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DIY Makeup Vanity: 20 Of The Best Ideas

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Easy DIY Makeup Vanity

Easy Ikea Makeup Vanity – Simple, Chic, and Elegant, this makeup vanity doesn’t require a lot of building know-hows, except for basic electrical safety and an eye for design.

Corner Vanity – When you’re backed up against the wall trying to find a good spot for your makeup vanity, perhaps that’s really just your room telling you to try this corner vanity out.

Glass Top Slim Makeup Vanity – Simple, slim, and easy to put together, this glass top slim makeup vanity is great who need a practical, no-fuss project without too much time and space to spare.

Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Makeup Vanity – For minimalists who want a simple, slim, and tidy makeup vanity, this wall-mounted makeup vanity should do the trick.

Ikea Alex Makeup Vanity – This low-cost setup surprisingly results in a beautiful classy and modern makeup vanity.

Playful Teen Makeup Vanity – This project is great for teens who need a bright splash of color and easy-access places for their makeups.

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