Arm Knitting Yarns – Your Ultimate Guide

Knitting projects are a great way to get creative and to settle down with a stress-relieving project. You may have made more scarves for people than you can count. So, how about going for something a little bigger and learning a new skill? Arm knitting with arm knitting yarn could be just what you need for a fun challenge.

What is Arm Knitting Yarn?

If you are unfamiliar with arm knitting yarn, you are not alone. While many of us veteran knitters are used to needles and regular yarn, this is different. Think of your standard ball of yarn and then exaggerate it. The balls are bigger, the yarn is thicker, and it all leads to much bigger projects. The idea is that instead of using your needles to knit the material into a typical knitted fabric, you use your arms to weave the massive strands together and create something much bigger and cozier. Therefore, you can end up with some great oversized blankets and throws – either for your own home or as gifts for friends and family. It is perfect for those that want to embrace the hygge feel and aesthetic during fall.

Etsiit Super Vegan Velvet Chunky Yarn

Super Bulky Chunky Blanket Chenille Yarn

HomeModa Studio Non-Mulesed Chunky Wool Yarn

  •  Vegan blend of yarn with a nice velvet texture

  • Consists of 3 pounds of material at 63 yards long

  • Comes in beige, blue, gray, and yellow

  • Measures 56 yards

  • Soft luxury feel and thickness yarn

  • There are 2 balls in the pack

  • Can pick different weights

  • Traditional wool fibers

  • Great product for beginners

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Arm Knitting Yarn for your Project

1) The Material Used

In this guide, I have separated the products chosen into several sections. The first three relate to the texture and style of the materials. This factor can have the biggest impact on your project because the texture influences the way the material knits together, as well as the final feel of the blanket. For example, you could opt for traditional wool yarn, just in this oversized style. This could provide some familiarity. Or, you could look for something a bit different. Below, I have highlighted some velvet-feel and chenille options.

2) Do you Want to use Vegan Wool Instead?

This is the fourth category I have chosen for the product below. When you are making knitted items for friends and family, it is important to pay attention to their values when it comes to animal products. There are some vegans that aren’t comfortable with anything made from real wool. So, it is nice to know that you can get vegan wool instead so they don’t have to miss out. The best vegan wool should still be soft and comfortable with some great color choices.

3) The Color of the Wool

Speaking of color, this is another important factor when choosing the best arm knitting yarn for your needs. Color plays an important role in bespoke projects for the home, or for gifts for other people. You need to be able to find the right tone to match in with other aspects of the decor, or to fit in with the personality and preferences of your recipient. Once you find a reliable supplier with a nice textured material, you can browse the colors available. It may also help to check user reviews to see if the color of the material match that in the photos online.

4) The Length of the Wool

Length is also important because you need to be sure that you have enough wool to complete the project. It can be difficult to gauge how much you will need for these oversized projects, especially if you are new to arm knitting yarn projects. So, it might be better to play it safe and order larger balls or multiples of the same color. Buying multiples at the same time makes it more likely to get material from the same batch. Yarn from a different batch may be a little different in tone due to the dying process.

5) The Quality of the Wool

Finally, there is the issue of quality. This yarn needs to hold up and prove to be durable. This is important for both the knitting process and the long-term use of the item. Your friends and family don’t want a blanket that gets worn and tattered too quickly. You need to be sure of getting value for money here.

Below you will find some short recommendations for top arm knitting yarn products that cover these categories. There are two that are traditional wool, two chenille, two velvet-feel, and then two vegan wool. Personally, I would recommend sticking with the traditional wool first because of the familiarity of the material. This will help when learning how to knit with your arms. Of course, if this is a gift then you may have to go with the recipients preferences. From there, you can play with different textures and ideas as you gain more confidence.

8 of the Best Arm Knitting Yarn Products for your Next Project

1) HomeModa Studio Non-Mulesed Chunky Wool Yarn

This first option is pretty standard with the 250g weight and the traditional wool fibers. It is partially a wool blend, which may explain the low cost. But, you can get it in a massive range of bright colors. It is a great product for beginners. You don’t get the thickest blankets, but this might be good for a first-ever project.

2) Super Bulky Yarn Braid Thick Cotton Threads

This cotton yarn is thick and soft with a weight of 3.5lbs. The gray tone is warm and should work brilliantly in all kinds of projects. It is one of the more simplistic options in this list because there aren’t any other colors and the fabric doesn’t have the nicer texture of the chenille or velvet-feel items. But, this does make it well-suited to first-timers in need of a reliable yarn.

3) Super Bulky Chunky Blanket Chenille Yarn for arm Knitting

This is a really nice soft yarn that measures 56 yards. The luxury feel and thickness are perfect for making soft throws for friends without it becoming too oversized. There are two balls in the pack, which a more practical approach, and you have a choice of neutral colors with milk, beige and gray.

4) Etsiit Chunky Chenille Yarn for Blanket

This one is actually very similar to the one above with the soft feel as the chenille-style polyester, the light neutral tone, and the 55-yard length. You also get a second ball in the pack. The feel and thickness should make it a joy to use for projects that require that more luxurious feel. It also comes in any other colors options too.

5) Zhengjun Velvet Bulky Giant Yarn for Extreme Arm Knitting

If you are looking for a really thick piece of yarn to try out some extreme projects, you can’t get much thicker than this massive 1.3lb noodle of fabric. There are 23 yards here with a really nice velvet feel. You can have great fun getting this into shape for some novelty throws. It comes in gray, beige, and a beautiful bright navy blue. Also, if you need more, there is a 5lbs 95-yard option at the highest end of the scale.

6) Etsiit Super Vegan Velvet Chunky Yarn

This one actually fits two of my criteria with a vegan blend of yarn with a nice velvet texture. This is another one that is nice and chunky for oversized projects. You get 3 pounds of material at 63 yards long. This makes it one of the longest options here, but also more expensive for it. It could be worth the cost for large-scale projects. It comes in beige, blue, gray, and yellow.

7) Expery Super Thick Chunky Vegan Yarn

This is another pack of two balls of yarn, which allows for two smaller projects or one big vegan blanket. The 1 inch thick strands are a good size without becoming excessive and should be easy to use. You don’t get a lot per ball, at 22 yards each, but it is still a nice starter pack to see how vegan options hold up. It is just a pity it doesn’t come in other colors than gray.

8) HomeModa Vegan Chunky Jumbo Yarn for Arm Knitting

This is another HomeModa option that offers a nice texture and thickness for a wide range of projects. If you put this side by side with the non-vegan one, you might not tell the difference, so be sure to label this in your stash. There is 20m of yarn here in either gray, pink, mint, or a nice blue tone. The mint color is fresh and unusual!

Choosing the Best Arm Knitting Yarn for your Needs

Essentially, if you pick a product based on texture, length, and color, and consider the ethics of your friends and family, you are on to a winner with arm knitting yarn. There are so many options in different styles that there is sure to be a great pick for your project. Once you have narrowed down your choices based on these essential criteria, you can then look for a quality item with value for money via user reviews. Arm knitting may be a challenge at first, but I recommend giving it a try for some special oversized projects.