is very precise. Round diamonds are more easy to handle when you start. However, the painting will have a less finished look compared to square diamonds. This last type does require more time to finish your project.

What Can you do With Leftover Diamond Beads?

The resin diamonds are super easy to use for many other art projects. The shiny look of them allows you to even use them to decorate party items, christmas cards and ornaments, but you can also choose to apply them on your (sun)glasses case, your phonecase, and a lot more. The application of it is endless! Our favorite use of diamonds, besides diamond painting, is without a doubt to make thank-you cards or birthday cards just a little more fun and personal! 

What is the Best Size for Diamond Painting?

For a beginner, we advise you to start with a canvas around 30 cm by 30 cm. This way, you can get used to the activity and see how quick you will finish this painting. However, it is of course all up to you. The bigger isn’t always better, because if you’re not very patient, a big painting may take a while…

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Diamond Painting?

Evidently, this depends largely on the size of your diamond painting canvas and how experienced and ‘fast’ you are. Small canvases are likely to cost you between 3-9 hours. Bigger canvases can even go up to 45 hours!

How do I make my Diamond Painting Sticky Again?

Folding the plastic back after you’ve worked on your diamond painting is easy to forget, but it does have consequences. After all, without the adhesive layer you can no longer let your diamonds adhere to the canvas. Our solution is to use a thin glue stick or glue pen, to carefully apply some glue to the non-sticking part. It is also possible to use regular glue, but it requires a lot of preciseness, and it is easy to apply too much. 

Do this for a small area (no larger than 2 cm by 2 cm), fill this with stones and then apply more glue to the next area. This is to prevent the glue from drying before you have applied the stones. Gently blot off excess glue with a paper towel or tissue before applying the stones. If you glue too many diamonds in one go, you run the risk of the glue to dry out, resulting in a lumpy, bumpy surface.

The Takeaway 

Diamond Painting is a very calming activity to do! And luckily, there are many great complete kits available to get acquainted with this form of art. All in all, diamond painting is very accessible and doesn’t create any mess. The only thing you need is optimal concentration and focus! As there are also many different techniques, drills and canvases, it is recommended to try and see what kits work best for you to express your creativity. 

Hopefully, our review guide brought you the right information and handlebars to get started with your own diamond painting kit! If you have any questions left, do not hesitate to ask them in the comment section below and tell us about your experiences with this upcoming form of art.